Brad Lukowich is the latest Devil to leave New Jersey.

2MA’s favorite player has bolted (get it?) back to the Tampa Bay Lightning, signing a three-year contract.

I, for one am very disappointed.

Three Devils gone now. One not very surprising, one more or less surprising, and one outright disappointing in the eyes of this here fan.

You fill in the blanks.

Rad Brad, we will certainly miss you here at 2 Man Advantage. You may have been a whipping boy, but you were our whipping boy. You proved to be a capable defender, and you proved to be just as lovable as you are offensively challenged.

Regardless, however, we will especially miss your heroics against Philadelphia, and your infrequent bone crunching hits.

May you succeed in the NHL…except when you’re facing the Devils.


I'll always remember you this way, Rad Brad.


Meet Karel.Louie Lams attempted to make a splash in the Free Agency market today.

Well, maybe more of pitter-patter.

In a signing that hopefully will not be the replacement of Brian Rafalski, Mr. Lamoriello signed blueliner Karel Rachunek away from the New York Rangers, giving the Czech d-man a $1.5-million, one-year deal.

In 66 games with the Rangers last season, the 27-year-old registered six goals and 20 assists for 26 points and skated at a minus-nine.

Dear Lord please let Rad Brad re-sign with the team…



Free Agent Stuffs


Scratch one UFA off the list — Mr. Rupp has re-signed with the New Jersey Devils.

The ’03 Cup-clinching goal scorer re-upped with the boys for a two-year, $1-million contract. Not bad.

I’m thinking Erik Rasmussen’s days with the Devils are all but over at this point.

Would you agree?

Couldn't hurt...

Yeah, uh, this is starting to become a bit odd now. Free Agency is literally at the doorstep of the Prudential Center now and, well, there still is no head coach to speak. What gives?

It’s entirely possible that Louie Lams may not even be able to find someone who actually wants the job, or may-haps he’s merely being incredibly meticulous in finding the right guy.

Let’s be true to our little hearts here — if Johnny Mac was going to be the head coach, Lams would have announced it by now.

…unless he’s, uh, actually the best only candidate that will willingly take the job, that is…


This is not a good look for a defenseman...RAFALSKI CLOSE TO SIGNING

Oh thank the good man up above for this one.

And believe it or not, I’m actually serious there.

Brian and I have had our differences this past season, but, well, we need him at this point. Now that Louie has confirmed himself that Oduya was indeed not qualified, the boys prove to be in somewhat of a bind. Oduya is set free, Rad Brad will more than likely be set free as well, and then there’s that bonehead Colin White, and the oft-(salary cap)injured Richard Matvichuk. Where does that leave us? Oh, yeah, Paul Martin and Andy Greene.

Viable, sure, but not comforting.

If Oduya and Lukowich are not inevitably retained, Mr. Lamoriello will have a hole or two to fill, and no, there are not reinforcements in the wings.

And for the love of peanut butter, Matthew Corrente will not be skating with the big boys on opening night.


With that being said, keep with 2MA in the coming weeks for any breaking news on Devils trades and signings!

July 1st is right around the corner and oh, you know we’ll be keeping our butts firmly pressed to our seat cushions, eyes glued to the computer screen, and wrists nicely resting on, well, wrist rests.

‘Cause, you know, we really don’t want carpal tunnel.

But, who does?

Johnny O-Don’t chya

He's bumming.It appears that the reign of Johnny Oduya in New Jersey has come to an end.

Reports are indicating that the Swede with the silly last name was not tendered a qualifying offer, thus letting him loose to test the free agent waters July 1st.


I’m certainly surprised.

Granted, I wanted nothing to do with Oduya during the playoffs, but I really didn’t think the lad was that bad. Certainly overrated in his short stay with the Devils, but no worse than a post-lockout Vlad Malakhov or Dan McGillis.

Low blow. I apologize.

We hardly knew ye!Seriously, though, this screams of intent to re-sign Brian Rafalski. At least, I hope now. I’m no Rafalski fan, but with the potential of having he, Rad Brad, and now Oduya out of the lineup next season, well, that’s just going to be scary. Paul Martin is no #1, and Colin White is poop.

I wonder who will replace Oduya, though, because there really isn’t anyone shining on the Baby Devils that could easily step up into a solid #5 or #6 role. Richard Matvichuk is still always around, but still with a questionable back, I worry.

I’d tend to think this was an incredibly bad move by Louie Lams, but I’m inclined to shove those thoughts out of my brain and think that, hey, Mr. Lamoriello has something up his sleeve here.

He always does.

Back to biz’ness: Offseason Questions!

So, we’re sadly faced with the way-too-long summer ahead of us, and with long summers come lots of questions — come on, you weren’t expecting any different with the New Jersey Devils, were you?

You too can be the head coach of the New Jersey Devils!QUESTION #1: Who the heck is going to be the next head coach?

Ah, probably one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the boys. I would love to sit here and speculate the possible candidates for the job, but let’s face it, that’ll do nothing. Did anyone really predict Claude Julien would be crowned coach last season? I sure didn’t. Alas, I suppose it could be possible for Johnny Mac to finally take the reigns, but we know better — with Louie Lams and the Devils, there ain’t no thing as a sure thing.

I think at least we can hopefully assume that Lou will not stand behind the bench anymore. Sure, he’s uh, already said it and all, but that aside, he wasn’t really that amazing of a head coach. The idea of it is certainly fun at first, but the novelty wears off. It just won’t work.

Yeah we've used it before, but it's so good!QUESTION #2: Will Scott Gomez remain a Devil?

In short, no.

I really am breaking the rule I just imposed not even two paragraphs up the page, but it’s my site, I can do what I want damnit! Ha.

Seriously, though, I cannot for a second see Mr. Gomez donning the Devil black and red for another season. He’ll easily command top dollar, and for Louie Lams to award him would be absolutely ridiculous. I’m sorry, but Gomez was poo this season. He had an above average playoffs, but I still wasn’t happy with his inconsistant defensive play.

He can sure razzle dazzle the heck out of the opposition with his bee-yoo-tee-ful puckhandling skills, but it more or less ends there. The Devils stifle him to an extent, really, and he needs to be on a team where he can feel free to continue puckhandling his butt off and not worry about backchecking. In New Jersey, it won’t fly. He’ll find a team with lots of cap room to spare and more than willing to shell out the dollars on him, that’s for sure.

Go razzle dazzle yourself to LA, Scotty. We’ll miss you if you miss us, okay?

Mr. Anger Management!QUESTION #3: What are we going to do about the defense?

In a perfect world, I’d really love to see both Brian Rafalski and Colin White off the team. Unfortunately for me though, this world ain’t close to perfect, so who knows what will happen.

Rafalski is an unrestricted free agent, but Colin White? Not so much. He’s got a nice hefty longterm contract to deal with, and it’s so hard to trade those bad boys away…literally.

I really am just so sick and tired of Mr. Anger Management. It’s one thing to be tough, but it’s another to continually take dumb penalties on a game-to-game basis. He still is quite a promising defender, and yeah yeah, I know that Scott Stevens himself had quite the anger management problem early in his career, but that was then and this is now. There’s little room for error with one of the weakest bluelines in recent memory, so I’d love nothing more than to see Colin White traded for a high draft pick at the Entry Draft, but we all know that’s just a foolish pipedream.

Rafalski, on the other hand, isn’t getting any younger and if this is who we have to be our number one defenseman, then I’m quite sad. He’s not bad by any stretch, not in the least, but I’d really rather use the money for a better source. Unfortunately, yet again, the world is not perfect as the free agent market for defensemen is quite slim, so Rafalski will likely have to do.

Who is this guy?QUESTION #4: Backup?

Sure, it’s easy to think the Devils don’t have a backup goaltender, but, well, they actually do. Meet Scott Clemmensen, the NHL’s most underworked player. He gets a fairly decent paycheck for wearing a butt imprint into the bench, but I still feel amazingly bad for him. He’s not that bad! Sure, he really was never going to be a starter anywhere, but I still think he could have been a relatively decent #2 goalie had he actually been giving some playing time. Too late now though. Now he just comes off as a goaltender that will kick your team’s ass…in the AHL.

Clemmensen had to wait until enough cap room could be cleared in order to re-sign with the Devils last summer. He waited and waited, practiced with the team under no insurance policy, and waited some more. Man, he sure sounds dedicated to his team, right?

Wrong. He knew it at the time, as sad as it was, that New Jersey would unfortunately be his only shot at seeing any big league time this past season. No other team would sign him. Poor Scott.

What makes this year different? He’s had no more playing time, and his numbers aren’t all that great either. Oh man. I feel awful for him.

I don’t think the Devils will retain Clemmensen this time around. They have a perfectly capable netminder down on the Baby Devils named Frank Doyle that could easily fill Clemmensen’s role. They also have Jordan Parise waiting in the wings. It almost brings a tear to my eye, oh Clemmy!

It’s my hope that if the Devils do not wish to retain Clemmensen that he will be able to sign somewhere else, but I am highly skeptical. Maybe Phoenix could scoop him up for a two way contract? Who knows.

Hearts for Lukowich!QUESTION #5: What about the others?

Erik Rasmussen, Sergei Brylin, Jim Dowd, Jay Pandolfo, Mike Rupp, and Brad Lukowich are all unrestricted free agents. Of the list, I’d love for the Devils to retain the latter two. I suspect Brylin will be retained as he should have a team option, but stranger things have happened. Rasmussen has no use on the team and his spot can be easily filled by a David Clarkson or a Rod Pelley, and for Dowd goes the same. Pandolfo will without a damn doubt be re-signed, but Rad Brad might be a bit trickier. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Mr. Lukowich this season, but overall, I’ve really liked his play. With the pickings not so hot on the market, Lukowich could possibly be tempted away by some relatively decent dollars. I hope not.

2MA vs. Sens Army: Part 1

Oh, we don’t have a problem whatsoever with Sens Army, they just happen to be rooting for the wrong team. Oh, snap!

I kid, I really do. We love all of the hockey blogs out there, and it really is great to see what the opposition’s fans have to say. During the playoffs, we’ve been sifting through some of the blogs and finding a couple sites that we really wanted to showcase and poke fun at (kidding!), and in the process we’ve met some really awesome bloggers. Ben over at the Sens Army came up with the idea of doing a little Q and A with the enemy and we just couldn’t say no…who doesn’t love cross-promotion, right? Ha!

Without further ado, here’s Part 1 of the Q and A:


I'm the best goalie ever.SENS ARMY BEN: Who is the backup goalie for the Devils and does he know how to skate?
2MA PATRICIA: Believe it or not, I am actually the backup goalie for the Devils. My skating abilities aren’t the best in the world, but if Marty did happen to die on ice, I think we’d have a relatively decent shot with me between the pipes.

…or, more likely, I’d be decapitated by the first Dany Heatley shot that whizzed my way.

SENS ARMY: Who are the Devils’ Leafs? (ie: a team that you would like to spontaneuosly combust and then piss on the ashes)
2MA: We Devils fans tend to really not like the Philadelphia Flyers. It’s more or less a ‘hey, your fans are assholes’ type of deal though. Honestly, don’t really have too much of a problem with the team itself, and without Floppa on the team anymore to make fun of, there isn’t much I can really do with Philly right now. There were times when we could say the Rangers, Leafs, and to an extreme lesser extent, the Hurricanes were our ‘jeez, the league would be better if you didn’t exist’ teams, but unfortunately, that heat just ain’t there anymore. It’s quite disappointing, really.

SENS ARMY: Who is the Devil’s #1 D-man that will be assigned to shut-down the Spalfredheat line? (It’s the best name we have so far – Spezza, Alfredsson, Heatley)
2MA: Wow, the sheer awesomeness of that name took my breath away for a second. Whew. The best we seem to have right now is the “ZZ-Pop line” for our wonderful Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner line. I hate it.

Alas, to answer the question at hand, I’d have to give the #1 D-man responsibility to Johnny Oduya.

…just kidding.

Hearts for Rad Brad and Mr. 'chuk!No, really, I think Richard Matvichuk and Brad Lukowich are two key players for the Devils. Number one defensemen they are not, but they’re some of the only size we have left these days and Mr. ‘chuk seems to be amazingly versatile for a man who is coming off of a dangerous, sometimes career ending season-long salary cap injury. Brian Rafalski is our poor man’s Scott Niedermayer, and I’ll tell you what — I sure as hell miss Nieds. Stupid Ducks…

SENS ARMY: Now that Scott Steven is gone, who is most likely to end someone’s career (and possibly life) with a hit?
2MA: If I didn’t say Cam Janssen, all of Toronto Maple Leaf nation would threaten to end MY life. I’m still bitter about that, you know. Yes, I will FULLY admit it was a late hit on Mr. Kaberle, but dude hit the boards awkwardly! Can’t fault Janssen for an awkward fall! Yeah, we can get super technical and say that if Cammie J never hit Kaberle to begin wtih, then he wouldn’t have nearly snapped his neck against the boards, but you know what? That’s hockey. You live with it, you die by it. Hockey’s a rough sport. Deal.

SENS ARMY: What’s the state of NHL hockey in New Jersey? We see alot of empty seats on TV…

It might take a Cup Finals game, but we CAN sell out!

2MA: Yeah, uh, we kind of have a problem getting butts in the seats. Have you seen the sorry state our arena is in though,a nd I don’t mean the state of New Jersey itself wise-akers! Seriously, the arena is in the middle of nowhere and worse yet, in the middle of all that nowhere, there’s a gigantic sea of parking garage construction. We got this whole Xanadu garbage going on now — the Devils are getting a new arena in Newark and the remnants of the Continental Arena are turning into some super mall or something…I don’t know. Thing is, the fans (yes, we HAVE fans) just don’t want to spend $150+ to sit in an eyesore of an arena in the middle of swamps and parking garage construction. And, really, there ain’t much to exactly entice the fans either. I mean, seriously, when unscrambling the name “COLIN WHITE” on the jumbotron is the best you have to offer for entertainment value outside of the game itself, there’s something seriously wrong.

SENS ARMY: I once called the NJ Devils “laziest team in hockey” and “from a pure spectator perspective, they produce the worst hockey games in the NHL” – do they deserve the reputation as a defense-first team?
2MA: Hardly. Long gone are the days of Scott Stevens, Scott Niedermayer, and Ken Daneyko. When your top defensive unit more or less consists of Colin White and Brian Rafalski, you’re NOT a defense-first team. Problem is, we, uh, kind of aren’t really an offense-first team either. At the end of the day, it comes down to Marty. Marty stinks up the joint, the team obviously begins to falter. He shines, the rest of the team shines. Really, if it were possible for a goalie to be the Cap’n, he’d be ours. Patrik Elias isn’t exactly a Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman, you know? I’m just not quite sure how to really describe this particular New Jersey Devils team. We’ve seen huge offensive threats like the 2001 team (a la A-Line and Mogilny/Gomez), and we’ve seen defensive domination like the shutdown capabilities of Stevens, Niedermayer, and the John Maddens and Jay Pandolfos of 2003, but the 2007 team is in a class of its own…and I’m not quite sure that’s a good OR bad thing.

SENS ARMY: If the Devils don’t win the series will Lou Lamoirello look like a total ass for firing Julien?

Did he ever smile though?2MA: Not at all. Claude Julien never found a place with the team. Believe it or not, a lot of Devils fans called for Julien’s firing merely WEEKS into the season…a bit much, eh? Well, sure, they didn’t really give Claude much of a chance but I think their initial thoughts of him were on point — he never really fit with the team. There are two extreme sides of coaching — you have the hard-ass-bad-guys and the I’m-going-to-be-your-best-friend-guys. In between, theres a whole mess of variation. The Devils actually need one extreme or the other — the Pat Burnses (Bad Cop) and the Larry Robinsons (Good Cop). Claude was more or less a “hey, I’m here if you guys need me, but I’m going to let you make the decisions and whatever that decision is, I’ll be okay with it” kind of guy…it didn’t work. Some teams, it would work, but for New Jersey, it’s gotta be one way or the other. Does that, uh, make sense at all? Ha.

Whew, that was fun, I’m definitely looking forward to grilling your butt in Part 2 of our Q and A! Stay tuned, we’re not done yet!

Live-capping Game 4

10:09 PM ET: Oh my goodness. Scott Gomez won the game for the Devils. I’m in awe right now. Series tied 2-2.


10:04 PM ET: Pardon the lack of updates. I’m nervous as all hell now. Devils power play. Oh boy x2.

9:53 PM ET: Tampa Bay power play in overtime, Martin takes a delay of game penalty. Oh boy.

9:40 PM ET: Who is going to be a hero for us tonight?

9:35 PM ET: To overtime we go. I be nervous. Can we get Grant Marshall back for overtime? That would be sweet as all hell.

It's broke-ed.9:19 PM ET: Okay, I’m a bit more composed now, and I’d like to thank the Vicodin I popped for my ailing knee for my current state of relaxation. I’m still mad at Patrik Elias and Scott Gomez, though. Elias should be stripped of the C and Gomez should be sent on the next boat out to Alaska. For(e) real.

9:04 PM ET: I’m pretty sure that the EGG is spoiled.

8:43 PM ET: I give up. Too many men on a friggen power play? What a joke. This team is garbage.

8:41 PM ET: Most important point of the game right here for the boys. 2 Man Advantage for the Devils. Gotta convert.

Tough saves.8:35 PM ET: 3-3. Lecavalier with his four millionth goal. Marty will not be winning any MVP trophies this postseason. Granted, I wouldn’t put the blame on him for that goal, but, uh…I dunno.

8:32 PM ET: Mattie is having a GAME. See, I knew Matvichuk would be beneficial to this lineup.

8:28 PM ET: Poop. 3-2.

8:23 PM ET: Marty!

You know it.8:21 PM ET: Zach Parise for MVP. Seriously. It’s a powerplay goal, 3-1 New Jersey…F You Sam Rosen! (please don’t hate.)

8:16 PM ET: Wow. Marty got absolutely schooled by Lecavalier. Thank goodness nothing came of that wraparound play. Makes me nervous, though.

8:04 PM ET: Big second period right here. Tampa Bay needs to capitalize to have a shot and the Devils need to calm down in the defensive zone to hold the lead. Let’s hope the good guys triumph…interpret that as you will — depending on which team you’re a fan of, that is.

7:46 PM ET: One period in the books. I’ll take it. I’m going to pretend that lapse in the middle of the period didn’t happen. Keep it up boys. Keep it up.

7:45 PM ET: Hey, Patrik Elias has life! GREAT physical play from the Captain — lead by example, Mr. Elias. I really don’t mind the Tampa Bay power play that resulted, because no matter how you slice it, this Devils team NEEDS to start playing physical. I like.

Hearts for Parise.7:34 PM ET: And the Devils proceed to completely fall apart. All Tampa Bay now…and as I type that…


…whew. Travis Zajac made a beauty of a pass to Martin, who got a nice feed over to Parise for his five-millionth goal of the postseson. Tic-tac-mother f’n-toe. So, uh, bi-polar much?

7:32 PM ET: Well that lasted long…tie game. Poo-mez flubbed on that play right there. Me thinks the defense looks like garbage tonight, by the way.

So THAT'S what a Gionta goal looks like!7:26 PM ET: Wow…did I actually see Marty make a couple good saves? Let’s get the defense going now.

7:19 PM ET: BRIAN GIONTA! THANK YOU JEEBUS! 1-0 DEVILS! Woo. Egg-zactly what the Devils needed. Get the puck to the net and drive for the rebounds. Keep it up. Looking good so far.

7:15 PM ET: Atta boy Rafalski, way to draw the penalty. Huge power play coming up here.

7:13 PM ET: Good start for men in red and black. Devils fans have been begging for the boys to be more physical, and it looks like Mattie got the message loud and clear. This is gonna be one physical game, ladies and gents.

A good read for the Devils, if I do say so myself.7:04 PM ET: Well, here we are. Game 4. If Game 3 was a must-win, this is a gotta-win. Whitey is still out, and neither Cam Janssen nor David Clarkson will make their ’07 postseason debuts, so it looks like we gots the same lineup skating tonight. I’m not too sure I feel comfortable with THAT, but I do feel comfortable overall about the game tonight. Have a good feeling about this one. Don’t mess it up for me boys.

At least Rad Brad is in the lineup tonight. Congrats to Rad Brad on the birth of his baby! Yays! Proud Papa, make us proud too!


As we did with Game 1, it’s time for 2 Man Advantage’s Playoff Breakdown: The Awesome, the Not So Awesome, and the Downright Ridiculous

THE AWESOME: Johan Holmqvist.

MORE PICTURES!!!Like I had mentioned in the last breakdown, I really thought Holmer would rebound in Game 2 and put together a sparkling performance. And, hey, guess what happened? Johan put on a mother f’n SHOW, turning aside 34 shots for his first career postseason win. He made quite a few nifty saves, easily outplaying Marty Brodeur. Good for Holmqvist, bad for New Jersey.

THE NOT SO AWESOME: The no-call on Martin St. Louis after he bushwacked Rad Brad Lukowich in the face with his stick late in the third period with the game still in reach for the Devils. Even worse, not a single official called the play dead after Lukowich was sent sprawling to the ice, throwing his stick and gloves away as he clutched at his bloodied face. At least Rad Brad returned, but who’s to say whether the non-call played a key role in the Devils’ loss?

THE DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS: Zach Parise’s postseason play. This kid is ridiculous. Seriously, he’s phenomenal. Not much can really be said for his teammates tonight, but Zach has continued to shine in the 2006-07 campaign. While we can’t take too much away from tonight’s loss, we can look at Parise and take a nice, fresh breath of air and realize that, well, even though we don’t have too much offensive power, we do have the Zach-Attack on our side. It’s very comforting when you’re looking at Vinny Lecavs and Brad Richards square in the eye…and St. Louis from a couple feet above.

So, the series is knotted at one, can’t say I’m shocked whatsoever — I knew this was coming. It’s all about the momentum now, and the Devils need to come back strong on Monday in Game 3’s affair to really have a good shot at this series. Sure, the postseason is still very young, but you do not want to wake a sleeping giant like the Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m not too upset about the game, I mean, the team did have its fair share of chances and did whack a couple posts to boot, but it’s always nerveracking losing any game in the postseason.

Oh, and by the way, Scott Gomez totally let me down tonight. Sheesh, the thanks I get for actually praising the poo-head. Looks like I’m going to have to go back to calling him Poomez until further notice.

And for a final note, I’d like to give a word of advice to a select few of the boys for Game 2:

Trust me, I know what's best for you.

Super-Powers Collide!

Ryan Miller is a fraud.Alright, alright.  I wouldn’t exactly call the Devils a ‘super-power’ but technically tonight’s game features the fight for 1st place.  Regardless of the outcome, the Rams Sabres will still hold the top seed in the East, but if New Jersey has anything to say about it, it will be by a mere single point.

Now, personally, I would rather see the Devils finish with the second seed.  They always seem to suffer some sort of existential meltdown when it comes to holding the top spot and playing the 8th seed in the playoffs.

Rad Brad Lives!In other news, Rad Brad Lukowich has been cleared to play and will dress for the game tonight!  Luko suffered a mild concussion after being the victim of a top-rope flying elbow smash from Stretch Colby Armstrong.  When asked about his option to play tonight, Lukowich offered: “I’m going to Buffalo, take the pregame skate and then play in the game. I’m definitely playing. That’s the only reason I’m going up there. It’s a first-place game.”

Brad drinks the kool-aid by the bucket. 

Simon sits in the corner indefinitely

That's a no no!

Chris Simon has been given Time Out indefinitely by the NHL, as the league now must figure out what to do with Dumbass Simon after his lumberjack swing at Ryan Hollweg’s (baseball) head.

Better yet, Dumbass doesn’t get any pay in the meantime. Guess he’ll have to shave his own head for the time being…

So, another black eye for the NHL. Gotta love the McSorleys, Niedermayers, Domis, Bertuzzis, and now, the Simons, eh?

Granted, Ryan Hollweg is as annoying as any other punk NHL player, but, well, common sense says you just don’t do that, Mr. Simon. Guess Dumbass lacks common sense.

If there’s justice, Simon will sit in the corner for the rest of the season, and if the Islanders happen to make the playoffs, he should at least be done for a round. And if the Isles don’t make the postseason, Long Island can take a collective poop on Dumbass because thanks in large part to HIM, the team failed yet again.

…no word on any action towards Colby Armstrong, who as we remember, threw a viscious elbow at Brad Lukowich. Poor Rad Brad ended up having to stay overnight at a local Pittsburgh hospital for observation over a probable concussion. Last time I checked, throwing elbows warranted at LEAST a penalty. Apparently this is not the case in the “new” NHL…le sigh.