I Just Couldn’t Resist. Again.

Ya know, it really is funny. It seems like the newest fad in the hockey blogosphere is to grab a keyboard and wax poetic about how the Devils just destroy the game, disappoint hockey naturalists, sport lousy attendance, and simply aren’t getting it done anymore. But as we learned last time, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you have at least…I don’t know… watched a live hockey game before you plunge right in and scrap together a literary abortion. After all, it really isn’t fair to ask someone to resist temptation twice.

Let’s take a little trip over to Arthur Staple’s latest, shall we? Go ahead… I’ll give you a few.

Ok. Changed your underpants? Good, let’s go.

As a Devils’ fan, I’m obviously used to reading such poorly-written, devoid-of-substance attacks against one of the NHL’s most successful teams. However, I must admit that this is the first time I have read a piece focusing on playoff success in November. Really, Arthur? You’re going to sit at your little cubicle and write an article about the NHL Playoffs… in November?!

Brilliant. Well, your first self-contradiction comes with a statement that Lou Lamoriello “has it wrong” and that he’s “had it wrong since the lockout… even though the Devils have won three Atlantic Division titles in those four seasons.” (Could this be a test market for Microsoft’s new “does-this-make-sense?” feature?!) But wait, it gets better: Mr. Staple even makes his very own “trap” comment.

Arthur, seriously — you wouldn’t know the ol’ 1-2-2 if it kicked in your bathroom door and video-taped you reading Parade Magazine while you were waiting for the generous amount of Rogaine you graciously applied to your testicles to dry. I know this because had you recognized any trace of the “trap”, you would have easily detected it when the Rangers, Islanders, Penguins, Flyers, Capitals, Bruins, and Panthers executed it all year long. But no, no criticism of the sexy NHL clubs.

Oh look, kids — Brodeur comments, too?! How original, Arthur. Oh! You realized he got hurt last year, very good!

But Lou didn’t have a backup plan?

Really? I thought Scott Clemmensen came in and won a few games (or twenty-something) for the team and led them to an Atlantic Division championship? But ya know, Lou had no idea what he was doing. After all, Clemmensen was just signed to be a towel boy that happened to be an NHL-caliber goaltender. Who knew.

But when it’s down to the playoffs, the Devils only have Parise, Zajac, and Martin. No other Devils capable of taking a game on their shoulders, you say? My records show Langenbrunner, Pandolfo, Greene, and Clarkson — in addition to Parise and Zajac — all with registered playoff game-winners since 2006. Not to mention many from ex-Devils Gomez, Madden, and Gionta.

Sure, roster moves and player exits have caused holes to be “plugged” in New Jersey and Brian Rolston and Dainius Zubrus have filled those roles. Why? Because they want to be here. It isn’t about the money or the Broadway lights. It’s about playing a system that year after year proves itself to be one of the best in the league. Sure, the Devils have fallen on dark times in recent playoff years. But as I recall, the same string of disappointments befell the team in the late 90’s. After all was said and done, and numerous carbon-copied recycled bullcrap from “writers” like yourself — the Devils would go on to advance to the Stanley Cup finals in three of the next four seasons, winning the Stanley Cup twice.

Arthur, you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that Lou Lamoriello has no idea what he is doing. While the goal and the philosophy may stay the same year in and year out, master plans aren’t instantaneous in professional sports. Could these Devils be a part of a bigger puzzle? Who knows? I don’t have ESP, and neither do you.

Which is why you shouldn’t be writing this type of crap in November.

Things you can do in 80 seconds

Leisurely walk a city block
Read a page or so in a good book
Make a sandwich
Brew a cup of tea
Sew a button on a jacket
Scratch off a lottery card
Shave an unimpressive playoff beard


F&!$ it, I’m pressing it.

Angry?  Yep.

Embarrassed?  You betcha.

Scared?  Try friggin’ petrified.

Thanks, Devils.  Just thanks.

I’d love to give some sort of insight, but I’ve missed the last few games (night classes – a curse and a blessing, apparently).  I’m kind of happy I didn’t see anything but the last three minutes of tonight’s game.

Scratch that, I’m kind of mad I subjected myself to the last three minutes, knowing full well what the score was.


This team was supposed to be too good for the annual March swoon.  Too many veterans, too many guys who know how to win, all of that.  What the hell is happening, then?

The part that annoys/frustrates/scares me the most is the clear parallel between last year’s late-season falter and this year’s.  See:  Big losing streak, lack of goal scoring, disappearance of defense, big ass-whuppin’ from the Penguins.  My poor heart won’t be able to take losing to the Rangers in round one of the playoffs again.

Speaking of the playoffs, you realize they haven’t won a single game since clinching a playoff spot, right?  A playoff spot that was clinched on a day off, with another team losing, rather than on the ice with the Devils winning.

This is no way to go into the playoffs.  Things have to be turned around, and it rests on two men:  Brent Sutter and Jamie Langenbrunner.

Brent Sutter is at least making the appearance of trying.  Being pissy about the Rangers loss, being pissy about Patrik Elias not playing tonight, freaking out at the end of the second period tonight (or so I’m told).  The man’s showing more pulse than he has in two years with this team.  But you do have to wonder if he knows what to do to get this team in playoff mode.  Once is an abberation, twice is the beginning of a pattern.  In this case, a very frightening pattern.

But what of Captainbrunner?  Now’s his chance to really make his salt as a captain, to really show what he’s made of.  You hear me, Jamie?  TAKE CONTROL.  Jamie Langenbrunner is not Scott Stevens, nor should he try to be – however, it’s time for the current captain to truly and finally make this team his, the way the teams of the 90s and early 2000s were truly Scotty’s.

After all, if the captain can’t step it up in a time of crisis, how can we expect anyone else to?

I am not happy.

Gosh DARN IT, why can’t we win a damn game all of a sudden?

Man, we’re supposed to be all “hey, my team can kick your team’s ASS!” right now, but nooo — we can’t beat ANYONE.

Gross exaggeration?

Whatever. I’m ANGRY.

We’ve lost, like, nine million in a row and it’s quite clear that the playoffs are a pipe dream at best.

…oh, we’ve already clinched a playoff berth? My bad.


Here’s what we’re going to do, ladies and gentlemen. First, New Jersey is to STOP taking dumb penalties. That should help matters. I am quite tired of watching us kill at least 35903 penalties A GAME. Now, unless you’re going to bring back the entire 2001 Devils lineup, I am not interested in watching our “special” teams being put to such OVER use.

Secondly, we are to give Lens Crafter gift certificates to each and every referee in the NHL.

Clearly, these men are having a little trouble with their vision as the ABSURD CALLS (AND NON CALLS!) NEED TO STOP.

Alright then. Are we good? Yes. I feel better.

Black ‘n red, DO BETTER. I will not be forced to root for the Hawks for the remainder of this season, despite living in the Windy City.

Oh, and by the way, they ain’t lying about that — it’s flippin’ WINDY here.

This is Patricia Greuter, signing out.

I Just Couldn’t Resist.

Clearly, I need not remind you that updates around here have been few and far between this off-season. So given the fact that I am suffering from a writer’s block that could easily be mistaken for the after-effects of a lobotomy, you could imagine how I reacted when I read this.

It was too good to be true… just the thing I needed to get myself going!

But where oh where do I begin?? Maybe I should compliment the author on his prodigious use of the English language and befitting grammar. Perhaps I could chalk his argument up to the rose-tinted glasses he so blatantly dons. Tempting? Yes. However, doing so is far too pellucid. That being the case, allow me to generalize my rebuttal: Michael M. Ramos, you are a cretin.

use it, don't abuse it!

I should have halted my eyes when I realized that the opening argument against New Jersey was the ol’ “Mickey Mouse” comment. (Although I can’t blame the poor chap, it was either that or the infamous attendance crack…). Granted that 1983-84 season was dismal… but since tallying 7 Division Titles, 4 Conference Championships, 3 Stanley Cups, and a four-year winning streak over the New York Rangers, I think it’s time to put that comment to bed, eh? If those credentials make the Devils a “Mickey Mouse” franchise, then the New York Rangers should be branded as the NHL equivalent of John Holmes with Erectile Dysfunction — nothing more than a marquee name that can’t live up to the glitz and glamor.

As if citing a 25-year-old Wayne Gretzky faux-pas wasn’t bad enough, now we have to deal with the Barry Melrose factor. First of all… the words “Barry” and “Melrose” are meant to be used solely in conjunction with “pompous ass” at all times. Yes, Mr. Melrose did make a comment to the effect of “Don’t carry your wallet with you when visiting Newark“. But how convenient of you, Michael, to conveniently forget to mention the part about Barry admitting, after the fact, that he had never even been to Prudential Center and thusly accepted a tour of the city from Mayor Corey Booker that he thoroughly enjoyed. I guess it’s fitting you find his words worthwhile.

On a somewhat related note, the “closing” of Prudential Center this summer that you refer to was merely due to technicalities because of documents not being turned in on time, not for “endangering the lives of all those who attend.”

Wow…all this, and we haven’t even hit the ice yet!

Now, I cannot sit here and say to you with a straight face that I am not disappointed by watching the likes of Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski, and Scott Gomez leave the team after such memorable moments. What I can say to you, is that they (with the exception of Niedermayer) left for a big paycheck elsewhere. I would rather have a group of guys that are willing to compete fiercely every shift for a shot at glory than have a roster full of Scott Gomez’s that feel they deserve a $10 million paycheck for 13 goals. While I admit that Lou Lamoriello hasn’t exactly struck gold in the FA market since the lockout, and I won’t sit here and feed you some bullsh!t about me liking Vlad Malakhov, I will point out how you graciously opted to ignore the addition of Brian Rolston not even a month ago. Not a wise move. Not a wise move at all.

Others like Grant Marshall, Brad Lukowich, and Richard Matvichuk were victims of the new Salary-Cap era, not roster eviscerations. Speaking of the Salary Cap, I’d be a little worried if I were you, Mr. Ramos, as it seems that the Rangers have over $145 million combined tied up in 5 players until the 2013-2014 season. Not to mention The Rangers will be paying Bobby Holik even more than we are this season, and he’ll be playing for US! What were you saying about ludicrous signings? 2002 wasn’t that long ago.

It’s obvious that down in Lowell things haven’t been all roses, but saying that the team is filled with “old AHL players without any chance to make it to the NHL” is a little much… I mean, you did just sign Aaron Voros didn’t you?? Delving further into the minor leagues, I’d like to point out that the Trenton Devils of the ECHL will not be kicked out of their building… it is nothing more than a rumor. And a weak one at that.

Allow me to end this with some blogger-to-blogger advice… An article meant to ridicule a rival that is devoid of facts and supporting arguments is about as effective as a mesh condom. The next time you are going to write a whole bunch of smack, it might be a good idea to at least do your homework.

Oh dear.

So despite a decent effort, the Devils fell to the Penguins last night, this time by a score of 2-0. The loss clinches a playoff spot for the Penguins, opens up a four-point gap between the teams in the Atlantic division race, marks the 10th time the Devils have been shut out this season, and extends the second-longest losing streak of the year to four games.No I don't.

All of this in late March, when playoff-bound teams should concievably be getting better, not worse. Ouch.

It’s getting bad now gang. Three goals in four games, twenty goals in eleven games for the month of March…this is not the way to go into the playoffs, obviously.

The offense has been pathetic. Hell, more fans have scored at Score-O than Devils players have scored in the games lately. Patrik Elias was supposed to spark the forwards when he returned from the knee injury/flu, and while more pucks found their way towards the goalie formerly known as BananaPads, they still couldn’t poke anything past (well, except for the disallowed goal, which – if anyone saw the goal that was allowed in the Capitals/Hurricanes game – probably should have counted, though this team didn’t really deserve it anyway).

The frustrating thing is that it’s obvious that the boys are trying – particularly in the first two periods on Saturday and the entire game tonight – and yet still resemble Mites On Ice more than a top-tier team in the Eastern Conference.

Jumping up and down on the panic buttonBut we all know we’ve got problems. The question is, what to do about it?

First off needs to be solidifying the defense. Whichever six men start on Thursday at MSG need to be the only six defensemen playing for the rest of the regular season. Andy Greene was downright brutal Saturday night, but it’s tough to sit for so long and then come back in like nothing’s changed. Sheldon Brookbank and Vitaly Vishnevski sat for just one game but were nearly as bad. I say, leave the pairings alone and give them time to really feel comfortable on the ice before the playoffs start.

But Josh, the Devils have a goal scoring problem, not a defense problem!

True. But faith in the D will breed chances on the O. Despite numerous good chances, I’m convinced that the Devils team that stepped on the ice gave away a minimum of three good scoring chances by erring on the side of caution in the offensive zone. Whether you lose 1-0 or 5-3, it’s still zero points. With five minutes to play and a scoring drought that is the worst it’s been in a pretty bad scoring year, you need to be going for the goal. You have the best goaltender in the NHL back there, gamble a little up front.

There’s one other thing that needs to be done. It’s probably the most difficult thing for a team in a scoring drought in late March to do, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that if the Devils do this, they’ll get their goal scoring touch back in no time.

What do the Devils really need to do?


There’s not a single player in red and black right now who isI hate using this picture. relaxed, except for the perenially zen Marty. That’s understandable, but it needs to change. Too many scoring chances lately have been rushed, too many shots duffed, too many passes a step behind or a step too far, too many shots fired without anyone ready for a tip or a rebound. It’s painful to see, really.

I advise watching tape of the 7-3 win over Philly and the 6-1 wins over Carolina and Tampa Bay earlier this year. Remember how much fun was had then?

Or perhaps a nice soothing yoga session. Guided meditation, maybe? Reverse psychology? I don’t know for sure. But the longer this lack of scoring (and therefore lack of winning) goes on, the more the Devils need to stop thinking and just start doing. The only play in last night’s game where it looked like anyone on the Devils just said “to hell with it” and drove the net nearly produced a goal, if not for a call that could have gone either way on any given night. I worry that the boys are thinking to much about not scoring goals. I know I am, anyway.

Oh, and if this can be figured out and fixed by Thursday, that’d be awesome.

An Open Letter to the Devils

If you’ll allow me, I would like to address the skaters of the New Jersey Devils for a moment.  Marty, you can sit this one out, get some rest. Weeksie, you can too. Go buy yourself a new crossword puzzle book or something to keep you busy on game nights.


Watching this season’s games, just as I do every year, I’ve found myself continuously mystified by how you guys keep coming away with the Ws.  I love your grit and gumption (almost as much as I love the word gumption), I love that you are a true team and all like each other and I love that you’ve utilized these qualities to amass a hefty 38 wins.


But seriously, you guys need to know that a hockey game is 60 minutes long.  Not 20, not 45, 60.  86,400 seconds. 1/24th of a day.

Really, I checked the rule books.  I know, I know, I was surprised too, but it’s true.

The thing is guys, we’re in the home stretch here, and you’ve got a shot, a real shot making it deep into the playoffs.  Heck, maybe even a shot at the Stanley Cup.  But you’re not going to get there until you stop taking 20 minutes of each game off.

Take Tuesday.  Great win, no question.  You capitalized on your opportunities, got the dirty goals you needed and came away with a solid victory.  But really, a 14 to 5 shot count against you in the first?

Or how about the game against the Capitals on Feb. 24? Again, props on the win, MadDog, you’re freakin’ awesome. But come on, you guys were outshot 28-10 through 2! What?!  Where were you guys for the first 40 minutes?

And those are both wins!

Look we all love Marty and we know he can bail us out if need be, but this is getting ridiculous.  I mean, are you guys angry with him or something? Is he hoarding all the Gatorade in the locker room? I just don’t get it.

I’m not gonna single anyone out here, this isn’t about that.  I still love you guys, 2ma still loves you guys (except maybe you vish.. you sorta suck, sorry.).  But really guys, it’s only an hour, and you’ve got plenty of time to rest between periods, so let’s pick it up alright?

Lord Stanley would, I’m sure, happily tell you that when we was your age hockey games were three days long and played with tree limbs and a medicine ball on a surface made up of  broken glass lightly lubricated with vaseline.

What’s that? Oh, he wouldn’t?  Hmm. Well, you guys have still got it pretty good.

Recap: Games = 60 minutes. You guys in games so far this season = 40 at best. Let’s make up the difference.

Hell, if you guys get outshot by Tampa tonight by 7 shots or less, I’ll call it a success.

Oh, and could someone buy Weekes a PSP and a copy of NHL ’08? He’s gotta get some practice in sometime.

10 Reasons I’ve Been Pulling Out My Facial Hair

So, um, I’m a little annoyed. Not because the Devils are losing.

Alright, that’s a lie. It is because they’re losing, but more so how they are, and have been, doing it all year long.

See, the Devils have been somewhat of an anomaly this season. If they’re not too busy finding ways to beef up the shutout stat for the opposing goaltender, they’re keeping themselves occupied by skyrocketing his GAA. It’s a bi-polars dream come true. It’s become borderline unhealthy watching this team pick a wild-card and play it every night. What will it be? A shutout or a blowout? Well, I’m not entertained.

So, since we’re on a losing streak, and I’m a pessimist, I present to you: 10 Reasons The Devils Have Me Pulling Out My Facial Hair. Excited? Me either.

**Author’s Note: Yes, I am aware the team is (almost) leading the Eastern Conference.

10. Vitaly Vishnevski. When he plays, Vish averages about 15 minutes of ice time per game, and is brandished with an ugly -8 in the +/- column. Unfortunately, it’s not without merit. Vitaly can often be found with a dumbfounded look on his face and is almost always caught out of position. His physical play has left much to be desired in his own end. I’ll be patient with him but the fact that he seems to have lost his spot to newly-acquired Bryce Salvador doesn’t have me holding my breath. The shame is that I had high hopes for this guy.

9. The Money It Cost Me To Watch Donald Brashear Score On Martin Brodeur. Okay, the tickets were free. But the beer wasn’t. Nor were the Nachos. And suddenly, with one flick of his 27-inch wrist, Donald Brashear made me relive both of them. It’s games like the most recent fare against Washington that absolutely crush my optimism on a deep playoff run. A note to Mr. Huet: they won’t all be that easy.

8. The Sutter-Shuffle. No, it’s not the latest ballroom dance. It’s been an ongoing problem since day one. The fly-by-night approach to setting a starting lineup that Brent Sutter seems to have been taking. A word of advice: it takes time for chemistry to develop. Patience is a virtue. His most recent yahtzee has even his own players scratching their heads.

7. The Inability to Defeat New York. If you look at the division standings, you could make a viable argument that the Ranger/Islander crisis is nothing more than two tears in a bucket. Well, say that bucket was overflowing to begin with. Think about it — with the Devils and Pittsburgh caught in a dogfight for the Atlantic, a few W’s here and there over New York wouldn’t be a bad thing. If the Devils had even split each series with the Islanders and Rangers, it’s possible that they could be on their way to running away with another division title. Instead, it’s going to be one of those so-and-so-has-to-beat-so-and-so endings to the season. And this time, it looks like Montreal has our number.

6. Martin Brodeur Starting Despite Being A Double-Amputee. Okay, anyone with eyes can see that Brodeur, in fact, is not an amputee of any sort. However, it seems that he’d be the starting goaltender even if he was. Why exactly was Kevin Weeks signed, again? I don’t care what kind of work ethic the guy has. A day off never killed anyone, and even the best goaltender in the world could use one every now and then, whether he likes it or not. I see no reason why Mr. Weekes shouldn’t get any action this week with two games in Toronto and one against Tampa.

5. The Trade Deadline. Before you flood me with hate-mail, understand this: I am not one to condone making a trade just for the sake of doing so. But in the case of the New Jersey Devils, something, anything, seemed necessary to bolster the offense. What happened? Nothing. Well, Lou, with only four goals in their last four games, it looks like the boys are trying to tell you something. Hossa might not have been the answer, but there were other moves that could’ve been blueprinted. Finally, a chance to fix something that’s actually broken, and the window of opportunity comes crashing down on your fingers. No fun for anyone involved.

4. Patrik Elias, Brian Gionta, Dainius Zu The Offense. Um, is there really a need for me to elaborate on this topic? What’s the old adage? Your scorers have got to be your scorers? Yeah, something about being shutout eight times this season isn’t exactly sitting well with that Pastrami on Rye I had for lunch. I’ve grown a little tired of watching Black ‘n Red out-shoot the opposition 6,927-12, and lose 2-1. But then again, I’m nitpicking. With the “new, aggressive style” the team has been playing, this ongoing problem continues to baffle and aggravate me to no end. Put the $#%!-ing puck in the net.

3, 2, & 1. the power play, The Power Play, THE POWER PLAY. Have you ever seen an NHL team that can kill off their own power plays?? Meet the New Jersey Devils. Noting that the Devils PP sits at 22nd of 30 teams gives the unit an undeserved sense of accomplishment. The Devils have been dreadful with the man-advantage this year (and in recent years) and I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger reason for some heartbreaking losses this year. Unless this issue is resolved FAST, the Devils will be golfing when they should be checking into hotels to begin a playoff series. If there was an option to decline a penalty in the NHL, the Devils would be a better team.

Well, there you have it. Keep the hate-mail PG-13, will ya?

Brian Gionta is stupid.

I'm tired of using this graphic, damnit.Okay, so, uhm, I don’t like Brian Gionta anymore.

Granted, he actually had a relatively decent game for the first time in, oh I don’t know, maybe 12 years, but what the crap was that garbage he pulled in the shootout?

Skates in. Takes a wrister from far out. Right into the pads. Game over. Devils lose.

Well, Brian, that was certainly a brilliant attempt on your end.


And when I say really, I actually mean that you are a waste of space on this team and I do not like you anymore.

What happened to this?Yeah, it’s a tad extreme on my end, but I’m sorry — I can’t take this garbage from the supposed Rochester Rocket no mo’.

If you ask me, the rocket may have turned out to be a dud.

Come on. I know we all tend to be “what have you done for me lately” types of fans, but the question really does beg to be asked here: what has Gionta done for Red ‘n Black lately?

While he certainly played hard tonight, his effort has been entirely inconsistent lately. This saddens me. Saddens me greatly, in fact. When’s the last time Gionta has bullied a seven-foot-tall defender out of his way while cementing himself in front of the net? No clue. When’s the last time he crashed the corners and actually didn’t get beat on the boards? No clue. Or, when’s the last time he made a dandy of a pass instead of taking a weak wrist shot himself, resulting in an easy save for the opposing netminder? Okay, so he did do that one tonight at least, but, well, he’s not doing it nearly enough. And this, my friends, frustrates the poop out of me.

Let’s look at the stats here. Mr. Gionta has so far tallied 13 goals and 22 assists for 35 points — one of those helpers coming tonight on Karel Rachunek’s dandy lil’ goal. In his last 10 games, though, the two-foot-tall winger has a total of four points. Oh, and those four points are all assists.

Oh come on.When did he score his last goal? Good question, I say. Look all the way back to January 10th. Yeah. That’s almost a month ago.

That’s yucky.

I know, I know: this team isn’t exactly known for its amazing ability to score 9000 goals in a game (hey, we’re no Detroit), but something’s gotta give here. Patty The Former Cappy has really stepped up as of late, and though Zach “I’m Awesome” Parise had been struggling a bit, he seems to be cracking his pesky slump. Okay. Not bad. But Gionta?

He ain’t done squat.
So, what’s the answer?

I say, trade the bugger. He has value, that’s fo’ sho’, and it’s entirely possible that Black ‘n Red can get a nice puck-moving defender out of the deal, or maybe even a forward whose efforts will actually translate into goals. Who could we get? Oh, I don’t know. But we sure need someone, and I fear that someone is not Brian Gionta.

Ya feel me on that one?

Well that sucked.

It's getting embarrassing.Another game against a New York team, another loss against a New York team.

This is getting real old, real fast.

Out of twenty possible points against teams from New York, the Devils have attained three. And no, Buffalo doesn’t count – they’re practically Canada.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I’m really sick of it. There’s no excuse for being a 23 loss team with 10 of those losses coming against two of your biggest rivals.

It’s great that the Red ‘n Black are still ahead of both the Rangers and the Islanders in the standings, but with the division as tight as it is, these are points that can’t be left on the table like this. These points will have a major effect on playoff positioning – or even whether we MAKE the playoffs or not.

For example, take five points from the Rangers (half of what they’ve earned from the Devs) and four from the Islanders and put them in the Devils point total and suddenly we’re tied with Ottawa for the conference lead. Instead, the boys are free-fallin’ (there’s a Tom Petty special on TV as I write this) and currently sit tied for sixth.

It’s time to pick it up against the local teams. It’s all well and good that the boys completely own the Flyers, but we’ve only got two games left against the boys from Philly. Time to pick it up against the other locals. There’s too much at stake.

Like the Metro-Ice Challenge, presented by Hummer.

I mean, uh…a playoff berth. Yeah. That’s probably pretty important too.