Thoughts from Section 20… eerr… 300, Devils AT Sabres, Dec 7, 2009!

Welcome to 2 Man History!!!! No no no, not the shutout record :p… Hells no not that… we’ll get to that!! Welcome to the first ROAD version of the keeping-this-site-alive sorta commentary on the Devils games I go to live…’s been a while since i saw NHL hockey live outside the friendly halls of Newark (no Andrew that Islanders game last year don’t count!)….hell in fact it was that first weekend in January of 2007, thet lead to a “you went out WITH THAT” girl getting a football tossed at her head :p… anyway, that was then and this is certainly NOW…. BUFFALO STINKS!!! And now we got proof!!

the Arena:
— Let me say this… the HSBC ARENA is flat out BEAUTIFUL!!! It has great sidelines… the arena is well-designed… it pays great tribute to the team as you walk in you see EVERYTHING… it’s perfectly designed, the concourse is way unique and takes pride in their team, their players and their history (as jaded as it is)… this is definitely one of the top 5 arenas I’ve been too in my 19 traveled too! I will DEFINITELY be coming back here again!!! (My top 5 I believe is now: Columbus, New Jersey, Phoenix, Toronto and then Buffalo… I culd be wrong and need to think of this better when the asthma headache goes away)
— the sight-line was a little… vertical…. I admit… but it was an excellent place to see hockey from, the Blue color-scheme was awesome
— if you are thinking of seeing a game up here… bring some thermals but GO… it’s a 5-star stop!!!!
— (and of course for more details on my trip… facebook me!!!)

The Good:
— I do really need to thank Melissa and her family for putting up with me this weekend and beyond… and my asthma-induced temper tantrum during that Cowboys debacle on Sunday… this has been quite honestly maybe the best and most stress (and drama)-free vacation I’ve had in a long time and I need to thank them for this… even if they may never read this thank you……
— Well obviously when your goaltender ties the record for the most regular season shutouts of all time… yeah he’s GOTTA be the lead comment right?? Though typical Buffalo douchery….”Sawchuck didn’t wear a mask…” I heard that about 15 times… and i’m sorry… him being TOO STUPID to wear one doesn’t lessen it… he also had no video scouting, less players in the league, a lighter schedule and the average hockey player NOW is way better and capable then they were back then SO SUCK IT and accept the fact you live in the city of fails!!!
— Johnny Oduya looks to be back and in his last year’s form with his effort in the last two games back from injury… hell that time off was maybe the best thing for him it seems….
— Vladimir Zharkov…. I was kinda annoyed that Halischuk got sent down (I thought he was improving and showing he belonged here…)… but now Zharkov is adding points to his resume (and playing time with Elias)… and if he keeps scoring Lou and Jacques look like GOD DAMN GENIUSES again!
— Colin White again a very quiet night and you look up and it’s a +2 night… I’m just saying….
— I was really getting on people’s nerves with the KILL….. KILL…. KILL…KILL!! Chant during Buffalo power plays, hell they coulda scored and shut me up right??? (so I ran it up a little and did it during the last 90 seconds of the game!)
— Zach Parise was buzzing all game long… it’s like he went to score ten points tonight so he could goad Miller all Olympics long about it eh? Was kinda fitting since our room was “909” in the hotel… and it lead to a Lord Krang snarl:
** Lord Krang “Our”?? As in yours and Andy’s??
See, Andy is so good he gets his own hotel room even though he hasn’t yet met the requirements in the CBA to be roommate-less, opening the way for him to share his hotel room with you!
(now let this fuel speculation indeed that the person behind the “Andy Greene” facebook page is an obscure Buffalo sports fan in Youngsville, PA πŸ˜‰ )

The Bad:
— IT’S FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING OUT HERE… ok that’s bad for me and all I care about :p
— We’re getting spoiled by andy and his genius if it’s almost a bad night that he only had three nifty plays and assist and was “only even” in 25 miniutes played…. i expected more when I come 400 miles to see ya!!!
— USA hockey takes collective gasp as Montador runs over his own goalie!!! that was a pretty big scare this close to Olympic time….
— the only thing bad about this game I can think of is that Buffalo laid down much like Brett Favre did for Michael Strahan long long ago for another record that was of minimal interest :p

the funny:
— and oh boy we got a LOT here… I made some friends really quick in this game…. hell we even traded Chris Benoit jokes!!
Our new friendship began when they yelled “BORING TRAP DEVILS!!” I reminded them that the Rangers trapped more and somehow Jacques made us into an offensive powerhouse :o… and they returned the favor by telling me that Tim Connolly has a habit and liking to pee on girls after dates…. WHAT??!??!
— and see I wasn’t the only one expecting the irony of mb30 waiting till I travel to the frozen tundra to see him tie that shutout record:
** Brian Paolercio: Since you’re there, Scott, make sure you let the Sabres know that scoring on Marty is easier than kicking
a field goal. Marty will have his precious shutout record in no time. πŸ˜›
— I had a bit of a loud cough, but i had to be careful with it… didn’t want Buffalo nation to think I was making some kinda “choke” reference…. damn I needed a Tennesse Titans jersey eh??? Though speaking of painful Buffalo moments in sports history… with 19 seconds left, they stop the play on a Parise goal, and replay it… I turn and yell (some angry fans were annoying me with the Sawchuck comment)… “HEY LOOK THAT REPLAY’S ABOUT TEN YEARS LATE AIN’T IT??”,,,, douche chills ensued :p
** Tammie Hamilton: You need to do more road trips πŸ™‚
(obviously she’s right… anyone wanna start paying for it?? I bring wins like Andy does πŸ˜€ )
— Second Intermission…..Random fan yells at me DEVILS SUCK
“Not tonight we don’t
“Well who looked better the game before??… See More
“Well who won cups?? Hell one better who kept brett hull OUT of the crease in the finals??
….Don’t bring rocks to a gun fight boy!!

Well it’s been a GREAT TRIP… off to a random bar for a bit… and then back home and back to normal by Wednesday!!

Devils vs BUFFALO, Oct 28, 2009… Thoughts From Section 209!

Well you kinda had this feeling it was gonna be UGLY without Paul Martin in the lineup (am I going to trivialize the loss of Pandolfo? Probably… and he’s nowhere NEAR as important to this team…. I’d say on Elias, Zajac and Parise mean more to this team then Paul Martin… but Scott… you mean the goalie too right?? I point to last year’s record and scream NO!!)….. Damn weird too ain’t it that we ALWAYS seem to play them damn Sabres after a MAJOR injury…..though a few years ago I had my oldest niece (hey if Vince McManon can be a loving GRANDPA… can’t I be a loving and awesome uncle?? Hells yes I can!!)… was on the phone and yelled BUFFALO STINKS at a friend of mine before the Bills-Cowboys game… ahh… memories…. tonight the team played like a bunch of goddamn two year olds!!!

The Good:
— Yankee fever took over the building again… and honestly I like the place a lil emptier… it’s easier to get around and you can have more fun stretching out and enjoying the space!!!
— We called up “Lord Krang” Murphy (hey at least Murphy’s point shot on the power play makes it to the net *ahem*)… but we didn’t dress him… that’s a win right there (though with 24 minutes a game to be made up for… why not Eckford or Corrente?)
— The legend of Andy Greene GROWS even in defeat!!! Doc kinda paused and was like… really? …. hell he even called sir Andy’s goal “Pairse-ian!”
— Rob Niedermayer….. it just seems EVERY game he does one little…. hard to notice… but smart and slick as hell little play that does something good in each game…. and holy hell with as much hate I have for his brother and damn mother too…. and I was given a bad scouting report from some Stars fans…. he’s really changed my views!
— Rod Pelley…. damn he doesn’t do MUCH… but holy hell he can give you on LIFE ENDING body check a game… hey I have the bar set low… and there ain’t much good to talk about in this game….
— We had a POWER PLAY GOAL…. and more on THAT later…..
— it was good to see 208/209 FINALLY in the mood to make some noise tonight… but I’ll get to this later also……
— We got candy for showing up!!! Though I did give the candy away wanting no part of extra calories :p

the Bad:
— goaltending… someone wanna tell mb30, the season of giving is CHRISTMAS and NOT HALLOWEEN?? This game was over from the get-go when the goalie lets two gimmies in… and now of COURSE we’ll see him tonight *eyeroll* “gotta play out of the funk”…. well it’s been a goddamn MONTH and you’ve had THREE good games….. Hell a big difference in the game was Ryan Miller not only outplayed “our boy” but he made two or three BIG MOMENTUM KILLING SAVES that turned the play for them….*ahem*
— Brian Rolston… it’s funny I actually get happy when he hits the net now… but really… what the HELL are you doing out there? He’s the ONE guy who has the ability and track record to step up and be Elias in his absence… but we’re gettin NOTHIN from him….
— again as much as I loved the “Rod Pelley hit of the day”… if the 4th line wants to be a -2 in 7:00 of ice time… the fuck with them too……
— and nothing like an Obama-paranoid security staff being an extra pain in the ass and damn near Meadowlands like… I know my good ways in and out of the arena and wanted to use my no-line bathroom (no I am NOT telling you where it is… suck it!) and my little steps to the right to get out… but security REFUSES to let us know… Jesus Christ at least TELL US why I can’t go to the bathroom I’ve been using since the damn place was BUILT… what an annoying night all around…..

the funny:
— Poor Rob… he’s all happy and excited it’s his birthday… and we find out tonight… his celebrity co-birthday dude….. STEVE CANGELOSI… well Robert, you and the lil guy go have a helluva night, would ya’s????
— Ate in the Brick City Grill again, they re-did the upstairs…. gotta say it’s pretty nifty up there and yummy murder-burgers indeed!! But when you sit down at your table and open your menu and see NO MENU… you know you’re in for a bad night!
— so like I said before…. for as long as I’ve been a Devils fan and sitting in the noisy sections… when the Devils score a power play goal… it’s “1…. 2…… 3…. IT’S A POWER PLAY GOAL….. FUCK YOU SAM ROSEN!!” (oh no, the F-Bomb… what about the children?? Well how do you think they got here… mommy and daddy DID get it on at some times….)….we get a security guard to come up and YELL AT US FOR SAYING FUCK??? Really?? Seriously?? CMONNNN, this thing is a tired old tradition!! I mean what are we gonna say… it’s a POWER PLAY GOAL… MAKE LOVE YOU SAM ROSEN??? Good Lord that would be the gayest thing evvvveeerrrrrrr… hell I tried the edited line… and well it sucked on a Murphy-like level!
— Lindy Ruff calling timeout with 30 seconds left… I chuckled!
— ahhh… facebook commentary (always weird when it comes from one of the people sitting NEXT to me)
“Tammie Hamilton: dear tammie stop coming to home game you make us lose ? the entire new jersey devils” … no we don’t blame you Tammy… Tammie… both… neither??? We blame the aura of Murphy… it calls to you, it understands… it talks to thee!
— damn my phone and me slipping on the “A” button while carrying stuff to the seat… it leads to THIS:
“Amanda Schultz: Scott – the golden rule of tonight is – “If it’s in your pocket, lock it!” LOL Thanks for the very interesting phone call this evening. I am now enlightened! :)” …. I’m just glad it wasn’t a customer and it was someone who knows I’m an idiot and can deal and make fun of me for a whoopsie with the blackberry….
— and well a certain Ranger fan from a lesser blog wanted to get mentioned in here… but frankly like his team… the commentary wasn’t good enough!!

Even with no home games for a week… I ain’t done with ya’s yet…. got a month in review for your digesting… and for those who care I do write the NFL Week Preivews on facebook AND NJDevs…. it’s easy enough to find… and CMON… you know you can’t get enough of me πŸ˜€

Thoughts from Section 209… Devils… Carolina… 4/11/2009

Well this was exactly what this team needed tonight… some bounces… good play, and aside from an EPIC FAIL penalty kill chant (I’ll get to that later)… this was as good and clean a game as you could have expected and a perfect way to set the tempo against our upcoming first round opponent… let the playoff insanity begins!!!!!

the Good:
— Hey I need to thank EVERYONE who helped buy 38 of my 41 extra tickets this year… I’m glad I was able to share and breed the joys of Section 209 with all you people this year, and it was nice to have FRIENDS around to enjoy this season with…. it meant the world to me and thank you all for it… hell this is why I’m expanding the number of tickets I will buy next year (I found out the Devils are letting you pay off the season over 8 months… and yes we’re still getting donkey-fucked on the pricing and I don’t buy the “well we sold all the seats we’re selling in 208 crap”… but we’ll see in July… there’s still NO WAY I can make that payment now and not like they are letting me start the 8 month plan now… which is still LAME), and I’m looking forward to drivin y’all crazy with my PMS (Playoff Mood Swings, and I warn you, the farther we go in the playoffs the more insane they get)… through what better be a LONG playoff run!!!!
— yeah the Canes sat Cam Ward (the paranoid take this as “well they want to play us because they think they can beat us”… but be fair… Cam Ward played a LOT this year… and frankly he got his shit pushed in by Buffalo in the last game), and we “only” beat Michael Leighton with some stupid bounces off the boards… but WE BEAT THEM, and it’s a tone setter for next week!!!
— in many ways this game mirrored the finale in 2000, Devils beat Florida in OT.. unlikely guy get the game winning goal (I think it was Holik… or it was Arnott and then it was foreshadowing, I can’t remember :p ), but either way… this was an awesome first step, and a “we ain’t scared of your fuckers” for next week intoi the playoffs!!! And the GW goal by Zubrus… hopefully a sign of things to come??
— The secondary scorers on this team (Clarkson, Zubrus, even Salvador had an assist) are starting to get back on the stat sheet… this is gonna be big as teams are gonna work doubly hard to slow down Parise like they did most of this month, it’s gonna be up to these guys to open the flood gates….and this team does have the depth and talent to do so (it’s why I kinda still feel good about this team)… and I think some of the funk in this month was due to the fact the Devils were safe in the playoffs and playing teams fighting for their lives (and it’s hard to match that desperation when you don’t have it)… and teams with nothing to lose and players fighting for jobs…but now that is gone and the intensity is equal
— funny though how the Devils win 2 in a row with Mister NoGoalik riding pine… like I said.. if he’s not winning faceoffs… he’s kinda useless

the Bad:
— Well the penalty killing did suck… but I’m putting this on 209… each time we did KILL KILL KILL… we kill the penalty… they do the “college basketball” (basically they all scream like someone is shooting a free throw and they try to distract him… I don’t do basketball chants… least not this year :p)… and Carolina scores… and then they get mad at me when I tell them we need to drop the chant?? I’ve spent 36 years being the guy everyone hates.. one weak chant ain’t gonna faze me!!!!
— ok, as funny and … well effective as it was… I puked a LOT on the inside when the guys behind me did the “take the shirts off to rally the team” thing… all I can say is… ewwwww… and NEVER again PLEASE… and no I won’t do it… I see myself enough in the mirror to know no one else (least in this country :p)… wants to see THAT

the Funny:
— Oh yeah…I have a pre-game Subway battle…. so Mindy doesn’t feel like paying arena food prices (I don’t blame her)… so we stop at the Subway on Broad Street
Firstly… why it takes 25 minutes to toast a 6 inch chicken sandwich is beyond me… so I get annoyed and grab my apple slices and eat then as a hint to hurry their ass up… doesn’t work… they ask me what I want to drink… I tell them I want the combo sized one and point to the board (BTW, they charge 30 cents more for the combo then they do out here… assholes…)… so then she fights me that you can’t get the combo with a six inch… I mean I know you guys don’t do English but the sign says NOTHING about this, so I get annoyed…. ok… fine… I won’t have a drink and I’ll get something in the arena… she then gets pissed at ME because I CAN read the goddamn sign (I know English is not easy but LEARN IT… or at least our native language of SPANISH before you move here, stupid terrorists!!)… and then goes “my manager would get mad at me for this but here… you can have the combo”…. so now I’m annoyed that I’m being talked down to… and worse I’d love to go off on the manager about this too… but he’s not there… we were their first customers today… and some angry black woman comes in that she’s taking too long feeding the white people… so now i’m really annoyed… and despite having exact change even… when she charges me my $7 for the food… I give her a hundred…. you can see 5’s 10’s and 20’s falling out of my shitty ratty wallet that is so old I don’t know when I got it… and I make her crack open the safe to change my hundred…. that made me feel better πŸ™‚
— “Hey Ranger fans… do you like fish sticks??” (yes watching South Park is a must now!)
Though it dead lead to them signing that damn Fillet O’Fish commercial that I hate… damn it was funny!!
— As much as the no shirt thing was kinda nasty… I have to admit I cheered and stood up when Santa took his shirt off (he kept the one under it on though)
— and oh yeah… when I’m holding your beer for you and someone offers me a free zeppolie, and then you yell at me “Don’t you DARE get that in my beer”… you bet your sweet ass I’m gonna dunk the led zeppolie in the beer… hell it was the only way to make a weak training beer like Budweiser actually TASTE GOOD!!!

Hell I ain’t done this week… I got a season in review to write up sooner then later (maybe by tomorrow)… I might even rip out a playoff round 1 preview… I do enjoy those and they write easy… and of course 2 home playoff games coming at the dreaded “Time: TBA”, but it was a great end to maybe the most off the wall and enjoyable season I’ve been through in all my years of sports!


Here we go!! It’s a day that is always as hectic as it is fun, and we’ll be bringing all the coverage we can, right here — LIVE!

Late breaking reports this morning are that perhaps one of the biggest names being tossed around — Chris Pronger — has been taken off the market. That may put a damper on today’s festivities but hey, stranger things have happened.

Refresh this page often as we will be posting trade updates as they break as well as commentary, comment responses, and other tidbits throughout the day.



3:04PM EST

New York Rangers acquire D Derek Morris.

Phoenix acquires Dmitri Kalinin, Nigel Dawes, Petr Prucha.



2:49PM EST

Toronto acquires 2009 2nd Round Pick & Condition Pick.

New York Rangers acquires Nik Antropov.


2:46PM EST

Phoenix acquires Scottie Upshall, 2009 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Philadelphia acquires Daniel Carcillo.


2:10PM EST

Pittsburgh acquires F Bill Guerin

New York Islanders acquire 2009 5th Round Draft Pick. [The Pick will become a 4th Round Pick should PIT qualify for the Playoffs, and will improve to a 3rd Round Pick should PIT win a Playoff Round.]


1:27PM EST

Boston acquires F Mark Recchi, 2010 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Tampa Bay acquires Matt Lashoff, Martins Karsums.


12:43PM EST

Phoenix acquires Matt Lombardi, Brandon Prust, 2009 1st Round Draft Pick.

Calgary acquires Olli Jokinen, 2009 3rd Round Draft Pick.

Steve Says: I don’t like Jokinen, he looks like an angry baby. Nonetheless, I’m glad we won’t have to worry about Calgary til the Stanley Cup, ‘cos any team that gets the Flames in a playoff series ain’t getting out without a pile of bruises with the likes of Phaneuf, Bertuzzi and now Olli on their squad.


12:41PM EST

Boston acquires D Steve Montador

Anaheim acquires F Petteri Nokelainen


12:26PM EST

    ::: WAIVER ROUND-UP :::

Toronto claims G Martin Gerber, Eric Reitz off Waivers.

Dallas Claims C Brendan Morrison off Waivers.

Pittsburgh claims Craig Adams off Waivers. Miroslav Satan clears Waivers.

Aaron Voros has cleared Waivers.


12:14PM EST

Buffalo acquires G Mikael Tellqvist

Phoenix acquires 2010 4th Round Draft Pick


11:51AM EST

Pittsburgh acquires D Andy Wozniewski

St. Louis acquires D Danny Richmond


11:44AM EST:

Colorado acquire Lawrence Nycholat, D Ryan Wilson, 2009 2nd Round Draft Pick

Calgary acquires Jordan Leopold


10:48AM EST:

Buffalo has re-signed C Tim Connolly to a two-year extension worth $4.5 million per season.

10:17AM EST:

Ottawa has re-signed D Filip Kuba to a 3-year contract worth $3.7 million per season.

9:59AM EST:

Ottawa Senators acquire G Pascal Leclaire.

Columbus acquires Antoine Vermette, 2009 2nd Round Draft Pick.


9:22AM EST:

LA Kings have signed D Sean O’Donnell to a contract extension. Terms were not disclosed.