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And we have a call up!

Hi. I'm Rod.

The Devils called up this guy.

Meet Rod Pelley. Rod has appeared in 39 games with the Baby Devils this year at center, registering eight goals and eight assists for 16 points. He also has 27 penalty minutes. Word has it, Mr. Pelley is a hard hitter who also enjoys soccer, shooting the puck hard, and rescuing people in the mountains.

Welcome to the team, Rod. Don’t suck, okay?

Oh Well.


Well, losing to the Panthers certainly sucks.  I sort of expected the loss though, 2 road games in 2 days is no picnic.  It was a weird game, Brodeur and the rest of his D looked a little off.  The tease in the final minutes of the game wasn’t any fun, either.

Thanks to a solid effort this year, the Devils can easily shrug off the loss (unlike this time last year) and focus on battling Atlanta on Tuesday night.  They’ll need all the rest they can get – for some reason New Jersey has a complex about playing the Thrashers.  Although I must say they came back to win the last meeting in an exciting and dramatic fashion.  Hopefully Tuesday brings more of that.

Hey Lou, get Rich in the lineup already, would ya?  He wouldn’t take that kinda crap.  🙂

Lightning Can’t Strike Twice

Easy like Sunday morningLife just gets better for Martin Brodeur with every minute he plays.  Another shutout tonight, this time over the same team who beat him 8 days ago, the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I think Marty can now officially call Perrin his own private bitch!

Despite the absolutely horrible ice in Tampa, the boys got the job done.  In doing so, the Devils hold a lead in the Atlantic as wide as the Hudson River itself – 15 huge points over the New York Rangers.  Gionta (I’ve been calling him Wee-Man on crack) once again provided the offensive punch, and Martin The Great did the rest.  Even better news: Buffalo tanked it vs. Columbus so the Devils are now only five measly points behind the Sabres for the #1 overall spot in the entire Eastern Conference.  It’s good to see the crew coming right out and continuing their dominance right after the all-star break.

A notice to the Devs: Marty is super-human this year…but you still have to find a way to clear the puck!!  How many chances did the D have to send Tampa chasing, and instead they end up feeding the pointmen.  Seriously, guys, ya might wanna work on that.  Otherwise, keep up the solid effort – apparantly it’s doing you a whole lotta good.

Final thought: Clemmy tomorrow?

Tip of the Day!!!

Future Hall of Famer right here.2 Man Advantage’s Tip of the Day #3: Darius Kasparaitis sucks.

There’s a reason why he was placed on waivers today by the Rangers. Sure, the Rangers suck right now too, but in all fairness to our crosstown crappers, Kaspar is terrible.

So, what is our tip then? Basically, I’d like to let the Philadelphia Flyers know that picking up Darius would be an AMAZING acquisition. Seriously. Go for it guys. He’s awesome. He’ll solve all your problems. Hell, even put him in net. It’ll be great.

Trust me.

Oh, and BTW…

Oh yeah.

From the YoungStars to you

Poo on you.

Evgenies don't grow on trees ya know...Evgeni “Pavel Bure can’t cherry pick as awesome as I can” Malkin got his ass handed to him by Zach “Pavel Bure ain’t got crap on me” Parise in the YoungStars game…

…oh, they were on the same team?

Eh…minor detail, minor detail folks.

Zach killed it. Malkin blew it. Two goals and four assists for the Zach Attack and…well…zero goals and zero assists for the Evenginator.

Gosh darn cherry pickers…

The ‘Real’ Half-way Mark

Yeah, That's Awesome.Technically, the season’s half way point is the 41 game mark, but so much attention is paid to where a team stands at the All-Star Break. For the Devils, it’s only a few steps from the peak.

First, may I say it’s amazing that a man of Brian Gionta’s stature can carry an entire team on his back night in and night out. Seriously, how many more games are you going to ride this guy to a win? The effort was all-around Saturday vs. Philadelphia, but Gio once again emerged as ‘the man.’ It’s hard to believe, but New Jersey sits only 8 points behind Nashville for the number one spot in the entire NHL. Thanks to Montreal, they are only 7 points behind Buffalo for the Eastern Conference lead. Talk about out of nowhere! It’s been a consistant effort this year after a very inconsistant start, but there’s no way I’m complaining right now. The push for number one start’s in a week, so get ready: the best the season has to offer lies ahead.

So, we finally get to see an All-Star game this year. I just hope the unveiling of the new and ‘improved’ jerseys doesn’t ruin the festivities for me. Tampering with the NHL uniform is borderline heresy, but Gary has no soul anyway. Shanahan the captain of the East? This IS going to be interesting, I call East over West 9-7. Enjoy, everyone!

Let’s Go Devils!

Time to get something off my chest

RANT!!!It’s always fun beating the New York Rangers.

It’s also always fun being in first place. Watch out Buffalo!

So, I’d like to start with a shoutout to our friends over at the Battle of New York blog. Seems like the latest Devils triumph has caused quite the stir over there, with Rangers fans crying fowl, Devils fans crying victory, and Islanders fans…well, just crying. Sorry Long Island, you guys really kinda suck right now.

After taking a gander at some of the latest musings over there and then venturing over to our other friends, I must say, I’m pretty shocked. Little did I think that last night’s affair would have caused SO much controversy. Gee folks, give credit where credit is due! I, for one, think King Henrik had a solid game and I’d also like to pat Jed Ortmeyer on the back for his plaWho is the king now, bitches?y, but it really does stop there. Jagr gave up on the game (what else is new?), Shany-han really didn’t have that much of a presence (well, not enough for me to notice at least), and, well, on the flipside, MVP Marty simply shined. He made his big saves, and he benefitted from the solid play of the stacked six in front of him. No less, the Devils are still playing without Johnny Oduya and Richard Matvichuk, while Whitey has only JUST made his return to the ice himself. Cut us some slack! …or if not, at least realize that, hey, we’re not playing with the likes of Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer anymore. We’re damn proud of our defense, even if not elite, and they’re getting the job done. Marty is also getting the job done. The offense is somewhat getting the job done. We might not have the most lethal offense in the world, so when we’re only scoring one or two goals a game, we need to find a way to shut down the opposition, whether it be in a trap-like manner or not. Who cares if it’s boring. It’s a win, and we’re winning. A lot. So poo on you.


Lukoil strikes again!

Who ever doubted this man?OH YEAH.

Brad Lukowich is awesome

Who would have thought?Waiter, I’d like to order now. I’ll start with the French Onion soup and the side salad, then I’ll have a nice, big serving of your finest crow. Oh, and I’d like a glass of Kool-Aid with that.

I still miss Richard Matvichuk though.