Tip of the Day!!!

Future Hall of Famer right here.2 Man Advantage’s Tip of the Day #3: Darius Kasparaitis sucks.

There’s a reason why he was placed on waivers today by the Rangers. Sure, the Rangers suck right now too, but in all fairness to our crosstown crappers, Kaspar is terrible.

So, what is our tip then? Basically, I’d like to let the Philadelphia Flyers know that picking up Darius would be an AMAZING acquisition. Seriously. Go for it guys. He’s awesome. He’ll solve all your problems. Hell, even put him in net. It’ll be great.

Trust me.


  1. Obviously, Darius had little left in the tank this year after coming back out of shape from two different surgeries. And the move made sense especially given the salary (2.9 mill). Plus it made room for Daniel Girardi, who better play tomorrow.

    But for this team to just make Kaspar the scapegoat is a joke. Kaspar might not have been what he once was But always gave his best and never complained about his role this year. He had character too. I will miss that.

    Meanwhile, slugs such as Karel Rachunek still suit up without punishment. And that’s inexcusable.

    You oughta see the potential lines for tomorrow’s game. It speaks volumes.

  2. Joe Bechtel says:

    Nobody is making Darius a scapegoat. The guy was constantly out of shape, and wasn’t playing anywhere near where he should be for the salary you mentioned. He sealed his own fate with his lacadaisical play.

  3. Most of what you said is true. He came off two serious surgeries which contributed to his inconsistent play. True, he wasn’t in the kind of shape needed to be where he usually was at. But I also believe he never got back to the form he showed last year. It didn’t help that he wound up in Renney’s doghouse.

    My problem is that Karel Rachunek is still on the roster logging tons of minutes. He sucks. He’s the worst defenseman this team has ever had.

    Kaspar could at least be relied on to give a solid effort in his end. The same cannot be said for Rachunek. He’s a huge liability. His play shows it and so do the stats.

    If they’re serious about changing the direction of the D, then play Pock over him. Girardi looked okay today.

  4. the goose says:

    kaspar never had a chance he was put aside right from start a preaseason rangers just not very good and is a team sport and kaspar is going to play in nhl just give him some time

  5. i know this is a little off topic, but his name kinda makes it seem like he has a disease that turns people into ghosts.