Hoo-ho, to Round 2 we go!

Uhh, Joe, I think I’m going to have to kick your ass for not updating the site in my absence.

I jest, I jest.

So the Devils are off to Round 2 against none other than the Ottawa Senators. I shiver at the thought. Alas, if we could beat Tampa Bay without Grant Marshall, then we shall defeat the Senators without Jeff Friesen. It can be done…I hope.

Forgive me as I just spent three hours in a car (most of those hours spent in New York City traffic, no less), so a more awesome update will come when I have had the time to scrape the Chinese food delivery man on bike from the side of my car. And no, I did not hit him.

Bastard ran into my car when it was stopped in traffic.

Seriously, who does that?


  1. Good job, good series. Godd luck in round two. Now it’s off to fix all the holes in our team (thanks for exposing them on National Television!) Hopefully Santa brings us some defensemen this year!
    As always…GO BOLTS!

  2. Anyone up for playing the Scott Burnside game?

    Objective: Predict Scott Burnside’s prediction for the Devs-Sens series (winner and game count).

    Hint: If you pick the Devils you lose the game.

    My prediction: Scott says Sens in 6