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Old lady trumps Ryan Seacrest.…so here you go.

There’s absolutely nothing to report right now, so, uh, yeah. Go Devils?

No, seriously, sorry for the lack of updates folks. There just ain’t much goin’ on right now. We will be back with the fury of fifty furious flying foxes come training camp time.

Yeah, that’s right, I totally went all alliteration on yo’ asses right there. WHAT NOW?

Sorry, it’s been a long August.


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Oh happy day: Martin re-signed

Better than nothing.Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record is today reporting that the New Jersey Devils have finally re-signed defender Paul Martin to a 3-year contract. Martin will receive $3-million this season, while being paid $4-million in 2008 and $4.5-million in 2009.


The 26-year-old blueliner was slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Oh, and we all know how grand that would have turned out.

In 82 games with the Devils last season, Martin posted three goals and 23 assists for 26 points. He skated at a minus-nine and racked up a mere 18 penalty minutes.

He’s totally a bad boy.

And we have a signing!

Attack of the fourth liners!!Hey, why not keep the parade going, eh?

In a move that likely solidifies the fourth line, the New Jersey Devils have announced the signing of former New York Islander Arron Asham to a one year, $700,000 contract.

The 29-year-old winger posted 11 goals and 12 assists for 23 points in 80 games with the Isles last season.

Dude is only like 5’11” though.

PATRICIA SAYS: Don’t think this is a Lowell signing. He’ll man the fourth line, and if it weren’t said before, there is absolutely no way I can see Mr. Rasmussen retained now.

Asham is on the smaller side, but he is a solid 210 pounds, and that’s something at least. He’s not going to be a scorer by any means, but he’s a feisty lil’ bugger and he’s got quite admirable worth ethic to boot. He won’t be afraid to drop the gloves, and that’s always a nice thing.

I like this signing, actually. We’re looking at a completely revamped fourth line here, folks.

It’s pretty.

TONY SAYS: While decreasing Islander competition despite how far they’ve diminished, we sign a scrappy guy to (somewhat) match players like Sean Avery on the Rangers.

He's a scrappy lil scrapper.I think it’s a good signing.

Asham is really a good pickup by the Devils. He’s a young veteran who is familiar with the division and can help the boys with his feisty, scrappy qualities. Great ambition and fits perfectly with our fourth line. He should bring excitement to our team next year.

Poor Isles.


JOSH SAYS: Despite the obvious handicap of being an Islander these past four years, I kind of like Arron Asham, so I’m kind of pleased with this signing. Asham will be able to move as high up as the third line and should fit comfortably on the fourth line most of the season.

So0o many options!The Devils now have many options when it comes to the third and fourth lines, which is, well, really nice. Pandolfo-Madden-Clarkson and Brylin-Rupp-Asham? Pandolfo-Madden-Asham with Rupp-Pelley-Clarkson? Hell, if things get chippy, maybe Pandolfo-Madden-Clarkson with Asham-Rupp-Janssen?(!)

The Devils can comfortably roll four lines, which means more rest for the top two lines, which, in theory, means less injuries, more stamina, and more production.

JOE SAYS: Ho-hum. Another participant in the 4th-Line-Deathmatch (AKA: “Training Camp”). I’m not exactly loving this signing just yet, but I’m warming up to it more and more as the season approaches. He reminds me of a younger Sergei Brylin. He even has the could-be-Asian thing goin’.

DARREN SAYS: In what seems to be a typical Lou move this summer, Asham is another solid, under the radar signing.

He should totally get that tat.I think his place on the Devils will be on the forth line but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him spend some time with Madden and Pando on the third line. Asham adds a touch of offense to the team, which is important when you are going to consistently roll four lines every night. Asham also brings a little more grit to this team as he’s not one to shy away from taking the gloves off.

The only downside I see in Arron’s game is his ability to take undisciplined penalties, which we all know is Colin White’s role. I think the arrival of Asham assures us that we won’t be seeing Dowd or Rasmussen in a Devils jersey next season. Overall, I like this signing and feel the Devils won’t be getting pushed around next season.

Parise signs long-term deal with Devils

We love.From the official Devils site (link opens in new window):

“The Devils announced today that forward Zach Parise has been re-signed to a new multi-year contract. No further terms of the deal were disclosed.”

EDIT: TSN is reporting Zach’s contract to be 4 years, 12.5 million. Nice.


Oh thank you God. Now let’s get to work on Mr. Paul Martin, eh?

Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Man I hate summer.

I mean really…100+ degree days with humidity, bugs the size of baseballs, sunburn, and no hockey.  Why should anyone no longer in high school love summer?

Of course, no hockey means little hockey news.  So rather than make a big deal of small dealings (OMG NOAH CLARKE!), I’ve decided to make small deals of small dealings, by pointing way to some (moderately) interesting articles and hockey-related…well…stuff.

-According to this article from (link opens in a new window), the NHL and ESPN are in preliminary talks on getting NHL games onto ESPN2 as early as the ’08-’09 season.  Definately not something to get worked up about just yet, as quite a few things need to fall into place for such a scenario to occur Well, it would be better than lazer slapshots and glowing pucks...(NBC declining the option they hold for the ’08-’09 season, Versus accepting compensation to waive cable exclusivity, ESPN talking heads learning the pronunciation of so many eastern European names).  Should the NHL wind up back on ESPN – or in this case, ESPN2 - it can only do good things for the NHL in my eyes.  ESPN is the Microsoft of sports television – it’s pretty much the only thing the general public knows.  And the general public does not know hockey because currently, ESPN does not care about hockey.  Getting hockey games onto television channels that typical Americans know is going to be critical to trying to get back to hockey’s popularity in the mid-90s.

-I recieved a phone call the other day from Marty Brodeur.  Okay, so it was obviously a recorded statement, but we’re going to ignore that for the moment:  Marty Brodeur is calling Devils fans to tell them that season tickets are on sale now.  The Devils main page (new window) is also touting season tickets, so it looks like the push is on for getting new season ticket holders.  Still no word on partial plans, but hopefully we’ll be getting phone calls from Johnny Oduya or Kevin Weekes telling us about the weekday six-game set in the near future.

-And last but certainly not least, New Jersey’s own Jimmy Dowd hosted a charity hockey game last week to benefit the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ocean County.  You can check out the results right here (both links, new window) and the game ended in a very Devils-ish way, with the game-winning goal coming in the last minute of play.  Bravo to Mr. Dowd, games such as this are what’s right about hockey and pro sports in general.