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Tonight, Josh and I will be making an appearance on Long Island’s 1240AM-WGBB New York Hockey Talk radio program. The show starts at 9 PM and runs until 10, we should hit the air around 9:20. Other guests slated for tonight’s show include Rich Chere of the Newark Star Ledger, Scott Sarama of and WGR-550’s Jeremy Noeson.

You can listen live here (link opens in new window).

UPDATE: Well, we just finished up our interviews. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties and Josh couldn’t get on…booo! Otherwise, it was a fun time. Hope everyone enjoyed! Thanks again to Rob Kowal for the opportunity!

The re-broadcast can be streamed here (link opens in new window) for those of you who missed the live show. Patricia and Josh (somewhat) appear about 20 minutes into the program.

The show will also be played again tomorrow at 3 PM on (link opens in new window)


Just a couple tid-bits to cover, so let’s get the show on the road.

2006 first-round-pick Matthew Corrente was returned to his junior team, the Mississauga Ice Dogs of the OHL. While the lad did have an impressive camp, he was ineligible to play for the Baby Devils, so it was Big Boys or Bust.

Give him another year or two — the kid’s got talent. We’ll see him in black and red soon enough.

Try not to look too excited, boys.NUMBERS GAME
With the finishing touches being made to the roster, some players have been given new numbers. Among those assigned new digits include Kevin Weekes (1), Niklas Bergfors (12), David Clarkson (23), Rod Pelley (10), and Mike Mottau (27).

Tom Gulitti is reporting that Louie Lams has not made a final decision regarding the eye of Colin White. The anger lovin’ defender took a puck to the face during a September 19th practice, breaking his nose and damaging his eye. While Lamoriello has admitted to damage to the eye, he maintains the severity of White’s injury is still unknown.

Black ‘n red finished out the pre-season with 2-1 win over the New York Islanders, bringing their overall record to a respectable 4-2. Zach Parise and Dainius Zubrus netted goals for the Devils while Martin Brodeur made 20 saves in the affair. Kip Brennan netted the lone Islanders goal.

Roster reduced: 19 assigned, one returned, six waived

Okay, now cuts were made.

GOALTENDERS: Dave Caruso, Jordan Parise, Jason Smith
DEFENSEMEN: Mark Fraser, Olivier Magnan-Grenier, Olli Malmivaara, Zach Tarkir, Sean Zimmerman
FORWARDS: Patrick Davis, Stephen Gionta, Ivan Khomutov, Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond, Benoit Mondou, Mike Pandolfo, Joe Rooney, Jason Ryznar, Barry Tallackson, Jari Viuhkola, Petr Vrana

FORWARDS: Nick Palmieri

DEFENSEMEN: Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre, Ian Moran
FORWARDS: Noah Clarke, Grant Marshall, Ryan Murphy
Forwards Niklas Bergfors, David Clarkson, and Rod Pelley are still with the big club, as are defensemen Mike Mottau and Matthew Corrente.

White out for opener

Poor eyeball.Louie Lams today confirmed that Mr. Anger Management will not be skating in Tampa Bay for the Devils’ season opener against the Bolts next Thursday.

Well, at least the penalty sheet should be a little lighter. Tee-hee.

White was injured after taking a puck just above his eye during a routine practice on September 19th. The incident left White with a badly broken nose and a swollen-shut eye. Ouch.

Lamoriello claims there has been no significant damage to White’s eye, but doctors are holding off a complete diagnosis until the swelling subsides.

Oh Anger, feel better!

Pre-season stuff.

Y’know, so as not to confuse with regular season stuff.

There’s a rumor that the Devils played a pre-season game last night, a 6-1 whomping of the Islanders in Lowell, Mass.

I would have livecapped it, except I guess we weren’t to know the game existed, as it was not broadcast on TV nor the interwebs.Watch out for Snoopy!

BUT, we do know that one Brian Gionta netted at hat trick (two goals of which came on the power play) and one John Madden scored two goals of his own. Andy Greene and Karel Rachunek added a pair of assists each – holy defensive contributions, Batman! – and Martin Brodeur played two periods, allowing one goal on 15 shots.

It’s a shame the game wasn’t broadcast, sounds like it was a fun one to watch. The Devs wrap up their pre-season with a Saturday matchup against the Islanders in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Alas, with only one preseason game to play, it’s that time of training camp that all the young dudes (and some of the old dudes) dread. Cuts were announced today and the following players will be spending more time at Paul E. Tsongas Arena than just last night’s pre-season game:

Jason Smith, Rod Pelley, Mike Mottau, Grant Marshall, Frank Doyle, Niklas Bergfors, Benoit Mondou, Mike Pandolfo, Pierre-Luc Leblond-Letourneau, Petr Vrana, Ryan Murphy, Ivan Khomutov, Patrick Davis, Barry Tallackson, Jason Rhyznar, Jari Viuhkola, Sean Zimmerman, Olivier Magnan, Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre, Ian Moran, Olli Malmivaara, Mark Fraser, Jordan Parise, Dave Caruso, and Steven Gionta.

Go away, stupid bug!Phew.

My guess is that with Doyle and the elder Parise heading north, Kevin Weekes is okay enough to spell Marty for the final preseason game.

And don’t fret Bergfors fans, there’s a good chance Niklas will be around Newark in the near future…especially if the injury bug hangs around.

UPDATE: Hold the phone! Sounds like cuts may not have been made…yet. According to Tom Gulitti, Louie Lams has not made a final decision on who stays and who goes. Expect an official announcement sometime tomorrow.

Tip of the Day!!!


Don’t mess with Rick DiPietro.


Montoya musta talked 'bout DiPo's mama.

’nuff said.

Live-capping the preseason…again

HE IS BETTER THAN YOU9:31 PM ET: That’s game. Devils take the contest, 3-1.

Overall good game. Flyers played like they were out to prove something, Devils were just trying to, well, hang in there. Solid games from Bergfors, Martin, Doyle, Pelley, Pandolfo, and Brodeur. Clarkson looked pretty good too. Need to get more physical though. I’m talking to you, Cam and Arron.

Hearts for Bergfors. 9:30 PM ET: I speak too soon again! Doyle absolutely ROBS Gagne, Bergfors brings the puck down for the empty netter…3-1 Devils, oh Niklas — will you marry me?

9:28 PM ET: Flyers take an extra attacker. Got about 30 seconds left in the contest. Poor Doyle just wants this game to be over.

9:23 PM ET:
The boys are sure being out muscled by the Flyers right now. One would think this game actually mattered for Philly…

9:20 PM ET:
I have a feeling Danny Briere is going to have a monster year with Philly. Hits a post, so close. Devils still on the kill.

9:16 PM ET:
Having some technical difficulties here folks, pardon the interruption…

9:15 PM ET:
Wow, Doyle just robbed Knuble. Not bad at all.

9:14 PM ET:
Flyers on the PP now, looking to even the score.

9:08 PM ET:
Nos! Daniel Briere with the goal! …2-1.

9:08 PM ET:
Yays! Rod Pelley with the goal! 2-0!

9:04 PM ET:
Knuble with another penalty. Tee-hee. Devils PP.

9:03 PM ET:
Things are getting physical! Greene absorbed a big hit by Hartnell. Ouch.

Someone's gotta do it... 9:00 PM ET:
Cote and Rupp are KILLING each other! No holds barred fight. Only lasted a few seconds, but TONS of punches were thrown. Attaboy Rupp — standing up for his fallen teammate. Cote had just thrown a thunderous check on Karel Rachunek, Rupp won’t stand for it. Cote connected on a few good punches, but Rupp added his fair share too. Even fight, slight edge to Cote.

8:59 PM ET:
Doyle holds tight to the far post, makes a good save.

8:57 PM ET:
And we’re back! Third period is underway.

8:40 PM ET:
Doyle made a decent save or two to end the period. At least he did something. No one else on the ice really did. After two, still 1-0.

Seriously. 8:39 PM ET: One minute left. Game got uber-boring again.

8:34 PM ET:
Whoo-boy! END TO END ACTION FINALLY!! Zajac gets a post, so close…yet, so far.

8:31 PM ET:
*cue Nelson laugh* Ha-Ha! Just 48 seconds into the Flyers power play, my boy Mike Knuble takes a penalty. Yay four on four!!!

8:28 PM ET:
I suppose I spoke too soon. Devils starting to get some offensive flare going, but then Palmieri takes an offensive zone penalty. Booo.

8:26 PM ET:
This has been quite a defensive minded period for both teams. Hardly any scoring chances. Flyers announcers seem to think Brodeur is still in net. Those silly announcers…

Yawn. 8:24 PM ET: About nine minutes left in the second. Still not much going on.

8:15 PM ET:
Devils are setting up nicely on the PP. Need to get a screen going though!

8:13 PM ET:
Jason Smith just wrecked Dainius Zubrus. Wow. I wish we still had Jason Smith…

Devils pee-pee. Giroux in the box for hooking. Come on Bergfors!

8:12 PM ET:
Jay Pandolfo sure isn’t sleeping on his recent Selke nomination. Dude is forechecking like crazy.

8:10 PM ET:
Somewhat quiet so far.

8:05 PM ET:
Marty is done for the night. Frank Doyle in net to start the second. Nothing against Doyle, but I fully expect more than a few goals this period.

8:03 PM ET:
We’re almost set to start the second period. Comcast shows a recap of the first. Yes, Man Eating Pizza was involved in the montage. I don’t get it.

7:50 PM ET:
End of the period. Devils started out strong, Flyers took control late. Still got the lead though, so all is well…so far. Marty looks great, at least.

7:46 PM ET:
Flyers with a strong penalty kill. I wish I could like Mike Knuble…too bad he’s on the enemy. Le sigh.

BOW DOWN TO PIZZA 7:40 PM ET: And now we have a tribute to Man Eating Pizza…Comcast is weird.

7:37 PM ET:
Yikes, the onslaught continues. Flyers are absolutely dominating right now. This game would easily be about 4-1 right now if Mr. Vezina had not been in net.

7:34 PM ET:
Mmm…glove saves. Marty makes a sparkling save on Upshall. Oh yeah.

7:33 PM ET:
Wow. Marty just took an onslaught from Simon Gagne and co.

7:32 PM ET:
Getting a bit feisty between Rupp and Cote. Andy Greene takes a trip, sits for two. Flyers PP.

7:30 PM ET:
Just over halfway through the first. The boys look pretty good so far.

Hey you,7:24 PM ET: Niklas Bergfors! The Swedish Beast with a power play goal! OH YEAH! 1-0.

7:22 PM ET: Finally get to see a glimpse of Niklas Bergfors. Not so bad, so far.

Ah, Devils pee-pee. Of course, it’s Derian Hatcher in the box. Bastard.

7:21 PM ET: So, the Flyers made t-shirts for training camp. Apparently t-shirts are the key to success.

Well, duh.7:19 PM ET: Gionta with a nice wrister that seemed to fool Biron a bit. No sale though. Poo.

7:18 PM ET: Wow. Total mush of wtf’ness in front of Biron’s net. Brylin almost knocks one home. Darn.

7:15 PM ET: And now we’re starting to see some end-to-end action. Marty and Marty (Biron) are both playing strong early on.

7:12 PM ET: Not much going on right now. We’re scoreless after four minutes of play. Oh, and Mr. Brodeur is in net for red and black.

7:10 PM ET: We’re underway. Sorry for the slight delay.
Yup, another preseason game, another live-cap from the 2MA Crew. It’s gonna be good times.

Check back at 7 PM when we…and, uh, the Devils, take on the Philadelphia Flyers. Mmmkay?

Johnny O What?

Question marks!While perusing the Devils website roster this evening, trying desperately to figure out how to correctly spell Vitaly Vishnevski (Y in the first name, I in the last), I noticed something odd.

Johnny Oduya is no longer in the Devils lineup.

Instead, Mr. Oduya has been replaced by the less loveable sounding John…Oduya.

Naturally, this is terribly disappointing to me.

Johnny Oduya rolls off the tongue; John Oduya, on the other hand, not so much. Plus, “Johnny O” is far more fun to say than the putrid “John O.”

Maybe Johnny John decided that with the Devils making an obvious effort to get bigger and tougher, it was time to drop the carefree, tender Johnny for the more serious and ripe sounding John. Consequentially, the playfulness of Johnny Oduya is a thing of the past. Don’t be surprised if he’s downright scowling in his bio picture this year as opposed to the somewhat goofy grin of last year.

That said, I still miss the “ny.”

Or maybe I simply have too much time on my hands.

Update on Weekes’ condition

Breathe a sigh of relief, Devils fans: it sounds like Kevin Weekes shall be a-okay.

Though Weekes was not available for comment after the game, head coach Brent Sutter downplayed the situation, assuring that the 32-year-old netminder “would be fine.”

Sean Avery is a scumbag.Weekes was injured just six minutes into tonight’s preseason contest with the New York Rangers, nearly being knocked unconscious after being viciously run into by Rangers resident a-hole Sean Avery. Avery had pushed Devils defender Johnny Oduya into the goal mouth area, causing both players to tumble on top of Weekes, who awkwardly fell into the net, hitting his head on the goal post.

Staying down for several minutes, the former Ranger was eventually helped into the locker room by teammates and medical staff.

Jordan Parise finished the game for the Devils, turning aside 22 of 25 shots. New Jersey lost the game 4-3.

Weekes joins an ever-growing list of injured Devils, including Jamie Langenbrunner, Colin White, Cam Janssen and Arron Asham.

PATRICIA SAYS: As previously mentioned (oh I dunno, maybe once or twice), Sean Avery is a pile of poo. How he is continually allowed to run goalies is beyond me. Had it been Marty, Mr. Avery would have been knocked into next Tuesday…of 2532. Alas, it sounds like Weekes should be okay. I still wouldn’t rule out a concussion here, and I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him sit the rest of the preseason, which is really unfortunate.

Too bad Mr. Anger Management didn’t play. (Did I really just say that?) I’m sure we all remember this (link opens in new window). I bet Sean doesn’t though. Ha.

Live-capping the preseason

9:35 PM ET: Game over, Devils lose 4-3. Not a big deal, so long as Weekes is okay. Early reports out of NY seem to indicate he should be a-okay though.
JOSH SAYS: Meh. Preseason. We didn’t look that bad once the first period ended.

Mmm, cheese. 9:24 PM ET:
Holler. Gionta makes Valiquette look like swiss cheese, 4-3.

9:20 PM ET:
Brother Parise looks pretty good tonight. This kid’s got talent.

9:17 PM ET:
Ugh. The boys are just making Valiquette look terrific tonight, aren’t they? No screen, no deflection. No goal.

9:12 PM ET:
Too many penalties.
JOSH SAYS: Nickie Palmieri, you’re assaulting the wrong guy. Avery is #16.

9:08 PM ET:
Jordan Parise with a huge save on Artem Anisimov…I think. Training camp roster names are unkind to journalists.

9:05 PM ET:
Ryan Hollweg just knocked the poop out of Richard Matvichuk. Boy, these Rangers sure like to hit.

9:03 PM ET:
Sigh, another Devils penalty. Parise and Gionta both in the box. What’s wrong with that picture?

8:59 PM ET:
Come on miraculous comeback!

MUCH more aggressive in the 2nd. It’s become obvious that Lou needs to start drafting d-men though. Tee-hee.

8:42 PM ET:
And we’re done with two.

8:37 PM ET:
I’ll eat my words now. Wow, Parise with a dazzler of a goal on the man advantage. He totally made Kaspar look like a fool. 4-2.
JOSH SAYS: Holy (poo) a power play goal!!

8:36 PM ET:
Drats, another Devils PP. Decline penalties?

8:30 PM ET:
Ugh. Chemistry folks, chemistry. 4-1 Rangers.

Vishnevski is a mother friggen beast! BEAST I tell you!

8:25 PM ET:
Another empty power play. I’m not worried. The boys actually don’t look too bad, rather, they just don’t have the most chemistry in the world right now. It’ll get better.

8:21 PM ET:
Darn, spoke too soon. Montoya out, Steve Valiquette in. Devils set for another power play as well.
JOSH SAYS: If someone’s not going to just pull out a pistol and murder Avery on the ice, I’d take just Avery f’ing up really badly resulting in a Devils goal.

8:19 PM ET:
Puckhandler Montoya is not. Keep wandering behind the net, Al. At this rate, the Devils might just have a shot.
2MA READER CHRIS SAYS: First true sign of Devils hockey — Elias unable to score on an open net.

8:12 PM ET:
The Devils have life.

This picture is always fun. 8
:09 PM ET: Mmm, Al Montoya and Darius Kasparaitis have a lovely miscommunication, Zubrus takes advantage and pops the puck in. 3-1 Rangers.

8:07 PM ET:
Brilliant camera work, MSG. 3-0 Rangers now, but the viewing audience wouldn’t know it. MSG finds it more important to show meaningless highlights of other crap.

8:03 PM ET: Start of the second. I’d either like to see the Devils make a triumphant yet meaningless comeback or Sean Avery spontaneously combust. Either would be fun.

Well, here’s my thoughts on the first. Zajac is our best player so far, Zubrus has been excellent in his own end, Vishnevski looking like he’s in another country, and our D has no depth whatsoever. Elias seems to still be the vocal leader.

7:45 PM ET:
2-0 after one. Uh, did the Devils show up tonight?
JOSH SAYS: Well, that sucked.

7:40 PM ET:
Attaboy Marshy! Avery is a marked man. Too bad Cam doesn’t have a bionic shoulder, he would have ripped Mr. Avery’s head off by now, I reckon.

7:37 PM ET:
These poor, poor Devils. Can’t get anything going. David Clarkson proves he believes he can fly. Wonder if he can touch the sky, too.

7:35 PM ET:
Kaspar nearly annihilated poor Johnny O. Another penalty. Devils on the pee-pee.

We hate you. 7:32 PM ET: Hearts for Vishnevski. Yeah, he just took a penalty and put the boys down two men, and yeah, the Rangers just scored again putting the Devils in the hole 2-0, but at least he gave a hearty cross-check to Sean Avery in the process. That’s always fun to watch.

Not that I condone injuring players or anything…but Sean Avery is stupid.

7:30 PM ET: Rupp in the box, Devils shorthanded again. I know this is preseason and all, but if the Devils want to get back into this one, they need to kill this bad boy off.

And kill Sean Avery, too.

7:28 PM ET: It’s starting to get a little feisty. Boys, take note: Sean Avery must be destroyed.

7:27 PM ET:
Nothing really going on right now. Borrrrring. Sean Avery is still garbage though.

7:18 PM ET: Looks like we’re going to see a goalie change just minutes into the game. He really got run bad, folks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a concussion here — he whacked his head bad after getting run by Avery.

Scary sight. 7:17 PM ET:
Weekes is down after getting creamed by Sean Avery. In a respectable fashion, the crowd is cheering. I love how goalies continue to be run by this butt face. Seriously. This is ridiculous.
JOE SAYS: Avery: Two minutes for a hate crime.

7:14 PM ET:
Upon further review, I really hate these new jerseys. They’re butt ugly. The angled bottoms are terrible.

7:11 PM ET:
Le sigh. Byers all alone up front and throws the puck past Weekes. Good coverage boys. Really.

7:10 PM ET:
Penalty, Devils. It starts already. Corrente in the box. Bastard.

7:08 PM ET:
Here we go!

4:29 PM ET:
Mr. Bechtel will be attending tonight’s festivities. Look for reports from Joe throughout the game. Oh yeah.
Tune in to our friends over at MSG Network to see the Devils take on the New York Rangers tonight in preseason action. Game time is at 7 pm.

And yes folks, you read right: I will be live-capping the game tonight.