Game 5 – Devils @ Thrashers: Recap

I have this feeling that last night’s game is a preview of what the season may hold for the New Jersey Devils, a complete roller coaster ride. I think the Devils came out with some jump in the first period but once again took the second period off. I’m not sure why NJ feels the need to not play an entire 60 minutes but it’s something that Sutter needs to address in the very near future. NJ owned the third period and showed everyone that when they work together and concentrate on the basics, they can be successful, especially on the power play.

Let’s start with the bad: What is going on with Marty? He doesn’t look very confident in goal and I felt last night that he was playing too far back in his net which gave the Thrashers too much of an advantage. In the last three games, Marty has seen 12 pucks get passed him (plus an empty netter he watched from the bench). This isn’t the Marty we are used to but judging how he broke his stick against the wall on the way to the locker room after the game last night, Marty isn’t happy about it either. Hopefully he straightens this out in a hurry before Syd the Kid comes shooting our way because 6 goals on 17 shots is not acceptable. I have to put this down on paper even though the question in my head feels completely stupid but is Marty feeling some kind of pressure with a completely viable backup sitting on the bench? Or is it more that the defense is so mediocre right now that he is trying to do too much?

Now the good: Well good morning Mr. Elias, did you just realize that its hockey season and even though there are 82 games, they all count? Glad to see he figured out where the net was tonight but honestly he seemed to be everywhere when the Devils were rolling. The power play was also coming together last night. The Devils cycled the puck extremely well which resulted in a number of shots on goal.

Hopefully this comeback win can build a little confidence in the Devils as the head into a group of Atlantic Division battles starting with Sydney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Even if the Devils come out of this road trip with a 3-6 record, I am certainly not about to hit the panic button. There are a lot of new changes on the ice at the moment and I think it is going to take time to come together and really be comfortable out there. I keep reminding myself of the horrible start that was 2005 and how eventually this team came together but putting that aside, hang on because this roller coaster is going to have many ups and downs.


  1. Elias looked amazing last night. He was awesome on the PP and looked like Niedermayer in the finals playing the “rover.” It’s a lot easier for him to get open for the 1-timer and then sneak down low than to play in the circle and have 2 guys on him every time he gets the puck. Every time he comes off the point, he opens the ice for the guys down low.

    What’s the general opinion on switching Parise to C? That would probably require someone switching to the off wing and will get even more complicated once Langenbrunner returns.

  2. MIKE HARRISON says:

    I agree Marty was shaky last night, I don’t think he’s at all worried about KW taking over or anything like that, but maybe he just needs more games played to get into his groove. PLUS…his crease is like the porta potties in the parking lot at Giants stadium. It’s flooded with people in there and waiting to get in there.
    Our “mobile D” isn’t as good as the old “D” in clearing that area (Stevens, Dano, Matvichuk, White)and this if frustrating Marty a bit.

  3. Luckily they pretty much always start slow them get good, so We as fans have past history on our sids (hopefully) the team is still a work in progress if they get to and hold 500 on this long road trip I will take it. I’m really looking forward to Langs and Whitey coming back, and it should be interesting to see who Lou gets for Matty. pretty strange that Maddog leads the team in scoring and Pando leads the team in penalties. Gotta Love Sutter hockey.

  4. Obviously something is troubling Brodeur, did anyone find out what those personal problems were that he had to attend to instead of going to practice last week? I’m not gonna worry about him not being good anymore or anything like that, I think that he just needs time to relax a bit and get back to him old self.
    Also I think that if Zubrus is on a line with Parise then he should play the wing and let Parise center, same thing goes for being on a line with Elias.

  5. Maybe Melanie is finalizing the divorce?

  6. Oh snap!

  7. it could be one of his kids…that’ll distract him.
    anywho..if patty is back, zajac is better, gio is what he was 2 years ago, zach is what he was last year, and zubrus is okay, the offense will be awesome! i hate to say this, but, teh defense REALLY needs colin white.

  8. One of the things I’ve loved about the new offense is that they’re in the slot a lot more. Last year, Kari Lehtonen gave the Devils fits because they were shooting like crap and if a rebound came out, it was in the slot and nobody was there. This time around, 5 of the goals came in close and 4 of those were off rebounds. They’re finally looking like they’re chasing the puck in the O-zone.

  9. I’m fairly sure that his divorce has been final for a while now. I think I remember him saying something about that in his book…

  10. Weird that they were all shady about Marty going home for something and then he doesn’t start cuz he missed practice odd. Marty seems to have shaky starts now if I remember correctly so I’m not worried.

  11. Poor Whitey might be out longer because his vision is still blurry. There might be a POSSIBILITY that he will need surgery.

    I am not too worried about the offense. The D is still sucking a little bit. Some guys seem non-existant while others seem to stick out like a sore thumb.

    I have my faith in Sutter. I’m sure he’ll start crackin the whip on some of these guys that are being lame horses.

  12. I dont think something with his wife would be having this effect on him. Lets not forget that Marty won us a cup during messy marital problems. I think it is infinatly more likely that is has something to do with his kids/parents etc.

  13. this has nothing to do with this topic..but i thought i’d share..THE ROCK IS PRETTY MUCH DONE!!
    ahhh..isn’t it beautiful???

  14. F’in SWEET!

    That jumbotron is sweet as hell.

  15. I wonder if Matvichuk can be swapped to either Minnesota for Keith Carney, who was a healthy scratch by Lemaire recently, or to Boston for PJ Axelsson, who’s been demoted to the 4th line with the B’s.

  16. i wish we didn’t have to depend upon johnny oduya so much, he’s trash. I dont know what it is that lou see’s in him but he basically goes through the motions and doesn’t produce squat. Matvichuk hasn’t been the best either, i mean this only a few games into the season but i dont think matty’s gonna turn into some great defender any time soon. We definitely need to do something about our D soon. It’d be cool if Colin White did return soon but don’t think he’s gonna be back for another week at least, hopefully by the home opener.

  17. Carney may be a so-so pickup but he’s $2.1M and a UFA this summer. PJ is a waste, it would be Brylin # 2 for more money. I’d like to see what Brookbank can do before we go shopping. Lou needs to get better D, our O is in decent shape for now and we have the personnel that can do damage.

  18. this may be kinda crazy..but i just woke up and i’m on like 10 million cold medicines so excuse me if it is..but what aboutthe rags? their defense sucks more than you think they would go for some veteran leadership..for say girardi or mara?