COMMENTARY: Something from the heart


I’ve been sitting here for nearly an hour, so desperately trying to find the right words I want to write for this commentary, but I just can’t.

Maybe I could blame it on lack of sleep, or the amazingly excruciating pain I feel in my knee, hell, maybe it’s the fact that I just can’t find the right song to listen to right now. Seriously, it’s kind of really annoying.

Alas, I truly think my loss for words (which is quite rare, mind you) is because I am really in sheer awe of what is to come in these next few hours.

Okay, yeah, new arenas pop up on a daily basis these days…or not…you know what I mean. But really, this shouldn’t be such a big deal — it’s just a new arena.

Yet, why do I feel like something monumental is happing right now?

I think it’s part luster, part emotion. Well, for me, at least.

Yeah, it’s been 25 years, oh sure, a perfectly good 25 years in the Meadowlands, but it was time to move on. A break up, if you will.

Everyone’s been through it. You have so much love for said person or object, but there was just no future. Things were deteriorating (quite literally, at the CAA, if you will), and all you ever did was fight. You grew to hate that person or object.

Cue new person, or, you know, object.

On the surface, they are quite attractive. They have such a bright smile, you know, the kind you haven’t seen in years. It feels good to see that smile, it fills that emptiness created by your last person…or object.

And hey, you come to find out, underneath that glamorous exterior, this new thing is the most beautiful experience you’ve ever, well experienced. They were everything you needed, everything you were looking for. They treated you right, they gave you the respect you haven’t received in what seems like forever.

It’s a match made in heaven.

I know, this might seem hard to follow, but if you really think about it, The Prudential Center is your new love. You know? The Devils deserve this arena so much, they’ve gone through so much crap through the years, from that lack of respect, lack of seat-filling in Continental, name-calling (apparently we were a Micky Mouse organization…thanks, Wayne). Sure, there were lots of good memories. You know, winning Stanley Cups and stuff. But like relationships, it’s time to move on.

Saturday is going to one of the most amazing experiences in New Jersey Devils history. Sure, Black ‘n Red may very well get slaughtered by the Senators, but for one night, it just doesn’t matter. Goals, saves, wins, losses — they all lose meaning for one night.

For one night, we as fans, get to experience the love of a new relationship. We will embrace this new arena as it embraces us. Respect will be given, it will be received. No amount of defensive mistakes by Johnny Oduya can ruin this night.

Remember this moment, friends and fans. Whether you hold your excitement for the glitz and glamor of fancy food and ritzy luxury suites, or you carry the feeling of new beginnings, embrace this moment.

Welcome to The Rock. Love it. It will love you.