CAPTION THIS WINNER! We had some great entries, it was hard to pick just one, but I went with the caption that pretty much fits the tone of the team’s struggles. With that said, our first winner comes from Jeff. Congrats, Jeff! Look for more Caption This…es(?) in the future!

Poor Coach.

Okay, we need a little something to lift our spirits. Since, well, I can’t magically make this team good, I’ll try something a little different. I found quite the amusing photo on Yahoo this morning. In fact, it’s downright hilarious. It may even be the photo to describe how this entire season has unfolded so far.

Here is the silly photo:

So, in true 2MA fashion, what better to do with a silly picture than caption it?

I’m going to leave this in the readers’ hands this time. Post an equally silly caption for this silly picture. Winner gets, well, the satisfaction of having the silliest caption. Great prize, eh? We’ll post up the picture again with the best caption.

Aaaaaaaaaand GO!


  1. Little Kid: Well Sutter, looks like you screwed us again! Now don’t say another word and go to your room, and think about what you’ve done!

    Sutter: (Pudge Face) hum! This is no fair!

  2. Sutter: Genie, I wish to get out of this arena in one piece.

    Little Kid: Your wish is my command! [cue “I Dream of Jeannie” wish granting sequence]

  3. To the theme of “I Dream of Jeanie” (Not showing my age but I watched the show back in the 90’s when I was a KID!)

    Kid: Master, Lou is one unhappy man. Shall I try to help?

    Brent: I, I just don’t know right now. My system was working well and well, we just look terrible.

    Kid: Master, if everything seemed to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

    Zach: It’s about time someone said something!

    Sarge: There’s my contact!

  4. Aaron… I swear, there were no comments when I went to go post!! I SWEAR!


  5. X out Sarge… Make it Zubrus. The eyes have failed me.

  6. Haha! Poor Kelly!

  7. Great minds think alike I guess 😉

  8. MIKE HARRISON says:

    Kid: Hey Mr., my dad say’s the odds are at 2 to 1 you’ll be fired soon.

    Sutter (see look on face)

  9. Little Kid – I’m actually a Ranger Fan and now I will do the Dance of Joy but I need a partner…Hey Sutter, you play the part of Balki Bartokomous

  10. Sutter: What was that call?

    Little Kid: Hold dick…and now they’ll probably score on the PP.

  11. Kid: “Look Sutter…My dad makes more than you to be able to afford these seats!”

  12. I really like that picture because it captures Sutter’s intensity. Too bad that kid had to ruin it with that dumb smile.

  13. Don’t worry Kelly. Same reference, different joke. 🙂

  14. Kid: Give up yet Sutter? I told you to play Matvichuk, but did you listen? Come on now, call him back up and all your woes will disappear.

    Zach: who’s that hot asian chick in 228??

  15. Haha Emi, the Zach part is great.

  16. Kid: haha, you look like a monkey. *Sutter*
    Zach: The scoreboard looks coolll.
    Zubrus: Oh look, a penny!

  17. Ev0lemi.. that zach part.. was awesome. haha.

  18. ev0lemi..zach..lmfao

  19. lol when will the winer be picked

  20. Sometime tomorrow, I’ll post an edited version of the picture with the best caption.

  21. kid- well gollleee gee wilikers mister, your team sure sucks ass
    Sutter-*pouty face*
    Zach- that new mega-tron makes my butt look big

  22. I like the Dream of Jeanie one..the first one.

    The kid does have the classic look of a coach while Sutter has the look of a pouting kid.

  23. “Oh Al, let your son come through the glass”.

  24. Devil Fan in NC says:

    Kid: My dad’s devils system are better then your devils!

    Sutter: Shut it kid, I get you and it will look like a bloody accident. This face ain’t for the faint heart!

  25. Oh damn Zach its burning and dripping green stuff again.

    Parise: Damn man put that away you know I dont need to see that again

    Sutter: Geez fellas I gave ya the day off but you could have at least wrapped it up :-p

  26. Kid: Not as easy as it looks, is it?

  27. Zubie: Vat is dat smell? Zach: Maybe if I stare at that big scoreboard and act like I don’t notice that smell no one will think that it’s Me. Travis: wasn’t Me. Sutter: who cares who it was We stink as a Team. Kid: Ha Ha I just farted.

  28. Kid: Hey, Mr. Sutter, Mr. Zubrus sees
    where you peed on the bench during the last
    penalty kill.

  29. Kid: Mr. Sutter, does Zubrus really have three first names because my Dad keeps calling him That F–kin Waste?

  30. Alright, I’m gonna look through the comments and pick a winner now! (=

  31. Make-A-Wish just called and told me I get the pool since this wish didn’t pan out!

  32. I thought we had to copy the image and add subtitles, so below is a link to my entry, enjoy.

  33. oh man i just thought of another one.


  34. OUCH, the one on the front’s cruel 🙂

  35. Oh, put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
    Put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
    Look at me, I can play Defence.

  36. Coach did you see that hot asian chip in sec 228

  37. Look at Zajacs Face its like he wishes he was never drafted by the devils!