We have a 2MA Sticker Contest winner!

Congratulations to John B., who wiped out the competition with his more-than-awesome choice of location to proudly display his 2 Man Advantage pride.

Check it out for yourself:

In the heart of the enemy!

Where better than in the heart of the enemy? It’s purely brilliant!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest — we had such a blast! Look for more 2MA contests in the future…hey…there might even be one around the corner. You never know!


  1. WOAH!!!!!!
    how’d he do that? I bow down to you…
    Can you show some of the others? I’m interested in seeing some of the other pics…

  2. MIKE HARRISON says:

    I guess we can call it the worlds most famous sticker!!!
    Or is that on the ice at the Rye practice rink??

  3. Rags just lost in OT, tying with us for first. And OT loss will get us back in first, of course I prefer a win…

  4. oh that pic is awesome! crazy dude. of course my polaroid of the sticker on the stanley cups completely blows it outa the water, too bad it got confiscated by the canadian cops

  5. Wicked pic!!! Thats just really kwl!!!

  6. I got to skate there thanks to my season ticket holding brother in law who begged me not to wear anything Devs so i wore a red/black/white Mission hat and my son wore a red/black/white Falcons hat and not one ranger fan noticed. That’s King Henriks’ crease closest to the rangers bench.

  7. Nice job. Amazing spot. 🙂

  8. If not too much trouble Patricia, would love to see some of the other pictures.

  9. We’re planning on posting more of the contest entries, don’t fret!

    We have a few more tricks up our sleeves, stick around…