A look back at 2007, 2MA style

It’s been quite an eventful year here at 2 Man Advantage. We made friends. We pissed people off. We plugged the site. We made others love us lots. We plugged the site. We were on the radio. We plugged the site. We had contests.

Oh, and we totally plugged the site.

Alas, how amazingly appropriate and awesomely fun would it be to take a look back at the past 12 months round these parts?


Joe first introduced us to his man-crush on Anze Kopitar. I, on the other hand, had begun to strangely fall in love with Brad Lukowich.

RANT! made its first appearance in January, ‘cuz I was apparently quite angered about something-or-other. I don’t remember, even after looking back at it. Weird.

Zach Parise was declared better than Evgeni Malkin.

Darius Kasparaitis, on the other hand, was declared awful. So sad.

We closed out January by introducing Rod Pelley to the NHL. I told him not to suck. He kind of did at first. Glad to see things are on the up and up now though.


I guess I got a little lazy. I posted this picture twice in a very short time span. There was good reason though. Brad Lukowich had officially completed his 180, going from the crap-tastic player he was in 2006 to severely awesome. At least we officially coined the nickname “Rad Brad Lukowich.” It so stuck.

I RANT!’ed again.

The NY Post pissed Joe off. So did the Devils. Joe was an angry individual ’round this time. He sees someone for it now.

Just kidding.

Sean Avery became public enemy numbero uno when he attacked Marty Brodeur, which prompted these classic pictures (1) and (2) .

Cam Janssen actually scored a goal. I actually spelled his first name wrong. I blame the excitement.

We had a blast covering the Trade Deadline Day. Joe showed his appreciation with a foam finger.


The Devils began to suck a little bit in March.

I decided that I really did not like Marc-Andre Fleury’s pads.

Chris Simon decided that Ryan Hollweg’s head needed to be decapitated. Silly Islanders.

The Devils continued to suck just a bit more. I didn’t find the suck-fest amusing by any stretch.

For some reason, I was happy that Patrik Elias was making a return to the lineup. Have I learned my lesson?

Probably not.

The suck-fest relented and the Devils made the playoffs.


Super Jay made his first appearance at 2MA.

Claude Julien, thankfully, was canned.

Marty set a record.

This picture also made its first appearance. Might be the most relevant picture. Ever. Clearly, I predict the future, eh?

The Devils were to face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the playoffs. I made lots of thunder jokes. They were not well received.

We started getting serious about live-caps.

Black ‘n Red eliminated the Bolts. Joe and I were too drunk to update the site. Hello AA!

Pretty much summed up the second round of the playoffs right here.


The Score started using our pictures. I was amazed.

The boys pretty much handed the series to the Senators.


Marty Brodeur and Super Jay Pandolfo were both nominated for some awards.

Patrik Elias continued to piss me off.

The Senators officially eliminated the Devils. Was anyone really surprised?

Joe peaced out. Nice repost of foam finger though.

I had a lot of questions.

Darren came on board as Joe’s replacement. I use that term loosely. Mr. Bechtel could never be replaced.

I made a couple wish lists. None of it came true.

Penguins fans got mad at me for saying I was better than Sidney Crosby. Me thinks Pens fans take things too seriously.


Darren was happy Scott Niedermayer won another Cup. I secretly hated the Ducks all summer long.

Marty won a Vezina. Jay did not win his Selke. Blasphemy.

Scott Stevens made the Hall of Fame.

We asked where everyone thought Scott Gomez would wind up.


I live-capped free agency. We lost Brian Rafalski and Scott Gomez in one shot, more or less. I don’t know why I didn’t make individual posts about each signing. Weird.

Louie Lams signed Karel Rachunek, Dainius Zubrus, and Kevin Weekes. The signing of Vitaly Vishnevski followed a bit later on.

I was absolutely devastated when Brad Lukowich signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Even more so when the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Scott Clemmensen.

Souraygate ’07 went down.

Black ‘n Red finally found a new head coach!

Joe came back to 2MA. We also added Josh and Tony to make the name 2 Man Advantage completely irrelevant.


August was pretty dead. Only six entries, one remotely newsworthy, aside from Zach Parise being signed long-term to the Devils. At least we were totally successful in making 2MA fans everywhere completely uncomfortable with this.


Max McNab passed away.

Jersey Jim Dowd completely f’ed the organization over by signing with the Flyers. Okay, he didn’t eff the organization over. We were just sad that he wouldn’t be the new PR guy.

I made a pretty picture.

Elias was stripped of his captaincy. I was happy.

A lot of players got hurt.

Johnny Oduya became John Oduya. Josh was pretty upset about this.

I got to be on the radio. I totally called the Langs-for-Captain deal.


We did a fantastic season preview: (1) and (2) .

The season finally started. The Devils lost.

Laser Beam Weekes made its first of many appearances.

The (lack of) defense saddened me.

This awesome picture still makes me giggle.

How many levels of truth do we have here?

The sticker contest was conceived.

It’s like poetry.

Joe tried to calm the readers by putting the fear of God in them.

I became a bit emotional writing a commentary about the opening of the Prudential Center. I’m a female. We have lots of hormones.

The Devils lost the arena opener.


Joe used an inside joke when apologizing for the lack of live-cap. There are really only two other people on this planet who understand the joke other than us.

Johnny Oduya theme night, right here.

Sean Avery should just have his jaw wired shut.

Darren broke up with us. He’s in a new relationship with NJ.com.

Josh had enough.

Tony went MIA.

We amused ourselves during such trying times by captioning pictures.

The Zubbie Counter officially started.

Joe also had enough.

I continued to amuse myself with silly pictures.

but even I had enough too.

Things started to look up. Marty even reached another milestone.

We gained a contributer!

Trenton Devils emergency backup goaltender John Zdunkiewicz graced us with an interview.

Montreal was renamed Martreal.


Our new contributer sure caused an uproar with his monthly review of the team.

The Devils were seriously kicking butt.

I had a sleeping problem.

Brendan Shanahan annoyed us.

Steve officially hopped on board as a full time 2MA writer.

Mark Everson inspired me to write a tribute. Iggy, friend of 2MA, really enjoyed the ode.

2MA invaded MSG.

Crack is whack.

$1 hot dogs were not worth watching the Devils get obliterated by the Phoenix Coyotes.

Josh made it to radio! He announced this.

Aaaand finally, I am partly to blame for Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy.


THAT’S IT FOLKS! The 2MA Crew will be coming back with a year-end round table to discuss the happenings of this past year more in depth on December 30th, where we will also be announcing the winner of the ticket contest. Enjoy these next few days, we’ll be back shortly after some much-needed R and R!

And as always, Joe, Josh, Steve, and myself would like to express our thanks to each and every reader of the site. Happy holidays everyone!