Brian Gionta is stupid.

I'm tired of using this graphic, damnit.Okay, so, uhm, I don’t like Brian Gionta anymore.

Granted, he actually had a relatively decent game for the first time in, oh I don’t know, maybe 12 years, but what the crap was that garbage he pulled in the shootout?

Skates in. Takes a wrister from far out. Right into the pads. Game over. Devils lose.

Well, Brian, that was certainly a brilliant attempt on your end.


And when I say really, I actually mean that you are a waste of space on this team and I do not like you anymore.

What happened to this?Yeah, it’s a tad extreme on my end, but I’m sorry — I can’t take this garbage from the supposed Rochester Rocket no mo’.

If you ask me, the rocket may have turned out to be a dud.

Come on. I know we all tend to be “what have you done for me lately” types of fans, but the question really does beg to be asked here: what has Gionta done for Red ‘n Black lately?

While he certainly played hard tonight, his effort has been entirely inconsistent lately. This saddens me. Saddens me greatly, in fact. When’s the last time Gionta has bullied a seven-foot-tall defender out of his way while cementing himself in front of the net? No clue. When’s the last time he crashed the corners and actually didn’t get beat on the boards? No clue. Or, when’s the last time he made a dandy of a pass instead of taking a weak wrist shot himself, resulting in an easy save for the opposing netminder? Okay, so he did do that one tonight at least, but, well, he’s not doing it nearly enough. And this, my friends, frustrates the poop out of me.

Let’s look at the stats here. Mr. Gionta has so far tallied 13 goals and 22 assists for 35 points — one of those helpers coming tonight on Karel Rachunek’s dandy lil’ goal. In his last 10 games, though, the two-foot-tall winger has a total of four points. Oh, and those four points are all assists.

Oh come on.When did he score his last goal? Good question, I say. Look all the way back to January 10th. Yeah. That’s almost a month ago.

That’s yucky.

I know, I know: this team isn’t exactly known for its amazing ability to score 9000 goals in a game (hey, we’re no Detroit), but something’s gotta give here. Patty The Former Cappy has really stepped up as of late, and though Zach “I’m Awesome” Parise had been struggling a bit, he seems to be cracking his pesky slump. Okay. Not bad. But Gionta?

He ain’t done squat.
So, what’s the answer?

I say, trade the bugger. He has value, that’s fo’ sho’, and it’s entirely possible that Black ‘n Red can get a nice puck-moving defender out of the deal, or maybe even a forward whose efforts will actually translate into goals. Who could we get? Oh, I don’t know. But we sure need someone, and I fear that someone is not Brian Gionta.

Ya feel me on that one?


  1. Come on… the blame in the shootout lies on Marty. Usually hes lights out in the shootout but OH MY GOD, he got embarrassed by a guy who has never done a shootout and has yet to score a goal this season….Bright side, I believe the Flyers lost.

  2. Patricia pretty much agree with you, but this is Gionta we talking about. Sure his size works against him but he still fast and has good shot and game after the game he still works hard you can see it. His 10 games with out the goal will end soon I am sure plus his salary 2.5M is low and we not going to get anyone better for this amount.

  3. Oh yeah, Marty was terrible in the shootout, but let’s put this into perspective: Marty has saved our asses how many times now? It happens. He needs to be rested, that’s for sure. I’m starting to wonder why Weekes was even signed…I thought he’d get at least 13 or 14 games, but that’s clearly not happening. Yeah, the coaching staff had no faith in Clemmensen, so they brought in a proven winner in Weekesie…yet…as usual, the backup gets absolutely no play. It’s getting a bit frustrating now. I know Marty pretty much sets the tone on whether he plays or not, but I think there’s gotta be a point now where a line is drawn, you know?

  4. I dunno folks, I’ve been pretty angry myself at Gio’s dumb pad-shots lately… or his semi-blind passes from behind the net hoping there would be someone to connect. You know and here lies the answer – Gionta is not a solo-player given his size: he just doesn’t have that soul-mate for much needed chemistry… perhaps I could even say: Poomez-mate.

  5.’s been long enough. Gio makes 4M, not 2.5.

  6. I’m thinking Gionta for Campbell on the Sabres? It is sad to see Gionta doing so poorly though.

  7. it is funny. i came to here to comment on gio’s shootout attempt (if you call it that) regardless of the article.

    i’m glad i’m not the only dev’s fan who is getting tired of his lack of production.

  8. What I’m hoping for is that we’ll clinch a playoff spot two or three weeks before the end of the season and play Weekes every single game. I’d say play Marty during the last game or two to get him warmed up for the playoffs, but seriously, Weekes needs to take a load off of Marty.

    I do find the Gionta bashing a little harsh, but I do agree, Gionta hasn’t done anything without Gomez. If there is anyone that will be shipped out before the deadline, it will be Gionta.

  9. Patricia, agreed, Weeksie should play more, possibly enough to make it that Marty plays no more back-to-backs. Yes he has shown signs of awesomeness, but then there are times when he gets beat by two guys that have never (or rarely) been in a shootout before.

    Gionta will turn it around, but I think dangling him out for trade bait for a top notch defender is a good idea.

  10. When they panned to Weekes the other night and talked about his marriage and upcoming honeymoon to Italy in the offseason…1) he looked like he was enjoying himself and 2) why not let him go now, not like we use him… I was actually hoping he’d get in the game last night.

  11. His salary is actually 4M, this year and next. The fact is we should trade him. Our top six will be exactly the same for next year if we don’t and my head hurts just thinking about that. Elias isn’t going anywhere for 6M and another 5 years, Zubrus 3.4M and 5 years, no one would take those contracts. Parise isn’t going to be traded and Langenbrunner is the captain and unless Kevin Lowe offers Zajac a crazy offer sheet he will probably be qualified after next season. So that’s five out of our top six will be here for at least the next three seasons after this one. That means if we actually get an offensive prospect then they will either be stuck in Lowell for at least the next year.

    So trade him for a soon to be free agent winger. If we like the free agent sign him after the year ends, if not take the 4M cap space for next year and put it other places. Then call up Bergfors. I know I would like to see what the kid can do.

    How about this: Gio and a package for Hossa? We’d be able to take the salary this year and then let him walk. Atlanta would want someone who can play now because in the southeast is terrible and anyone can win it. Trying to get Hossa is kinda shooting for the stars, but maybe a lesser then Hossa but still better then Gio winger would be good.

    Also if Weekes can’t even get a start against the worst out of conference team on the second end of back-to-back games then when will he play? He should have gotten that start and many more.

  12. Steve Stirling says:

    I’ve been on the trade-Gio bandwagon for a while now, he just hasn’t shown that he can produce regularly since he was possessed by Maurice Richard’s ghost two seasons ago and pooped out 48 goals.

    His salary is actually $4 mil a year and I think we could get a good return on him if we shopped him and a few prospects around.

  13. I have to disagree about Gio’s lack of effort. Lately he has looked like the only Devil consistantly moving his legs out there. I don’t think his new linemates really compliment his game. He should be paired up with someone with some legs to get the most out of his skill-set. He plays a speedy game and giving him the two slowest top 6 forwards we have is a recipe for failure. Marty did screw up in the shootout but I am not about to crucify him or the team for this loss. I think the line combinations are wrong, so our goblin behind the bench needs to fix that. (he really does look like a goblin) We are still in good position so I am not worried.

  14. Wait, hold that bandwagon!

    I’ve just about had it up to my eyebrows with Gionta. I, too, found myself screaming at him last night. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is moved at the deadline.

    I totally need to grow back the goatee.

  15. Steve Stirling says:

    I think my main beef with this team is that they’re good but not a stanley cup team. That worries me because Lou might not be inclined to make a big move to improve the team since we’re in good standing.

    I’m hoping the parity in our division will push him to do something though, because there are certainly a few holes that should be filled.

    Gio seems like the best trade bait to me. Hardworking and talented, but he’s just not getting it done here.

  16. Steve Stirling says:

    While we’re on the topic of trades, can anyone tell me why the eff that Eklund guy has a job? He’s totally useless.

  17. I personally think you are wrong. Fisrt of all if you watch the shootout, Miller moves his arm and stick out as if he is going to go for a poke check. Brian sees this and tries to go top shelf over stick side. He just pulled the trigger a hair too soon and Miller was able to get a piece of it. I know this becasue I am his cousin, live in Rochester and talked to him after the game. Believing me is up to you.

    Secondly I don’t know how you can complain about his performance, when he is reguarally one of the only guys who skates hard and shows up day in and day out. He is tied for SECOND with Patty in points on the team, SECOND in assists with 22, and FOURTH in goals with 13, 1 behind madden and only 3 behind patty.

    Those numbers aren’t jaw dropping by anymeans, but neither are any of the other numbers by any other player on the team.

    What Brian really needs is a solid line (that isn’t changing game to game) and a centerman who can get the puck to him.

    He is capable of 48 goals a year and 90+ points. He’s done it before and whos to say he can’t do it again. The personell on the team just isn’t right for it at the moment, both offensively (someone to center him) and defensively (Someone who can make good outlet passes).

    I truly tried my hardest not to sound biased, but I’m sure I did here and there and I also kept my mouth tightly zippered and didn’t bash Patricia.

    But for now we all need to keep our heads up, cheer on our boys, and wait and see what the future holds.

    P.S. – if he does get traded I would not mind at all a trade with Buffalo!

  18. Marc,
    Go for the kill. Opinions are fun. If we all agreed with each other on everything, the world would be quite boring, no? The only way you’d offend me is if you made fun of my glasses. Say my writing sucks, punch me in the face, tell me to kill myself, hey, do what you will. Make fun of my glasses though, and I will ban you from this site.

    I jest, I jest.

  19. Never…I like this site too much and I always take in to consideration other peoples opinions. But do you by any small chance see or understand any of the points I’ve made? In a feeble attempt to show you that your ranting was premature, ugly and doesn’t weigh a lot. (A try at clever analogies 🙁 ).

    But IN MY OPINION this team needs something. I don’t think it involves shipping any of the top 6 out. I believe it involves bringing in defensive help primarily. A good passer, an offensive producer but MOST importantly, someone we can all trust in our own end and not have to hold our breath when the other team is down low.

  20. I agree with Marc, you guys are being WAY too harsh on Brian. To call him stupid is just wrong. No one on this team is putting up tremendous numbers and Gionta is close to the top of the stat list.

    I’ll go the opposite of marc on this and say if he does get traded, I’d like to see him go to toronto for Kaberle…

  21. Marc, I think that the points you’ve made are entirely valid. Patricia’s right though, opinions are opinions, and I’ll never take it personally if you tell me my head is up my ass, because I’m sure when I rant sometimes, it is.

    Ok maybe most of the time.

    I generally agree with you that Gio is a hard worker who would benefit from a quality center, I just don’t know how we’re gonna get it without a big bargaining chip. He just seems the most tradeable to me at this point. In all honesty, I would’ve liked to see the Devs give Vrana a shot prior to us getting to this point, but I guess it wasn’t to be.

    We all seem to agree that this team is lacking something. Well, a couple things. I really think they need to make a move that shakes things up, and if I’m gonna do that, Gio’s the chip I’m throwing on the table at this point.

  22. Goon,
    You do realize that I write with heavy sarcasm, correct? I wasn’t saying “BRIAN GIONTA IS TERRIBLE. HE’S STUPID AND I WANT HIM DEAD!!!”

    Never fear, I’m not saying that Brian Gionta is absolute garbage. However, something is lacking right now. I do tend to agree that he needs someone to work with — and when there’s nothing there, what do you do? Go out and find someone, no? What happens when your only player of value IS the guy that needs someone? Uh ohs.

    Kind of a rock and hard place situation here. Was I harsh on Gionta? Sure. That’s my job though. If us writers posted exactly what you guys wanted to hear, this place would be boring and really not all that successful. I’m not wrong in my opinion, and no one else is wrong with theirs. It’s all about debate and discussion. It’s fun. Fun stuff. Fun, fun, fun. We’re all fans and we all (well, most of us at least) want what’s best for the team.


    …no? Okay.