Just This Once?

Martin Brodeur is well known for talking about the importance of knowing the standings and where the teams around you sit. Well, one look at the Atlantic Division and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone who views the Islanders as a threat to the throne.

The X-factor? The Isles have won all five meetings against New Jersey this year, and are currently riding a six-game winning streak.


I don’t know what the hell happened, but an otherwise awesome season has been tainted by the Devils inability to hand out the punishment to their closest rivals that they’ve become so notorious for. Even though the overall success of the team and the standings are what matter, I’ll admit that I do have an ego.

It’s something you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve been a part of the metro-area hockey cold-war. When it’s New York vs. New Jersey, nothing else matters. It seems that the only thing up for grabs are the bragging rights, and the Devils have nothing to dangle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d take a division-lead over a win over the Islanders any day, but even the most seasoned fans need to exact a little revenge every now and again. With that said, I have one final argument…

…please? Just this once. I’ll even clean my room and be early to Church every Sunday. Unless there’s a game on.

That’s about all I can do. The rest is up to Black ‘n Red.

Hey, would it be such a bad idea to throw Kevin Weekes into the fire today? I mean, do we really have anything to lose aside from another two points against the Fish Sticks?! I don’t believe so.

Keep those horns crossed Devils fans, the light has to break through at some point.

I hope.


  1. Am I the only one who wants to turn off the sound on this game? The mumbling cretins are overly annoying tonite. Especially the gluttony chiko character…

  2. Seriously, gotta love it: “Oh, very effective first penalty kill”…

    at the intermission interview with Elias: “..and the first power play came out pretty strong with three shots…”.

    I dunno, on my planet: effective penalty kill is when the opposing team can barely enter the zone, the situation when they barely survive with three shots on goal and six blocked, is anything BUT effective.

  3. If you’re complaining about the Isles announcers, the Devils feed is on MSG.

    If you’re complaining about Doc & Chico…I don’t like you. 😛

  4. “chiko character…” would answer that.

    Yes, I’m not a huge fan of them. They remind me more and more of H Clinton recently – their judgments can change in a matter of seconds depending on what’s the most fashionable thing to say.

  5. the sad part about this is I’m sitting here in the hair salon checking the score on NHL .com from my iPod……its actually a little depressing.

  6. I was at this game today.. Sick game! even sicker arena.. stunned at the rock! it was awesome.

    met kenny and steve cang. aswell, cool people. definately going back soon, maybe not with 20 ppl this time

  7. Division lead.
    Four straight wins.
    7-1-2 last ten.

    Can a brotha get a woot?

  8. Sergeich –

    On MY planet, an effective penalty kill is one that, well, kills the penalty.

    Mission Accomplished, no?

  9. Joe,

    the word effective means that it was powerful and solid. You can exercise your way of logic and define what “ineffective penalty kill” would be. Can’t wait to hear the definition of that 😉