Pre-Season, You Say??

Ahh, pre-season. Music to any starved hockey fan’s ears. Well, the Devils provided some relief by releasing their 2008-2009 Pre-Season Schedule which looks a little something like this…

…four games at The Rock is tantalizing, however I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t any games scheduled for Bridgeport, CT or at Sovereign Bank Arena.

The real fun gets under way October 10th from Prudential Center with the New York Islanders coming to town.

EDIT: My apologies for the absolutely horrid quality of the image.  Gotta love Photobucket.


  1. That’s pretty awesome that nearly every game is in the New York area. It must be fun to be a fan over there because you have so many opportunities to go to away games.

    ~Chris @

  2. Chris – yes, but now that we have a shiny new arena, it’s hard to want to go to the dump on Long Island. Haha.

    An interesting side note – according to friends who have full season tickets, they were only charged for three pre-season games, yet we aparently have four at home. Wonder if one (perhaps Washington) gets moved to Trenton or something…

  3. Ha yea Nasseau looks like it’s a century old from watching games on TV.

    Speaking of Washington, that was the closest destination for Pens away games. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Pens @ Caps, but there are about 9 to 10,000 Pittsburghers there every time. Now that we play the West Columbus is an option.

    Hopefully our new arena is as nice as yours. Just from TV you can tell it’s a gem.

    ~Chris @

  4. The fact that none of the games are going to be in Trenton this year is disappointing. I live a half-hour away from the SBA, which would’ve been fun and convenient. Oh well. October cannot get there soon enough.

    Btw, cool blog and great ownage of that Ranger moron in your previous post.

    -Richard @ Hell On Ice

  5. Richard,

    Thanks for your compliments on the site and the Rant 😉

    Dually noted about SBA. I live on Long Island and would’ve loved to been able to hop on the ferry to Bridgeport like I did last year.

    Looks like we’re both gonna have to wait until the home opener!


  6. Hey, i’ve been looking for a Devils blog for a while. Nice.

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