Later, Vish.

The Devils seem to be poised to open training camp with a plethora of mediocre defensemen ready to patrol the blueline, but today the weeding has begun… Vitaly Vishnevski has become the first blueline-casualty as he has been placed on Waivers.

I can’t say I’m surprised, it seemed like Vish was constantly lost when on the ice last season, and often found himself a healthy scratch. His biggest fault in my eyes was constantly taking himself out of position because he was looking to lay a big hit. It’s been his Achilles ever since he was drafted (Anaheim/1998).

Well, there’s a spot open on the blueline – which will definitely make training camp that much more exciting.

Did this move open the door for Matt Corrente… ?


  1. in the back of my head i always thought there would be some kind of deal sending vish to ottawa in a package for meszaros and whoever else..if the sens resign him that is.. i still want him somehow, i mean we have home many deffense..32? Hes young and talented, but most of all has nhl experience. I guess i might be to desperate for some help on the blueline and extremely wanted vish gone.

  2. With Vish gone, I have a strong feeling the youth movement will start to commence, with Corrente rising up to the challenge, and then Fraser and Eckford to follow.

    Richard @ Hell on Ice

  3. NEWARK SMELLS says:

    Fudd f*****d up !

  4. Vish cleared waivers, appears he wanted to play in Russia. Good deal, saves us a little cash and lets him go off to where he wants to play.

  5. Stereotype'd! says:

    That’s good. At least there, he has bigger targets to set his sights on. Hopefully, he’ll hit his marks.

  6. Thankfully the VV era is over. a minus 12 speaks for itself. Could the Devs trade him in a creative deal that would free up cap space despite the Devs paying him?

  7. MoonDragn says:

    We still have 7 defensemen. Unless we’re gonna carry 8 defensemen this season, there is still no room on the blueline unless someone else is moved.

  8. 1) Good deal for Vish. He signs a 3 year deal, plays one mediocre season there,then clears waivers; There by getting 2/3 of his remaining salary without playing, AND getting another salary in the KHL to boot.

  9. Good move, he was a good hitter, but was often cut out of position trying lay out a big hit on someone. Now if Lou can move White then this team will be all set!

  10. Whitey’s still tough. Also, who else is there? Without Vish (and he’s no loss) White and sorta Salvador are the only physical blueliners on the roster.