Look, Ma! Marketing!

Look, Ma!  Marketing!

Looks like the Devils marketing department hired a few college interns.  A plane carrying the above banner was spotted flying high over the beaches of New Jersey on Labor Day.

The “PSL’s” tag jabs fun at teams who charge a Personal Seat License to it’s season ticket holders.

…Can we drop the friggin’ puck already?!


  1. Brian Finkel says:

    LOL that’s the coolest thing i’ve seen them do….since hiring a few interns is considered binging.

    Has anyone gotten the $49 lower level tix? Saw them on sale a few times and even had a acct manager contact me because I bought a few games of ticketmaster.

    Any idea where those tix are located?

  2. They’re in the upper rows on the sections directly behind the goals. It’s a good deal regardless, I hope it was successful in getting people into those seats.

  3. Hi guys…we were happy to spotlight you guys on our blog this week.

    My friends were happy to see the banner more for the proof that maybe interns do exist in the Devils organization than anything else.

    Damn I want to see the puck dropped already in the worst way.