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I’d like to thank everyone who dropped by and hung around for the Live-Cap of the Devils/Rangers game a few nights ago.  As you may have noticed, we’re toying with something new as far as the structure of our Live-Cap is concerned.

Frankly, the maiden voyage has generated some mixed reviews.  It mainly breaks down like this:

But on a serious note…

– Those of you that attended and interacted in the Live-Cap had fun with it and seem to be giving it a thumbs up.

– Readers who checked it out after everything was wrapped up (I happen to fall into this category) are generating the more negative responses.

There are also plenty of readers I’ve spoken to that need to see some more of it before they can form an opinion.

This being the case, I wanted to let all of our readers & fans know that we truly appreciate your feedback on the matter and we assure you that we are listening to your advice and we will be trying different approaches, set-ups, and structures for our Live-Caps for the remainder of the pre-season.  We would love it if as many of you as possible could get involved and be a part of the process.

More or less, we’d like to use the comment-thread for this post as a braindump for you and ourselves to share ideas and explore some possible improvements.  So get to typing!!

I’d also like to point out that there is not necessarily a definite change taking place to the Live-Cap structure.  It’s very possible that we could end up using the original format, thus wasting our time after all. 😉  Hey, change isn’t always a bad thing.  Just ask Larry Robinson.

Thanks again for getting involved, 2MA loves you!


  1. 1) Polls to get readers’ opinions out in the open
    2) Reader submissions (pick a topic; have readers submit at most 50 words or something). The live chat showed a lot of people have their own opinions about everything and it really moved discussions along during the game.
    3) Reader comment of the week.

    Noticing a trend? Not that comments aren’t great, but a little more reader input would help generate more content, ideas, and discussions. I wouldn’t advocate for a full-blown forum though.

    Keep the live chat; it’s great.

  2. I always liked to read the livecap after the game. I like the funny pictures. I miss them.

  3. I think that you should consider a Wikipedia-style approach, where everyone throws their commentary on the bottom of the thread. Some guy could come along and delete it, but restoring the thread is easy enough.

    The program they use is called “MediaWiki”

  4. I liked the chat, because I was able to be there. If I was coming back after the game, it would be frustrating, though. Something in the middle maybe?