Pre-Season Continues, Devils Drop To 2-2

It’s been a pretty stellar pre-season for the Devils thus far, despite a 3-2 loss to the Washington Capitals last night at Prudential Center.

The Red ‘n Black roster, consisting mostly of Lowell regulars and a few main-stays, handled the competition pretty well. Considering that competition consisted of guys like Alex Ovechkin, Niklas Backstrom, and Michael Nylander — I’m alright with the loss.

Washington was able to grab a 3-0 lead in the third period, but the Devs were resilient, adding two late tallies thanks to Zach Parise and a Petr Vrana deflection. Kevin Weekes went the distance for New Jersey.

The next tour of duty for the Devils will find them in the Nassau Mausoleum tomorrow night for a 7:00pm faceoff. The contest will be the only home pre-season matchup for the New York Islanders. I’ll be in attendance, Section 325 / Row A for those 2ManAdvantage fans on Long Island 😉

Martin Brodeur is expected to play the full contest tomorrow night.


  1. Sounded like a good, solid game last night. Marty was his usual self, Parise continued his hot streak, Elias is showing signs of having a good year, and Salmela scored. He’s beginning to impress me.

  2. reading the comment above i was like what?? I thought Weeksie went the distance…

  3. NEWARK SMELLS says:

    Anybody seen Sugden beat the snot out of Salvadore?

  4. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Oduya + Salmela = Salduya.

    They’ll be paired up this Friday, which should be interesting seeing as how they’re both good shots.

  5. Instigator – Weekes went the distance Monday, Brodeur on Wednesday, which the Devils won 3-0 over the Islanders.

    Newark – I find it amusing that you were nowhere to be found last week, when our AHL guys beat your NHL guys…Not sayin’, just sayin’.

  6. Well here’s a mini-game report



    Oddly enough the pair that looked the worst was Martin-Salvador… Martin wiped out a few times… Salvador had an AWFUL behind himself pass in the high slot… just wasn’t their night… I still think they made the team :p

    White looked iffy too….

    Salmela played a lot with everyone, like the coaches KNOW he’s staying and wanna see who he sticks with

    Forward lines looked good… Rupp is still mentally empty when it comes to hockey sense and we can do WAY better…. the team STUCK UP FOR EACH OTHER and OFTEN… late in the 3rd Martin got HOUSED by an Islander D-Man… and Clarkson LEVELED the dude (I think it was Hilbert, not sure)

    Clarkson just does NOT fit with Madden and Pando… he doesn’t….
    maybe Vrana can make the team and we can stick Langs there again
    (plus I want Clarkson to change to 21 and we can see 8-16-21 on the 4th line for old time’s sake :p)

    Power play was eh, the bunched up WAY too much on the 5 on 3
    Penalty Killing was nice…

    Weekes coulda stopped 2 of the 3… but who cares he’ll never start a home game again

    the Islander goalie got a bit ridiculous with some of the 3rd period saves

    and I do like that this team feels like it HAS AN IDENTITY this year… they are a tough 4 lines team with some skill and all 4 lines can attack and bang (feels like a team Sutter WANTS) and I like that

    this game even with the loss only enhances my good feelings on this squad this year!!