Game 1? Awesome

Before I begin, I’d like to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I have them up and ready to go, but I seem to be having a problem with getting them posted. I’ll try to have this problem rectified as soon as possible. – Josh

So it’s in the books, the Devils open the 2008-09 season with a 2-1 victory over the Islanders. It wasn’t all pretty, but it wasn’t all bad either. So, I present to you, loyal 2MA reader…THE AWESOME, THE NOT-SO-AWESOME, AND THE DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS of the Devils’ season opener as I saw from my perch in 114:

THE AWESOME – No more Zombie Nation!

I’m not going to lie – I’m conflicted with this awesomeness. After Gary Glitter’s arrest and persecution, I was perfectly fine with the Devils’ choice to stop using Rock And Roll Pt 2 as their goal song. When they used Ole! by Bouncing Souls two years ago, even better – awesome band, awesome song. But last year’s song, Kernkraft 440 by Zombie Nation, just sucked.

So, I guess the annoyance with last year’s song trumps the distaste of the performer of the new/old song. And in the end, Glitter’s paid his debt to society, so maybe it is alright after all to be using his song again.

It’s still better than Zombie Nation.


I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend about hockey rules when Marty was run into by Paul Martin and lost his mask. I know hockey’s a fast sport, and sometimes things happen faster on the ice than we notice them on television or in the stands, but can someone please explain to me why someone was allowed to fire a shot even in the general direction of a mask-less goalie before a whistle was blown? Pucks have been frozen by overzealous referees in less time than it took for play to be blown dead after Marty lost his mask.

Brodeur is on track to shatter records left and right. This should be a huge deal for the NHL. A slow whistle by the referee could have easily ended any chance Brodeur has at taking his place in the record book – and ultimately raising the NHL’s profile on non-hockey friendly outlets such as ESPN. There are some things that are just too dangerous to mess around with, and a mask-less goalie is one of them. Any time a goalie loses his mask, play needs to be whistled dead immediately. Period.

THE DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS – Green men and dancing guy strippers…wait, I’m at a Devils game?

Look, I know the Devils get a bad rap over their marketing and fan relations and in-game entertainment. Usually I’m one of the ones complaining the most. But if this is what’s in store for this year, I recant all of my prior complaints. Just don’t make me watch these people anymore.

First is the guy with the multiple shirts. He does some kind of strange dancing stripping routine that was funny at first – especially when he stopped a guy who clearly didn’t want to have anything to do with him. But the next five or six times? Not so much. The enthusiasm is nice. The shirt-removing routine grows old really fast.

The green guy was less obnoxious, but far more difficult to understand. My friend tells me it’s a reference to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which is probably more correct than my guess – an overzealous fan of Andy Greene. Whatever it is, I’m reasonably certain green guy was not wearing underwear beneath his frighteningly form-fitting costume. And I really didn’t need to see that.



    Apparently the Devils don’t pay a time to Glitter, so the fans get to have their cake and eat it too, though I’m sure most don’t give a damn whether he got a dime or not.

    People associated the song with the Devils winning because it was used in the glory years, plus the other songs both did suck as goal songs.

  2. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Awesome second game as well. Seriously.

    Elias & Parise a goal a game so far.

    Brodeur with only one GAA per game so far.

  3. NEWARK SMELLS says:

    Trap was in mid-season form. good job new jersey

  4. Aww, that’s cute, you still think of the trap as a bad evil thing despite the fact that you’re team’s been using it to moderate success for three years now.

    See ya Monday!

  5. Ole by Bouncing Souls! Thanks alot, I heard that song so many times during that year (well not really…) , but never thought I would be able to find it anywhere, not knowing the title or artist.

  6. rico suave says:

    first things first. i need to give you guys a bunch of credit for the call out in the pregame party (man with the cape). it was very much appreciated. i’m on this site multiple times a day; however left the game very early friday (took some days off over a month ago for this) and didn’t know there was a greet in between periods, so my bad on that. anyways, here are my thoughts as posted on fire and ice…when there is smoke there’s fire….

    i agree with jill 100 percent. we have 4 solid lines and they all know their role…..SO SHUT YOU MOUTH…haha, seriously, the grit they displayed with the pens was unlike any devs team in the past few years. it’s only the start of the season so everyone has to stop bashing white and stop jumping on the martin train (i have no problem with martin, but he needs to prove himself in more games to meet our hopes). a huge test for the devs is on monday as we play the rangers for the first time since we waxed them in preseason…they had some easy teams to start with and we need to make a statement against them for our confidence. we have a difficult start up and i believe will set the tone for the season…we got by the pens, the so called best in the atlantic, then we have the rags which is self explanatory. the next biggest test following them is the caps, which we looked like garbage against last season. we played them as if we didn’t have a clue how to stop them. it’s a long season, but the starting tone is a huge part…for the first time in years we had four great starting lines and i think we should run with the east….listen, i’m out, but david clarkson is the man and is one of the most underrated players for his role. most importantly…..LETS GO DEVILS!! rico is out

  7. Not a problem, Richard. If you still have trouble finding it, it’s off their album Hopeless Romantic – which, by the way, is also supremely awesome.

  8. NEWARK SMELLS says:

    Lets hope its a good game. Lets be thankful its at MSG and not the Rock because its at least safe playing there. Please leave matches home when going to Rock ! BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. Yer hilarious. Really. Stand-up comedy may be in your future.