Devils @ Rangers – Battle of the Undefeateds

Second Intermission – A little better. Slow start once again, and another goal for the Rangers made it look bleak, but they came back strong late in the period. Madden’s goal was a thing of beauty for this team right now. Rugged, standing his ground in front of the net, digging the puck out of Lundqvist’s pads and putting them OVER Henrik. Novel idea, right, shooting HIGH on the guy with refrigerator doors for pads? It happened late enough in the period that hopefully it carries over into the third.

Voros’ goal pissed me off a little. Not the fact that he scored, but the way he reacted made me sick. He got jostled a little as he scored, and got up and got in Colin White’s face, then kind of backed off and raised his arms, but in a really aggressive, “F-you” kind of way. I wish Colin would have just decked him right there, but of course not.

Alot more offense later on, actual pressure and sustained offensive chances. To borrow a Doc-ism, the Unseen Hand certainly turned in the Devils’ favor starting around the halfway point in the second.

I may or may not be back with a game recap, as I should be in bed already. Regardless, if they keep playing like they did in the last few minutes of the second for the rest of the game, they’ve still got a chance.


First Intermission – That was not the start I expected. All the talk of not being a doormat, remembering what happened last year, getting revenge – what did it bring? Five shots on goal, six tops? Whatever the final tally, there was a gigantic stretch of time in the middle when they couldn’t get a single shot on Lundqvist. There’s just no excuse, not in the first game against a team you could only beat twice in thirteen games last year. This is supposed to be a statement, and right now, it isn’t one.

I wish I knew what was up with Marty in Ranger games, but he seems good for one major gaffe against them every other game or so. Yes, the puck was deflected by Oduya, but it’s like football – if you can get your hand on it, you can catch it. Methinks Marty was thinking too far ahead in the play – who he was going to get it to on the breakout, perhaps – and forgot to actually catch the thing.

All that said, it’s still only 1-0. The Devils have been in this situation twice this year, and twice they’ve come back from it, so there’s every reason to believe they will do it again. See you during the second intermission.

Pre-game – My original goal tonight was to do the first LiveCap of ’08-’09, but I just got a phone call telling me to be in work at 5 AM tomorrow. So, since I’ll likely be in bed before the end of this evening’s game, please watch this space for between-period updates, opinions, and so on and so forth. I’ll update at least after the first and hopefully after the second as well. Enjoy the game and LET’S GO DEVILS!


  1. fuck the rangers… i was at game 5 when they lost and i want some revenge tonight, LETS GO DEVILS!!

  2. Well that was crap. Hello TMA, how goes it?

  3. Howdy Shari, long time no…see…talk…whatever.

  4. I was having flashbacks of last years team during the first period and first half of the second…anyone else? But as Dano keeps saying…Madden wouldn’t have scored that goal last year…BS call on Oduya, that was goalie interference.

  5. Good to be back, I’ve missed You Guys. Note to Sutter: Play the beef more and let the Boys feed off of their energy, that makes goals happen, or triple shift Zach Attack and Dog.

  6. Another loss to the Rags, crap, crap, and more crap.

  7. Here we go again, new season, new team, new attitude………..same results
    let the Sutter bashing begin

  8. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    All momentum for the Devils went away after the Oduya call. That second PPG really hurt…

  9. hang-it-up says:

    Come on guys, Only 3 posts since the first face off of the new season.

    Sorry, but that’s enough to keep my attention.

  10. NEWARK SMELLS says:

    how come pete gets to swear but my posts didnt go on for foul language? homer site are we ?

  11. NEWARK SMELLS says:

    Bravo Mike Ramos !!!!!! he’s right again !!!!!!

  12. hang-it-up – we’re working on it. Sadly, we don’t get paid to run this site, and we do get paid to work our day jobs. Sometimes our schedules just don’t work out the way we’d like. Sorry.

    On the same note, I did specifically have my schedule changed to allow for a LiveCap on Thursday night, so please check back then.

    Newark – This ain’t a democratic type situation Newark. We’ll approve the comments we wish to approve and delete the ones we wish to delete.

    You should count yourself lucky, it’s been discussed just ignoring all of your comments.

  13. Bad game. Devils have to shake the “we won a few let’s not really show up this game” attitude. It’s been pretty common over the last few years. Game two they deserved the win, 49 shots and eventually two go in. Game three they deserved the loss.