Thoughts from Section 209….Devils/Thrashers, Nov. 1 2008

Well we have lots of stuff to get to here… let’s split this up:

the Good:
— we pounded on a shitty team… long and hard… and all over again… never have I been so exhausted from yelling… HEY… YOU SUCK like I did all second period!!
— Zach Parise… maybe stepping up from good… to elite level??
— defense was decent today (ok it’s only stopping #17, and Brookbank did bite the big one on the one goal…but when you’re up 6.. it’s ok! And he whipped some ass in a fight like 3 minutes later!)
— WE SCORED ON THE POWER PLAY… and they didn’t!!!!
— Kevin Weekes played stellar considering the situation and circumstances….
— Patrik Elias… welcome back to the score sheet (yes there is room for you on there too lil G!)
— Section 209… oh my God… between the bitch fight with drunk Kelly and the other madness tonight… ( to see the beer bottle plink-o videos!), damn that was fun tonight!
— Zubrus was AWESOME tonight.. and it’s a disgrace people look at the stat sheet for the 3 stars of the game!

the Bad:
— AGAIN.. in a BLOWOUT game… 8:04 for Bergfors…. 8:10 for Vrana… PLAY THE GODDAMN KIDS MORE… even more so when your key players are OUT… it’s a BLOWOUT game… and you just saw Brodeur go down…there is NO NEED to shorten the bench up 6-0!!!!!!!!!
— as if Marty’s injury wasn’t bad enough… it was a TOTAL DISGRACE that our FRANCHISE PLAYER is being helped off the ice (and BTW.. going on his body language it’s a KNEE not an elbow people)…. THEY HAD THE IDIOT T-SHIRT GUY RUNNING AROUND AND TAKING T-SHIRTS OFF HIS FAT BODY AND THROWING THEM TO THE CROWD… and then to make it worse… IF YOU WERE A FAN JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR A T-SHIRT… LEAVE THE BUILDING NOW… NEVER COME BACK… you are a flat out DISGRACE of a sports fan, FORGET HOCKEY and you never belong at a sporting event AGAIN… period!! (I am serious about this… this is a total disgrace on the team and the fans behalf… yes I bash him and want to play less because I KNOW we need him at his BEST in April, May and JUNE) and I’m going mild on this because they want me to keep my swearing down here… I hate you all who jumped up and I was screaming this at the game… HEY ASSHOLES YOUR FRANCHISE IS LIMPING OFF THE ICE AND YOU’RE PANDERING FOR A T-SHIRT!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

Really not much else to say… good luck Weekes on Monday!!!


  1. Marty was shaking his arm out after a side to side save and clearly had an arm/elbow/wrist issue. The next shot on goal approximately 2 minutes later, he dropped to the ice shaking his head and calling for a whistle. I don’t think he hurt his knee, it was something on his catching arm.

  2. yeah I saw the replay at home and yeah… you’re right…. from my seat it looked like when he was shaking his arm that he was favoring his knee…. then I started getting mad at idiot fans pandering to the T-Shirt guy and kinda missed how he skated off the ice, sorry about that 🙂

  3. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    I can’t believe that t-shirt swinging douche isn’t in superjail yet. He was there opening game, I believe and we all couldn’t stand him. We tolerated the dancing green spandex man waaay more than that butt hat. Anyway, Marty is being tested today. Hope for the best.

    On a slightly upper side, Rolston skated a few days ago according to TG. He also said he hasn’t skated since, but is progessing.

  4. Brian Finkel says:

    Not that i’m happy in the least that Marty’s injured….but maybe this’ll be the short break he needed.

    If this is what it takes for Sutter to realize how refreshed he’ll be when he comes back, maybe he’ll start doing it more often.

    Sucks it had to happen this way but I already feel bad for the first team that’ll face him.

    Let it be the Thrashers!

  5. He did get up a little funny but then again Marty probably was like…”crap I’m injured?”…that does not happen. I still can’t believe fans were jumping up and down for t-shirts during all of this but I indeed saw it with my own eyes. They should have been booted out for lack of respect right then and there.

  6. theking72 says:

    T-shirt guy is annoying but I will say this about him – I was sitting in the discount code wasteland of 116, and when he showed up he got the folks engaged, cheering etc. He also embarrased a rangers fan which was enjoyable. Now I’m not saying T-shirt guy is a good addition to the games, but I also don’t think it’s 100% a negative. The young kids love him and face it, they are the future STH

  7. By the way they showed the replay on TV, initially at least, it seemed like his leg was in an awkward position and then a second later they stopped play. So I can definitely see why you thought it was something to do with his knee, or leg, or whatever.

    They shouldn’t have sent the t-shirt guy out, but keep in mind it probably wasn’t his idea. He’s probably supposed to come out at the next break and that’s when it happened. Not his call to not run out when something like that happens. But as far as the fans… you’re right, though if a t-shirt was launched my way I’d make a grab for it. I just wouldn’t jump up and down flailing around *hoping* that a t-shirt would come my way…

  8. It also didn’t help that from 209 I’m on Brodeur’s right side… so when he went and winced and reacted his body was in the way and it looked like he favored his left leg and knee, but upon further review… we know how that works

    like I said, I’m probably MORE disgusted with the fans.. HAVE THE SIMPLE RESPECT FOR YOUR SUPERSTAR! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever jumped up and openly blasted my section for it…a good amount of people in my earshot (and we know that’s a good range :p)… stopped their nonsense with the T-Shirts!