As the elbow turns…

UPDATE: Can we just give a little shout out to the Newark Star Ledger for quoting us on its website today? Thanks guys, I’m glad our dramatics could be appreciated!

Okay, so let’s all take a breath here.

Yes, it is me, the one and only — coming out of hiding and making an appearance on my lovechild produced with absolutely no involvement of sexy-time activities.

Haven’t you heard, blogs are totally like that nowadays. It’s the Virgin 2MA!

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

We have a mess on our hands ladies and gents. Martin Brodeur, as you may recall — he’s that guy that usually plays in net for the Devils — well, he hurt his ‘bow.

(oh snap!)

He dun’ hurt it good, too. The record chaser is out for up to four months. Yes. Four months.

That sound you just heard? That would be the cries of Devils fans everywhere as they step one inch closer to the edge of the ledge, threatening to drop like delicate little flies into oblivion.

Oh, how poetic.

Hey, this is a fantastic time at 2MA. Not that we’re into capitalizing on Mr. Brodeur’s injury in any shape or form, but this totally gives us a chance to break out our arsenal of Kevin Weekes pictures.

Silver lining, how I love thee.

Let’s get fo’ realz for a minute though. Yes, this is a huge blow to an already decimated Devils lineup, but let’s get off that ledge for a minute and give this team a chance. Marty may be out for pretty much the majority of the season at this point, but Weekesie is a capable netminder, right?

RIGHT?! So maybe I need a teeny bit of reassurance myself.

Whatevs. This boys will make do. Can’t win ’em all. Every dog has its day. Et cetera, et cetera.

It’ll be okay.

…ah, who are we kidding. WE’RE SCREWED.

Excuse me, I need to run off and take my Prozac now. Things might get a little dicey otherwise.


  1. Rico Suave says:

    out 3 to 4 months…can’t speak anymore words

  2. They’ll Be OK….Weekes is a decent goalie, good enough to keep them in the hunt. It’s not ideal but on the bright side, if the Devils do make the playoffs, you have a well rested Marty

  3. Unreal.

    Are they really going to stick with Weekes or are they going to get someone?

  4. Ooof.

  5. 1) I’m calling it the MB30 curse. Should’ve never change that mask.
    2) So much for Vezina, the 30-win streak, the 40-win streak, and MVP hopes.


  6. What did the Devils do to deserve all of this? I thought we were jinxed before Marty. Is it karma for all the coaches we fired at random times? Come on.

  7. Aaron- Opening night when after Marty let up a goal, i yelled “I think its the new mask Marty!”….i had a bad feeling about it…
    I like the idea though, blame the mask for all our problems!

  8. Welcome back Patty 😉

    It’s not the mask or anything cosmetic like that, it was just due to happen. Marty’s 36 with a heavy workload each year, and has been remarkably durable. One of these years we were bound to pay the piper.

  9. Im with you on that ledge Patricia….but keep this in mind : Lou ALWAYS does things on the stealth and we DO have some of the most cap space in the league. Here’s my prediction: Let Weekes have his due, he’s a hell of a lot better than most people think and more importantly BEEF UP THE D! With all those dollars we have, get some SOLID D men, let the kids have their fun in Lowell, and lets see what happens. Even if Marty is out the full four, which HE SHOULD BE ( I will absolutely not tolerate any rush in him coming back), he’ll be fresh down the stretch where it really matters.

    I STILL HAVE FAITH!!! LETS GO (wounded) DEVILS!!!!!

  10. rico suave says:

    hey 2man crew,

    i tried using contact us to send you a picture; however, the email doesn’t work. anyways, i made a fast picture with weekes that is in similar humor to your site. please feel free to use it as my brother had a good laugh at it. here is a link for the picture, hope you guys enjoy as this is the only thing we can do right now…

  11. Brian Finkel says:

    Lets not forget people that Weekes WAS a starting goalie on many teams before the Devs.

    Part of the reason he isn’t is some of those teams sucked and he wasn’t great on others, but he was a starter and overall did well.

    Doobie, Doobie, Doo….yes Wade Dubielewicz. Almost single-handidly took the Isles too the playoffs after Dipietro was injured.

    If someone as unexpected as him can get a team like the Isles to the playoffs, I think we’ll be ok in the end.

  12. Another key to remember is this. We play in the eastern conference. An eastern conference with not much in the way of definitive elite clubs. Lots of teams can lose on any given night, and even if we play .500 ball until the marty party returns, that prolly still keeps us somewhere near the 6,7,8 seed when Feb. or March comes around

    ALSO, when rolston, holik, Mean Andy Greene, Paul Martin, and Langs all heal up, I think a major mentality shift will take place on the team. No longer will you see the Devils sit on a lead and play not to lose, because the safety net is now gone.

    Last but not least, Gionta, and maybe a few others, are completely expendable. Meaning we might see this team play heavily with the fact they have 12.5 million in cap room now. Don’t be surprised to see a major sniper and top 2 D man don a devils jersey in the near future.

  13. Rico Suave says:

    i don’t see a big trade coming our way simply because we would be trading several players for only one or two new guys. even though we have the brodeur cap space to work with, once he comes back in the lineup we’ll have to be under the salary cap restrictions again. ultimately, we would be losing too much for a trade at this time. i doubt lou would want to take such a risk.

    regarding gionta, he hasn’t been clicking on goals but look at the lines he is on. he has been playing well with many assists on the team. last i checked he has the second highest points on the team. he should be fine once he stays as a top six forward. i think gionta’s larger problem is finding out if he actually works with our system or if we can find someone else. i’ve always liked langs but he has been a problem for me. he doesn’t seem like the same player mentally. he takes many penaltys and flies off the handle way too easily. hopefully once our team is healthy the pressure will be taken off him and he settles in again.

  14. Gionta leads the team in assists… means SOMEONE is scoring right??

    I like the Dubie idea… i thought he deserved better then being an Islander.. and even with this half minor league 3:00 a game playing team… we’re still better then they are… and Tampa… and Atlanta… and a bunch of other teams….

    this team will get healthy
    (least ONE of my teams better soon, argh!)