Brian Gionta Goes Splat.

Crikey, it’s getting old. Brian Gionta just got pushed off the puck hard, and it looks like he hit both shoulder and head against the unforgiving Detroit boards. He skated off on his own power, but has yet to return to the game, which currently sits at 2-1 Detroit after two periods, on the strength of a pair of Marian Hossa goals. Parise notched a deflection off an Oduya slapshot for the Devils only tally so far.

Edit: As the third period is starting, it becomes apparent that Bryce Salvador has not returned to the ice either. Salvador was hit by a puck in the second period, leading to Hossa’s goal. Sigh.

So, the updated injury counter:

Martin Brodeur, torn bicep
Brian Rolston, high right ankle sprain
Bobby Holik, broken pinkie
Andy Greene, broken hand
Paul Martin, upper body soreness
Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond, cracked orbital bone
Brian Gionta, unknown head/shoulder injury
Bryce Salvador, some kind of puck-to-knee injury

Add to that Matt Halischuk’s apparently serious leg injury suffered in the L-Devils game at Wilkes-Barre the other night, and the Devils are short EIGHT players, less than one calendar month into the season.



  1. Did Salvadore even play after he got hit with the puck? I don’t remember seeing him, we may be down 2 more players.

  2. Good call, Doc & Chico can’t figure out who’s not there right now either. You may be right with Salvador, I forgot he caught a puck to the knee.

  3. Now we officially have NO D. And Hossa will get a hatter.

  4. Hush now. I don’t care if we lose, but they best not allow a third Hossa goal.

  5. Gio with a bruised Head, Salvadore with a bruised upper/lower body and there You have it.

  6. Well, if we take Devil injury speak from Marty’s injury, when they called it a bruised elbow…and we apply it to Gio’s injury…

    … shit.

  7. Thats what i’m thinking. Lou will say day to day meaning 4 months.

  8. Looks like it’s Rod Pelley time YEAY!

  9. Easy Cap’n Splinters, easy.

  10. Well that sucked.

  11. It was nice seeing Raffi, i still wish he was on our side. I was expecting a creaming it could have been alot worse with a depleted roster and obvious lack of our top D men.

  12. They are reporting Gio just had the wind knocked out of him and he didn’t play as a precaution, and that Sal is ok had a stinger and that he can walk just fine & has no swelling, i’ll believe that when and if they hit the ice tomorrow night.

  13. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Hm… Going by what they said, I’m thinking Gio lost a lung and Sal’s leg exploded. Sunday should be great.

  14. It is just a sad roster…no, not the ACTIVE roster. The injury list has become so long it’s now its own roster….its going to be a long season.

  15. Welcome to survival mode folks

    I still hold the east is shaky at best except for a few teams up top… hold the fort… get healthy and it will be ok… I hope :p