Mo-Town, Mo’ Problems.

With the dawn of each new NHL season, I wait very impatiently for the schedule to be released. When it finally is, I plan which games I want to attend, whether or not I’ll take a road trip, and other fun and extremely expensive ordeals. Then there is that game… that one single game that you want more than any other one. The one that makes you more wide-eyed than an all-night eight-ball-induced hallucination. That’s the way I always feel when I see the Devils squaring off with the Detroit Red Wings. So, let’s take a look at what tonight’s contest has to offer…

Ever since that fateful day back in 1995 the Devils have enjoyed very limited success against the fellas from mo-town. Winless at “The Joe” since 1996, the Devils will take to the ice against the defending Stanley Cup Champions without the likes of Brian Rolston, Bobby Holik, Andy Greene, Paul Martin, and world-class goaltender Martin Brodeur.

Wait… I was looking forward to this?!

Tonight’s contest had the potential to be one of the most entertaining showdowns of the entire season. Instead, it is shaping up more and more to be a crime scene with the victim being the Devils’ pride. However, I’m doing every little bit that I can to remain optimistic… and who else to supply a little pep than Devils captain Jamie Langenbrunner. Langs issued the following statement in the Nov. 6 edition of The Bergen Record:

“We’re still a very good team and if anything it’s a chance for us to prove that it isn’t just him [Brodeur] like all of you always write.”

That’s exactly the mentality that I’ve had since I learned that Marty will be out for an extended period of time. This isn’t just a period of survival for the Devils, it’s a chance for them to silence the critics once and for all. It’s a chance for the team to show everyone what we, the fans, have known all along. That the Devils win because they are the Devils. The fans are united, and apparently (and more importantly) so are the players.

With enough emotion and heart, tonight could still be one to look back on come the end of the season. Then again, it could also give us flashbacks from those Devils teams of the ’80s.

I’ve officially tweaked myself out. Is anyone else scared sh!tless?!


  1. Joe lives!

  2. I’m looking at this game two ways:
    1. Complete and total massacre that makes all of us go lock ourselves in a closet, suck our thumbs, and fear for the rest of the season
    2. The boys prove themselves big time, and actually pull off a win. Shutting up all the critics and showing we aren’t the New Jersey Brodeur’s.
    Im praying for number two…

  3. Dana – I was saying to a friend earlier…this weekend has all the makings of a traditional Devils-beat-the-team-they-have-no-business-beating-then-lose-to-a-lesser-team weekend. We haven’t had one of those just yet this season.

  4. The best example of the Devils-beating-the-team-they-have-no-business-beating game, in my opinion, is when they decisively defeated an offensively gifted Buffalo Sabres squad in 2006 when the Devils only had 16 on the active roster due to injuries. Shorthanded all game with Devils getting tired due to double-shifts all night, but you wouldn’t have noticed by how they played!

  5. A foot off the ice… thanks Weeksie.

  6. That was an absurd shot from a retarded angle with the defenseman partially blocking his view…. give Hossa credit… 95% of the players in the league can’t put that on net!!!