Time For A Rebound

Sure a loss is a loss — but hey, last night wasn’t that bad. The boys exuded a strong effort in Mo-town and aside from a few unlucky bounces, gave Detroit a bit of a scare. I’d be lying to you if I said I expected much better than what I saw last night.

It’s also a sigh of relief that both Salvador & Gionta are doing fine after they left with injuries last night. Although you never know, both of them could be in a coma at the moment. I guess you never do know until game time.

Speaking of game time, it’s almost that time again. Nothing like a weekend turnaround!

The biggest question going into tonight lies between the pipes for New Jersey. Brent Sutter spoke to the tune that he hasn’t made up his mind as to whether Kevin Weekes or Scott Clemmensen will get the nod for the Devils tonight.

If I may issue a humble statement… Kevin Weekes should — absolutely, beyond any shadow of a doubt, play tonight. (Which probably means he won’t.)

If Weekes is going to be our go-to guy for the remainder of Brodeur’s absence, you have to trust him with the grinds of a season, especially on these back-to-back showdowns. I don’t care if both games are against Western Conference opposition. The man needs to play, sweat off the rust, and feel like he really is the #1 guy — interim or not. If you sit him tonight, you deny him an opportunity at a bounce-back game after a tough loss and send him in cold against the Rangers on Wednesday. Wonderful confidence booster, no?

I could go on for hours and hours about this but the point remains the same. Weekes is our number-one now, and he needs to be treated as such. It’s too early to sit the guy, especially when your other option is Scott Clemmensen. (Sorry, Patricia.)

With that being said, the boys in front of him need to execute the same game plan they did last night — lots of pucks to the net and be a little more responsible defensively.

Oh, and Patrik — seriously? I mean… really?! You owe us tonight.


COME SAY HI! Josh and I will be in attendance tonight — section 120 (Josh) and I’ll be in section 119 Row 6. Oh, and Scott, too. But you can hang out on the concourse and pass him Gatorade cups as he goes whizzing by you.

Shouldn’t be hard to find us, we’ll probably be the only ones there.


  1. Leach and Davis were called up from Lowell, what does that tell You?

  2. I’m not going tonight

    nice to know you read my recap where I said this already 😉

  3. I’ve been waiting for Devil’s fitteds forever, when i saw them in Lids i just about died.
    Sorry, a bit OT.
    Clemmer is starting tonight, Im actually looking forward to it. Gio is not playing, but i saw an interview with him, so his head HASN’T fallen off, not yet anyway.

  4. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Mottau took a puck to the face. While sitting on the bench. Good thing he’s fine after, but seriously… Enough of that.

  5. Dana – that may just be the magic of TV. Some sort of CGI thing.

  6. Seriously Zubbie. Our players are getting injured by sitting on the bench now.

    I’d say I don’t know how it could get worse, but I’m sure someone will go home tonight and trip over their pet cat, or dislocate a shoulder while slamming the car door, or pull a muscle in a particularly vicious sneeze.

  7. If only Madden hit the net on that loose puck; if only Langenbrunner didn’t take that penalty; if only Zajac did, well more; if only; if only; if only.

    This game reminded me of the Devils circa 1997-1999. A ton of shots on net, but very few of them going in. Can’t fault the team’s effort or approach (they DID mix it up, to be fair), I felt they deserved at least a point – but the scoreboard clearly shows why they got 0.

  8. ….we’re now getting our players hurt on …the bench?!? When Chico said this…i almost spit out my beer. How much more can we take?! Oh, Mottau….duck when those pucks come at you!!! Sighhhhhh……