Thoughts from Section 209….Lowell/Rangers 11/12/2008

Well err… that sucked :p

(I really could end it there… but I have some steam to blow off :p)

–Though some of the good stuff… it was funny how the arena staff missed my lapping ways on Sunday… not enough to give me any free stuff mind you… but still nice to feel the love and get cheered on a little!! (don’t ever try to do laps after the hockey outing of your life the night before, hell it carried over and I made a stupid crazy kick save on Becky’s water bottle when she fumbled in 209!)
— the first period was AMAZING… hungry, attacking… controlling…*ulp* dominating….
then the intermission hit… I dunno if the Rangers got their legs or they have AN ACTUAL LEADER in that clubhouse (or a coach with a clue)… but they got some penalty calls (and really TWO 5 on 3’s in ONE period… CMON REFS), but those two power play goals in a row KILLED it….
— Travis Zajac played a DAMN good game too ya know… that will get passed up in the frenzy
— and here’s where it comes down to COACHING…
1. White and Oduya out killing the ENTIRE penalty… I know I went TWICE to Mindy “why aren’t they changing” when they had chances to…. YOU CAN NOT KILL A FIVE ON THREE WITH THE SAME THREE GUYS ON THE ICE… they are called line changes… USE THEM!! (asshole!!)
2. yes the second goal Weekes let in was bad (GET USED TO IT folks… he’s not Brodeur and he’s let in PLENTY of his share of them too)… BUT CALL TIME THE FAROOQ OUT AND SETTLE YOUR TEAM DOWN… then again… he’d just yell at them.. it’s all he knows…and he doesn’t.. and game over goal soon follows….
3. YOUR DEFENSE PLAYS LIKE TIRED EXHAUSTED SWEATY ASS AND YOU BLAME IT ON WEEKES AND PULL HIM?? That’s bullshit… you tip toe around broken glass when he shits the bed in a game, and you’re burning out ALL your key players in NOVEMBER… no wonder any important guy on this team IS HURT… but it’s ok… keep benching Vrana, that’ll show them!!!!

— it’s also horrifying to me that Section 209 is already staring to break down a WEEK after #30 was hurt (and nice to know HE cares enough to be hanging out at a random rink in Montclair watching girls hockey games, and yes I have proof of this :p)
— oh yeah… Ranger fans… amazing how you pop up now (one thing we DO need to give ol’Derek credit for… he only shows up when his team sucks)… congratulations… you beat an AHL team tonight for the most… have a cookie!!!!
— and oh yeah.. Langenbrunner sucked again and a trash goal in garbage time doesn’t fix that or his abyss-fulled 22 minutes!
— and as mad as I am for this… (at least I didn’t stumble out of the building and wobble to a train to go play hockey tonight *whistles*)… I still stayed and yes I still had a good time with friends in 209… and it might come to a point where it’s more about that then the games… least for now… but we’ll still be there… and like Mr. Goomba says… all you can do …. is get out of your seat.. stand up… and yell … LET’S GO DEVILS (even though you are wincing knowing the Ovenchicken is coming!)

— I was also jokingly told I might get the call to be a goalie on this team soon… god could you imagine that after the ripping I’ve done on players and teams over the last 13 years??? They’d stand aside and let me see 8700 slapshots to the face!!!

(I reserve the right to add more to this as it comes to me :p)


  1. We chant/sing even we’re not winning. Something Rangers fans don’t do.

    That said, you’ve written way more words than this team deserved. The first period was good. Very good. The third period wasn’t terrible, honestly. The second was excrement, pure excrement and the worst I’ve seen the Devils play in a while. HOW DO YOU NOT BUILD ON A GOOD FIRST PERIOD, GET YOUR DAMN MINDS RIGHT DEVILS (coaches too)

    P.S. The Rangers are the new 2007-08 Senators, but they thoroughly owned us.

  2. Are you ready to put the Devils in your ‘five teams in the East that suck’ yet? Just wondering 😛

    You would probably be better than Scott Clemmensen.

    I agree it was bs Weekes got pulled (down four I can understand it but down three you’re still in the game) but with the way things were going Weekes already got a game’s worth of work in a single period.

  3. Has.. NO.. when this team gets healthy they’ll be fine… it’s just how much damage is done by then….

    Woot.. I’m the BETTER SCOTT!!!! 🙂

  4. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    On a game like this, it can get tough to pick blessings. The 5 on 3’s were ridic, but the fact that no Devil was injured tonight is a positive that I’ll take.

    Zubbie had a BEAUTIFUL scoring opportunity. Would have loved to see that counter rise…

  5. Scott – you get the call to the Devs? Be a little more realistic. I’m approaching it a little more realistically at least. I’m waiting for the call from Lowell 🙂 The nice thing is it’s a quick drive from my place.

    Silver Lining: maybe this will get Brodeur a legit shot at the Hart and shut up all the reporters (read: Scott Burnside) who said it was the system, not Marty, that was the reason for the success.

  6. Damned if I wanna drive up to Lowell… Trenton I’d CONSIDER :p… but hells no to Lowell… and like I said my kick save on the water bottle dropped behind me last night was better then ANYTHING on the ice!!

    You know what… that’s nice and all but I don’t care about this team and regular season trophies (and the argument got NASTY last night)… all I care about is seeing the number of Cup Banners INCREASE, you can have all the Norris, Vezina and the other trophies and stuff em where the Sun don’t shine!!!!!

  7. So any predictions on what the Ovechkin Semin line will do to your goalies this weekend?

  8. What drives me crazy is Sutter is setting the team up for a season long failure. Oduya and Parise look a step slower from overuse — when guys get back, it’ll be just on time to replace the ones who got hurt. Langs is gonna be hurt all season the way things are going. Vrana and Bergfors should get a chance to prove themselves — if either one is good enough, they should play on the Rolston line when he gets back. That way, Elias can stay with Dog and Pando, since Clarkson’s never been that comfortable with them, and they can also have a real crash line with him and Holik when he gets back. Instead, Vrana and Bergfors will get scratched for Rupp, and Clarkson can struggle with Dog and Pando, while Langs limps around, and we shuffle injured guys in and out.

  9. I can handle losing, I didn’t expect to beat a good Rangers team with Lowell, but the dumb stuff makes me afraid of long term problems.

  10. Mouse I can’t agree with you any stronger
    and not to mention… when something is broke… DO SOMETHING TO FIX IT

    (I wish Bill Belicheck could coach the Devils… look what he’s doing with half his key players out for the season :p)

    … and look what Randy Moss just did.. WOW!!!

  11. Thanks for the mention. It’s nice to know I’m considered a real fan. 😛

    Sure. They won. Whatever. They don’t play the way they should. The 2nd and 3rd should be more common even if it was against Team IR. Our coach is too conservative. He’s not getting the most out of our team speed.

    Given what’s happened to your team, they’re gonna have a lot of trouble just making it. Good thing Ottawa sucks and the Flyers are out of the gate slowly.