2MA Tip Of The Day (New & Improved Edition!!)

Career changes are good and all, but here’s one I wouldn’t recommend:

Jumping from close-minded ESPN Hockey Analyst right back into the NHL Coaching mix. Turns out you’ll only make it about 15 games into the season.

I guess the ‘Ning couldn’t find any other excuses for their dismal record, given the ridiculous amount of talent on their roster.

Apparently Rick Tocchet is taking over as the Interim head coach. Think the team will turn it around with him behind the bench?

I wouldn’t BET on it… HA! GET IT?!!?!?

I kill me.


  1. Brian Finkel says:

    It’s sad and ironic that with all the talk of losing Marty the fans, analysts and everyone else were so concerned with how we’ll get long term goaltending and stay in these games yet it still goes back to the freakin offense or lack off that we lose games from.

    Great game by Clemmensen is pointless when they barely score.

    Got a lot of injuries but some of these guys have been pretty good goal scorers so it’s not an excuse anymore. When Langs shoots basically into the pads of Theodore without even trying to deke him out or go for the corners, tells all.

    About Melrose, I was shocked. Great offense but questionable D. I figured they’d give him some time since he’s only been out of coaching for 14yrs….guess they expected him to get right back into it.

    He could’ve been better but all summer there was talk about how they needed to upgrade their D and instead they kept trading for offense….always the coach’s fault in the end though.

  2. Ooooooooooof.

    Well, he wasn’t getting the results and I’d almost would have to think he lost the locker room in the process. Perhaps Tocchet will use certain players for more than 15 minutes a night?

  3. I never liked Barry Melrose. He always picked the Devils to lose, seemed like he never gave them any respect as an analyst. I was so happy when the Devils beat Tampa. Brian Finkel I totally agree. My blog tonight following the game was based on the fact that they can’t score. Obviously they are better with Marty, but they are losing right now because they can’t score goals. 2-6-2 since starting 5-1. Not good.

  4. Now is the time to worry?!???

  5. or maybe Tocchet will host a poker tournament with his players before games to motivate them.

  6. They played hard and got a lot of shots, I think Chico was right — they bottomed out. The goalies have both been good enough, they’re gonna improve. If Rolston and Holik come back strong, they have a run in them, as long as Suttter doesn’t keep screwing up.

  7. does anyone know the estimated time of arrival for the players that are out….i know about marty but whens holik’s poor little finger going to heal, and when is rolston going to be done testing it out….i say tell bob to suck it up and get back on the ice….if we lose tonight we are below .500. i cant take this anymore! its getting harder and harder to watch these games.

  8. question? but would brian lawton (bolts GM) draft himself today if he was available. hahaha

  9. bye bye, Smellrose. better luck in the next decade. X-D