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Devils @ Blues LIVECAP!

10:27 PM: That’s going to do it for me tonight.  Don’t forget Devils @ Stars tomorrow night, 8:30 PM eastern.  If I don’t get here to say it before then, Happy New Year Devils fans!  Goodnight!

10:26 PM: Wow, that’s a funny stat.  Since November 15th, Scott Clemmensen has 13 wins.  That gives him the most wins in the NHL in that time span.  Hot diggity!

10:25 PM: Jeeeeeebus that was close.  Clemmer and the Devs weather another late flurry but come away with the 4-3 win.  Phew.

10:23 PM: Ugh.  Clemmensen with one of his usual ginormous rebounds, and Alex Steen pops it home.  27 seconds left and it’s 4-3 Devils.

10:22 PM: Err, with Gionta unable to put it into the yawning net, I’ll just take any Devils goal now…

10:21 PM: Empty net for St. Louis.  Anyone else looking for a Zachtrick?

10:20 PM: I…I don’t know how to explain what I just saw.  A beautiful play…by Mike Rupp…to Jay Pandolfo…for a goal!  I’m highly confused, but I’ll take it!  4-2 Devils!

10:18 PM: I’m sorry, but the St. Louis crowd sounds so funky chanting “Let’s go bluuuuues”.  It just doesn’t roll off the tongue right.

10:13 PM: Bryce Salvador picks up the secondary assist against his old team.  Parise’s goals are his 21st and 22nd of the year.

10:12 PM: GOAL!  I have no idea how it wound up in, but Zach fights for a loose puck in the crease off a Langenbrunner re-direction of a Salvador shot.  3-2 Devils!

10:08 PM: Need I say the PP ended with nary a decent chance?  I need not.

10:07 PM: Halfway through the PP we find out that it’s a too many men on the ice call against St. Loo.  And our PP, again…not so stellar.

10:06 PM: Devils are on the power play, but we have to hear John Davidson talk instead of find out what happened…I’m not liking Versus tonight.

10:03 PM: NOW we’re waking up…good pressure by the Devils in the offensive zone, then a few up-and-down rushes each way.  Nothing doing in way of goals, but more entertaining at least!

9:59 PM: Oduya with a wide open shot that flies high and wide.  We’re pressuring now at least…

9:57 PM: Five minutes into the third and not a whole lot by way of action.  It’s like the Devils are sitting on the lead, but…well…there’s no lead to sit on.

9:55 PM: Wow, Clemmensen just had WAY more trouble that he should have with a Hinote/Janssen scoring “chance”.  Meep.

9:51 PM: Third period is on.  Let’s pick up some goals, yes?  The Blues are 13-2-1 when allowing less than three goals according to Versus’ little graphic deal.  And currently we’ve scored less than three.

9:33 PM: Second period = over.  Score = tied.  I = back in a few.

9:32 PM: The last few minutes of the second period are always Clemmensen’s time to shine, apparently.  Another good stop tonight, as Clemmer again remembers that scene from Willy Wonka.

9:30 PM: This game’s getting kind of boring now.  Not good, seeing as it started an hour later than I’m used to, and work tomorrow does NOT start an hour later.  Sigh.

9:37 PM: Parise swipes at the puck as he’s going down face-first.  Nothing comes of it as Legace makes the stop, but still.  If that went in, it would have been a pretty sight.

9:22 PM: …and by I feel sick, I mean HOLY GOD TWO ON ZERO SHORTHANDED CHANCE.  It’s a good thing BJ Crombeen doesn’t believe in, y’know, passing or anything.  That could/should have been very bad.

9:21 PM: This power play, thus far, is not particularly impressive.  And by not particularly impressive, I mean I feel sick.

9:20 PM: David Perron goes to the box for interference, and the Devils hit the power play again.

9:16 PM: Again, a penalty coming, but Versus again feels the Whopper Virgins are more important than letting us know even what team the penalty is against.

9:16 PM: Holik tries to take out Janssen but Janssen wound up taking out Holik.  It amused me some at least.

9:15 PM: God Zach Parise is awesome.  Just sayin’.

9:12 PM: The Pandolfo/Madden/Elias thing apparently is over, as Rupp is back out with Pando and Maddog now.  Weird.

9:08 PM: Rolston springs Clarkson on a sorta-breakaway, but Clarkson fires high and wide.  If he was behind the net, he would have known what to do.  But coming straight-on like that, I think David was confused…

9:04 PM: Long-reaching Clarkaround actually provides some offense!  Clarkaround itself doesn’t work, but Rolston shovels home the rebound and we’re tied at 2!

9:03 PM: You’re killin’ me, Smalls.  And by Smalls, I mean Langenbrunner.  Another tap pass easily picked off by the Blues.

9:01 PM: Aaaaaand we’re back.

8:44 PM: 2-1 Blues heading into the first intermission.  See y’all in seventeen.

8:43 PM: Cam tries to cream Mottau as time runs out on the period, and who should be first to Mikey’s defense?  Why, Brian Gionta of course!  It’s a good thing it was just a run of the mill scrum and not a fight…

8:42 PM: Elias is out there with Madden and Pandolfo.  Hmm…

8:39 PM: Gio gets a nice jump on a loose puck but is stoned by Legace.  Parise can’t get a handle on the rebound.  I kind of wish Legace was mic’d up for this game like he was for the All-Star Game last year.  He’s a funny dude.

8:36 PM: Zach Parise in the sin bin, St. Loo on the PP.

8:34 PM: Shot by Cam Janssen.  Awww.  Devils penalty, but Versus feels it unnecessary to tell what it is until after Jose Cuervo advertisements.

8:33 PM: Ohhhh what a move by Parise, only to catch the post.  Langs and Martin both got pretty heavily creamed by hits just before and just after Zach’s post shot, respectively.

8:29 PM: Power play over, and we’re still down 2-1.  Lame I say, lame.

8:28 PM: For not yet scoring a goal, it’s not a bad power play so far.  This may not be the awesomeness of our power play so much as the lameness of the St. Louis penalty kill.

8:25 PM: Our…uhm…thrilling(?) power play gets to go to work, as a hooking call goes against Bergland.  The Blues apparently play an organ version of Love Potion Number Nine when they get penalized.  Odd.

8:22 PM: Ugh.  Two-on-one for the Blues results in a goal for David Backes, and it’s 2-1 Blues.  A bad defensive breakdown in the offensive zone as Salvador tried to shoot a loose puck and missed.  We got schooled.

8:19 PM: Zubbie with a little razzle-dazzle.  At least as razzley-dazzley as Zubbie gets anyway.  A nice rush up the middle of the ice, gives to Gionta for a shot handled by Legace.

8:15 PM: The lead?  Short lived.  Someone finally capitalized on Clemmensen’s ginormous rebounds, and Brad Boyes jams it home.  In fairness to Clemmer, the initial shot from the point was a rocket that was probably very hard to control.  Score’s tied at 1.

8:13 PM: I know I always complain about the other team’s jersey, especially when it’s a third, so I’m going to shock everyone tonight:  I actually REALLY like the Blues’ third jersey!  It’s very nice, and involves no vertical piping or shorthand spelling on the team’s nickname.  I approve.

8:11 PM: That was quick!  Zach Parise darts in along the boards, fires it from the left face-off dot, and squirts one through Manny Legace.  1-0 Devils 1:02 into the game, and our Versus goal drought is over!

8:10 PM: Puck’s on the ice in the Gateway city.

8:06 PM: Not playing tonight: Colin White.  In his place, Bryce Salvador.  This is Sal’s first game back in Saint Loo since the Salvador/Janssen <s>swindle</s> trade.  While I love that we got a top-four defenseman for a fourth-line-at-best goon, I still miss Cam.

8:04 PM: So tonight’s game is on Versus.  This does not bode well for us.  In two games on Versus thus far this season, the Devils have lost both and scored a grand total of…ZERO goals!  God I’d very much like it if we broke the Versus Curses tonight.

8:01 PM: Yes, I feel tonight is a very good night for a LiveCap!  Here goes nothing…

With love to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory…

An approximation of what Scott Clemmensen was thinking about, with relation to the Rangers during the 5-on-3 late in the second period:

Where’d all the goal scoring go…?

The Devils hit up the Garden tonight, coming off consecutive losses.

And by consecutive losses, I mean consecutive can’t-pot-a-puck-to-save-our-collective-lives shutouts.  Vintage Devils sty-lee, allowing only one goal in each (empty netters don’t count) and still losing.  Ouch.

So tonight it’s the Rangers.  First cross-river rivalry game since the 8-5 awesomefest at The Rock two weeks ago.  First Rangers game overall since they blew a 4-0 lead at home and fell to the Capitals, 5-4, in overtime (for Ranger fans stopping by – sorry, but I just love recanting that story.  Almost as much as a love the story about the 5-0 lead in Montreal last year…)

Will a game against Lundqvist and the Rangers cure the Devils’ recent scoring woes?  I wouldn’t count on it – eight goal game or not, Lundy’s well…good, as much as it pains me to say it.  Especially against the Red n’ Black.  I’d be majorly shocked (though entertained as well) if we’re treated to another 80s-style game tonight.  I’d expect much closer to our last two game though.  Gulp.

It’s hard to talk about any forwards when no vulcanized rubber has met cotton netting in recent games, but damn, at least Scott Clemmensen’s been pretty good in goal, hasn’t he?  One goal allowed in each of the last two games – should have been enough to win each, but the bounces weren’t there.  The Devils know Clemmer’s good for one bad goal a game at least, but haven’t been able to bail him out the last few games.  He’s done a good job keeping it close, however – I still can’t believe Clemmensen’s our number one goalie, and doing such a good job of it.

In Devils notes, Bryce Salvador resumed skating this morning and expects to be back for the game in St. Louis next week.  And thus, I expect a Salvador/Janssen fight at some point that evening.

Oh, and for those keeping track at home, Sal’s “upper body injury” = inner ear infection.  Hey, the inner ear is still in the upper body area.

Happy Holidays from 2MA!

2MA would like to wish a very warm and happy holiday to all our of readers.  Here’s to hoping you got everything you wanted and more, and that you’re spending the season with family and friends.

And let’s also hope that Santa was extra nice to the Devils this year, perhaps bringing them some new holiday sweaters. Good gracious those are ugly.

Devils… Bruins… 12/23/2009… Thoughts from Section 209

Since I am about as religous as I am an NBA fan (which means not at all) I’ll wish you the best for the holidays in the way it really matters… GOOD PRESENTS… Get Drunk for New year’s and don’t let your family piss ya off too much (and for God’s sake don’t be like me and take an 8am job on Christmas Eve)

It’s nice to be back after our little incident with the phishers (hell even I thought I got fired too… go figure :p)  over the weekend… who knew my little rants attracted the on-line porn crowd right??? It’s a damn shame with the team doing so well of late I don’t get to say stuff till we throw a stinker…. go figure right?? Anyway… time to resume my form of PUCK ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

— About a month ago a friend of mine, she knows who she is, called me out on something “if you’re such a damn Kevin Weekes defender, where the hell is your Weekes jersey??”… now I know she was just busting my chops and being the pain in the ass to me I am to everyone else, but I had some time before the game and I was waiting around the train station area (even though I drive in) to give Dave and his family their tickets… and I wander into the jersey store… I’m thinking… hey I need to get Brian a gift and pay off the money I owe him at the same time… I see the Reebok jerseys and they want $200 for them (for $200 for a REPLICA jersey it better come with a puckbunny for my sexual enjoyment after my own damn hockey games… in other words…Reebok can either blow me or hire someone willing to fill in for them!)… and I keep looking… and there it is… in the back… $125… Kevin Weekes CCM replica jersey… I’m like… oh yeah I got my birthday money… I’m buying this OUT OF SPITE AND SPITE ALONE :-)…. one of the side perks of working one’s brains out at times is the money to drop down on such an idiot level of obnoxiousness!

So anyway… on to the game shall we??

the good:

— Devils played well and kept getting chances despite the Bruins trap of death that was going on all game long, I thought we played well enough to win and the difference was Thomas made one absurd HOLY SHIT LEVEL FIVE type save… and Clemmensen didn’t (if Weekes played this game he’d be exiled for a MONTH for it)

— Bobby Holik was hitting anything and everything in sight again (sadly he didn’t take a run at DONUTMAN… it would have been worth it)

— On the Holik Front… holy hell we’re paying $8 million smackers for a 4th line of Holik/Rolston and Clarkson.. but hot shit it works!!!

— … and all of a sudden it was Rangers 4… Caps 1!!

— the penalty killing has been a hundred stars all month long… just wanted to say it and praise it and this no-name defense we have, it’s been getting the job done in damn fine fashion!

— Rangers 4… Caps 2… I think this is worth sticking with 🙂

— the second period banter of Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes, Randy Savage (then, now and the announcer version… and who doesn’t love to yell…”BONESAW’S READY!!!!!” ??), Hulk Hogan… Ric Flair… and still not miss a BEAT of the game… outstanding!!!!! It’s a 209er special but damn that was ood times guys thanks!!!

— Rangers 4… Caps 3 (was at this point the Bruins scored so I pulled the Weekes jersey out of the bag and waved it around to anyone near me going “THE POWER OF WEEKES COMPELS YOU…. THE POWER OF WEEKES COMPELS YOU!!” (If I was Catholic to the extent of anymore then I want presents tommorrow I’d consider that more offensive then my WHITE POWER pro-Colin White chants!)

— want to talk about another guy who’s come out of nowhere and been outstanding… I’m talking Jay Leach… another Lou diamond in the rough gem!

— CAPS TIE THE GAME… BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF WEEKES!!! I may start bringing the extra jersey as a damn prop now!!!

the Bad:

— can we hit ANY more posts? Seriously… Iwas having Robbie Ftorek flashbacks!

— 6 forwards with an empty net… umm… yeahhhhhNO, please never never again (when you have Martin, Oduya and even Andy Greene on your bench this is just foolish and will kill you EVERY time…..)

— While this team was due for an offensive stinker (and when you’re a team that is going to rely on the offense to win games like this team needs to… this is going to happen now and then and you just gotta live with it)

— the Capitals didn’t win the game till I was back in the car and had no one to laugh about it with!

OKAY! Issue Resolved! I hope…

Well that was interesting.

For quite a while there I found myself unable to log into the site.  Scott aparently had the same issue, hense the lack of ranting post-Friday (there would have been no ranting yesterday, no one gets between Scott and NFL Sundays, not even the Devils).

I’m not quite sure how much time I’m going to have to post before Christmas, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, no matter what holiday you celebrate (Bonus good tidings if you celebrate Boxing Day.  Just ’cause.)

I want to thank everyone for sticking with us.  I also want to thank Dianius Zubrus for not scoring in the past two games when I was unable to log in – that would have been embarrassing.  You may now commence lamp-lighting, Mr. Zubrus.

Back-to-normal should commence for us 2MAers post-holidaze.  The best to you and yours, and stay tuned tomorrow night for what I assume will be another Scott Mackie trademark post-game analysis/rant.


Boys and girls, the ZubbieCounter is going through certain…changes.

You saw the first of it Friday night.  The first twenty were on us, but now, ladies and gentlemen – the ZubbieCounter is in YOUR hands.

I gave you a starting point the other night, but now it’s on you.  Every time Zubbie scores a goal, we’ll be taking reader submissions.  For each goal, we’ll pick one submission to be the official ZubbieCounter image for that goal. This can work many ways.  Here’s a couple of suggestions:

  • Make a sign, hold it up for us, and snap a picture.  You, your children, your friends, the guy at the bar, your grandma – be creative and have fun with it.
  • Take a picture of the number (say, 22) occurring on a traffic sign, in a store, in a book, on the side of a building, on the back of a jersey – again, the more creative the better – then edit in the rest of the Counter information (__th Goal As A Devil!) using Photoshop, or MS Paint, or whathaveyou.

So what’s in it for you?  Free stuff.  At the end of the season, we’ll re-post each ZubbieCounter image from the season and let everyone vote on their favorite.  Winner gets to-be-announced free swag.  And who doesn’t love undetermined free swag?

All ZubbieCounter submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Here’s to hoping we can start taking some submissions tonight, yes?

Devils/Rangers… 12/12… Thoughts from Section 209!!!

Oh my God, where to start with THIS one?!??! Talk about all the way up and then way back down and to come all the way up again!!! Not the way ya wanna start your 36th birthday trying to run to the therapist to get some xanax! but anyway… so much to get to …..

the GOOD:
— 8 goals on Hernik the PuffyPads (my new name from tonight)… did we get 8 on the Queen ALL LAST YEAR?? I don’t think we did… good to see the Fraud be revealed (though if I was a Ranger fan, well besides having my wrists slit long ago, I’d wonder why the hell he wasn’t pulled at 5-1)

— IT’S A SHORTHANDED GOAL…. fuck you Sam Rosen…. times TWO!!!!

— Was good to finally hear the MAJORITY of the fans in the building stuff the idiot minority….

— 9 for 9 AND a +2 on the penalty kill?? that’s kinda hot in an almost sexual way!

— ya blow a 5-1 lead…but score 11 seconds after you blow the lead?I haven’t jumped that high out of my seat since Jeff Friesen in 2003 (talk about a goal that saved my week and put my birthday back to tolerable levels!)

— Good God even Bobby OneBrow got an assist tonight!

–Brian Gionta… 4 point night “and the Rangers have lost their defense” (and goaltending too Mister Rosen… go call your 4th string football game on FOX!)

the Bad:

— Scott Clemmensieve kinda lived up to the name I was kinda giving him … well cause it was working… but if you know goaltending and you watch it enough you saw this implosion pending (least the other guy was WORSE again!)

— BLOW A 5-1 LEAD.. WHAT THE FUCK GUYS!!! That was bad… this team can NOT sit back and hold on to a lead… EVER…. IT DOES NOT WORK!

— the 5 forward power play MUST go… Rolston looked pathetic trying to play D…

— …. come to think of it Rolston didn’t look much good at all….

— come to think of it the rest aside of goalteniding and Rolston was pretty darned acceptable to even good!!

the non-hockey:
— Seriously… I know you’re scum and douches… but Ranger fans SHUT UP DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM be quiet and respect said country that lets you be the scum sucking fuckface douche you are!!!

— thanks to route 22 for the damn flood in the right lane that killed my whole pre-game walkarounds!! (and that goes double to the Devils resturant staff for hanging up on me trying to reserve a seat for tonight for our mutual birthday thing… all I did was ask… well what happened to my season ticket holder priority…. I expect no less from this franchise :p)

— but the post-game “skate in the practice rink” the Devils offered… 5 stars!! But things to keep in mind…if you rent skates make sure they are SHARP (mine weren’t)… don’t be that moron in the Drury jersey who can’t take two steps without falling on his ass constantly (though it was funny as hell and facebook pics to follow!!!)
— and yes it is kick ass to skate on the Devils practice rink :)…made for some good pre-birthday enjoyment!

Hot damn I’m tired, still kinda numb… and not even sure at what the hell I saw…. the WTF moment of the DECADE to be SURE!!! (and one last side note, happy birthday to Mindy too and thanks for getting my head outta my as during this one when it needed it!!)

Impromtu Zubbie Counter update!

I just had to post this, which comes courtesy of Josh at the game tonight.  Please enjoy. Zubbiecounter!

Almost missed it this time…

Lousy classes making me miss a ZubbieSighting. Good thing I caught highlights…