Devils/Rangers… 12/12… Thoughts from Section 209!!!

Oh my God, where to start with THIS one?!??! Talk about all the way up and then way back down and to come all the way up again!!! Not the way ya wanna start your 36th birthday trying to run to the therapist to get some xanax! but anyway… so much to get to …..

the GOOD:
— 8 goals on Hernik the PuffyPads (my new name from tonight)… did we get 8 on the Queen ALL LAST YEAR?? I don’t think we did… good to see the Fraud be revealed (though if I was a Ranger fan, well besides having my wrists slit long ago, I’d wonder why the hell he wasn’t pulled at 5-1)

— IT’S A SHORTHANDED GOAL…. fuck you Sam Rosen…. times TWO!!!!

— Was good to finally hear the MAJORITY of the fans in the building stuff the idiot minority….

— 9 for 9 AND a +2 on the penalty kill?? that’s kinda hot in an almost sexual way!

— ya blow a 5-1 lead…but score 11 seconds after you blow the lead?I haven’t jumped that high out of my seat since Jeff Friesen in 2003 (talk about a goal that saved my week and put my birthday back to tolerable levels!)

— Good God even Bobby OneBrow got an assist tonight!

–Brian Gionta… 4 point night “and the Rangers have lost their defense” (and goaltending too Mister Rosen… go call your 4th string football game on FOX!)

the Bad:

— Scott Clemmensieve kinda lived up to the name I was kinda giving him … well cause it was working… but if you know goaltending and you watch it enough you saw this implosion pending (least the other guy was WORSE again!)

— BLOW A 5-1 LEAD.. WHAT THE FUCK GUYS!!! That was bad… this team can NOT sit back and hold on to a lead… EVER…. IT DOES NOT WORK!

— the 5 forward power play MUST go… Rolston looked pathetic trying to play D…

— …. come to think of it Rolston didn’t look much good at all….

— come to think of it the rest aside of goalteniding and Rolston was pretty darned acceptable to even good!!

the non-hockey:
— Seriously… I know you’re scum and douches… but Ranger fans SHUT UP DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM be quiet and respect said country that lets you be the scum sucking fuckface douche you are!!!

— thanks to route 22 for the damn flood in the right lane that killed my whole pre-game walkarounds!! (and that goes double to the Devils resturant staff for hanging up on me trying to reserve a seat for tonight for our mutual birthday thing… all I did was ask… well what happened to my season ticket holder priority…. I expect no less from this franchise :p)

— but the post-game “skate in the practice rink” the Devils offered… 5 stars!! But things to keep in mind…if you rent skates make sure they are SHARP (mine weren’t)… don’t be that moron in the Drury jersey who can’t take two steps without falling on his ass constantly (though it was funny as hell and facebook pics to follow!!!)
— and yes it is kick ass to skate on the Devils practice rink :)…made for some good pre-birthday enjoyment!

Hot damn I’m tired, still kinda numb… and not even sure at what the hell I saw…. the WTF moment of the DECADE to be SURE!!! (and one last side note, happy birthday to Mindy too and thanks for getting my head outta my as during this one when it needed it!!)


  1. This game I think will stand as an important when we look back at the season. We saw our goalie have a major reality check, yet stay strong enough to hold onto the win. Our offense showed they can both jump start a game, and then re-jump start after their inevitable turtle-ing once they had the lead. I think the real genius that got Sutter the job coaching us in the first place is finally starting to shine, and the major evidence to support that fact is how Zajac and Zubrus seem to be playing with a lot more confidence and fire.

    And we did it all against one of the undisputed elite in the east, our rival the Rangers.

  2. F the Rangers!

  3. Man I am STILL exhausted from that game!

    For Rolston’s sake, I’m just glad the Devils are winning right now. Any kind of ankle injury is tough to come back from, esp. with the type of game he plays. He’s going to need a bunch of games before he feels and looks good out there. I’m not opposed to having five forwards on the PP, but with Rolston clearly not what he’s supposed to be right now, shelving this particular experiment for now wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  4. It is almost as if Patrik Elias stepped into a time machine and found his game back in 2000-2001. The man is playing awesome clutch hockey. Zubrus is killing the faceoff circle and Geo has his guts back. eleven freakin seconds after Clemm chokes up the lead, there was Elias to the rescue. Unbelievable!!!

  5. I can’t tell what it was like being there, but from my perspective (at home), it seemed like the Rangers fans were kept pretty quiet. Sure when it was tied 5-5 you heard ’em, but mere seconds later that was ended. What sort of Devils:Rangers fans percentage do you think there was, just as a ballpark estimate? I remember a friend saying it used to be 60:40 (D:R) a few years back, it would be nice if the Devils portion jumped up a bit.

    If you’re on Facebook you should look me up. I think you should be able to see my e-mail from this comment, so drop me a line and I’ll tell you how to find me. You’ll love my userpic 😛

  6. Can you say: REVENGE?! Who’s laughing now, New York???!!! Go Devils!

  7. I can’t sign in either FYI
    hence why no thoughts from 209 on Friday… I was all ready to go too!!!