Boys and girls, the ZubbieCounter is going through certain…changes.

You saw the first of it Friday night.  The first twenty were on us, but now, ladies and gentlemen – the ZubbieCounter is in YOUR hands.

I gave you a starting point the other night, but now it’s on you.  Every time Zubbie scores a goal, we’ll be taking reader submissions.  For each goal, we’ll pick one submission to be the official ZubbieCounter image for that goal. This can work many ways.  Here’s a couple of suggestions:

  • Make a sign, hold it up for us, and snap a picture.  You, your children, your friends, the guy at the bar, your grandma – be creative and have fun with it.
  • Take a picture of the number (say, 22) occurring on a traffic sign, in a store, in a book, on the side of a building, on the back of a jersey – again, the more creative the better – then edit in the rest of the Counter information (__th Goal As A Devil!) using Photoshop, or MS Paint, or whathaveyou.

So what’s in it for you?  Free stuff.  At the end of the season, we’ll re-post each ZubbieCounter image from the season and let everyone vote on their favorite.  Winner gets to-be-announced free swag.  And who doesn’t love undetermined free swag?

All ZubbieCounter submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Here’s to hoping we can start taking some submissions tonight, yes?


  1. Zubbie Counter Fan says:


    Now all we have to do is wait for Zubbie to get it going with the goals.

  2. I will be taking a picture of my ass with the number written on it for the next one.

    PS~I might have to shave.

  3. Oh dear, what hell hath I wrought?

    Tim – I’ll consider giving you undetermined free swag if you promise NOT to do that! 🙂

  4. I’m listening…

  5. What on Earth is happening? The Devils have 2 players with more than a point per game, and Gionta has 28 in 29. I really think if Brodeur comes back healthy and is actually rested and fresh for the playoffs for once, there is a chance we could be looking at Cup # 4.

  6. WTF?!??!!?
    I can’t log in to do a thoughts from 209!!

    CMON 2MAN!!!!!

    (fired during my own birthday week!)

  7. Get a picture with Zubrus holding up whatever number goal sign.

  8. Hopefully this posts…

    I’m having trouble logging into the site, hence the lack of updates and new comments. I’ll try to have it fixed ASAP.


  9. Zubrus – that is indeed my ultimate goal for this contest. Zubbie himself hosting the ZubbieCounter? I can dream…