Shanahan’s a Devil again!

TSN is reporting that Brendan Shanahan is set to start skating in New Jersey today, in anticipation of signing a contract with the team in the coming days.

I think I speak for most Devils fans when I say…huh?

I’m conflicted at best, personally.  I can only assume he’ll get a one-year deal, so it won’t be a terrible move if it doesn’t work out.  It’ll definitely add some depth for a good playoff run, and boosts the power play immediately.

That said, where does he fit?  The top two lines are pretty much set in stone for the time being – they’ve both been too good.  The third and fourth are both solid lines, and while some shakeups were expected for tonight, I’m not sure who gets dropped to fit Shanny in.  Mike Rupp?  Jay Pandolfo?  David Clarkson?  Methinks Lou may be working on another move…

I’ll be gathering more information as the day wears on, and hopefully there’s some more to report come gametime tonight.


Boys, girls, and marsupials…

Tonight, the Devils embark on a season-high six game roadtrip, including three games on the left coast.  Tonight’s tilt with the LA Kings starts at the incredibly painful hour of 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.  No one would be stupid enough to attempt LiveCappery of such a game…

…except me.

I implore all readers, throw on a pot of coffee and join me tonight as the Devils take on the Kings, live from the Staples Center in beautiful Los Angeles, California.  While I sit here in my bedroom, live from not-as-beautiful snowy central New Jersey.

See y’all at 10:30.


  1. Since I wanted to get Shanny before the season started, I love the move. He boosts the PP, and if you put him on the Madden line for Rupp or Pando, they suddenly start scoring again. They don’t need to make any major changes, and their offense gets that much better.

  2. If they trade Madden, and put Shanahan on a line with Pandolfo. That could work. Wasn’t Pandolfo a really good goal scorer in college?

    If not Madden, wasn’t there alot of talk of trading Gionta?

  3. This signing certainly gives us all kinds of trade-able assets:

    Gionta, Madden, Pandolfo, Clarkson, Rupp, Brookbank, Greene, Clemmensen, Weekes, etc.

    Some are more tradeable than others, but in general, we could get anywhere from a decent to a great player with varying combos of players from that list.

  4. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Retro line? Shan-Holik-Rollie?

    I feel bad for whoever eventually sits out. Unless it’s Brookbank…

  5. Brookbank is not long for this team, that’s for sure.

  6. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    It’d be funny if Brookbank did leave for other teams and 20 years down the line he rejoins the Devils to bolster the special teams.

    …now…when I say “special”…


  7. Heyyyyy, waitaminute…that’s not funny, Zubbie Counter Fan! That’s not funny at all!

    Brookbank’s reign of…terror?…is all but over now, don’t even joke like it could happen again.

  8. The top two lines have been two good? Are we watching the same team? No team with 2 very good scoring lines gets shutout vs Pittsburgh, Boston, and Atlanta at home within the same two week span.

  9. You can’t base it on a bad stretch of games though. Boston played the trap to perfection – we don’t have a trap-busting passer to stretch the ice, but that’s on the D, not the O. Atlanta is a wash, everyone blew in that game, from the goal on out. I’m willing to just pretend like that one never happened.

    But just as they’ve been shut out three times in nine games, we’ve also got two players who are tied for fifth in the league in points, and they play on two different lines.

    Give it a little while – if they’re still slumping when Shanahan’s ready to play, then try shaking it up. But don’t stick him in there if he doesn’t fit – he’s an older guy who would probably benefit most from third or fourth line minutes and playing on the PP/PK.

  10. I don’t think the signing was based on the last 6 games; it’s likely to address to special teams play – somewhere shanny can be a benefit.

    Brookbank is just a spare player at this point, when was the last time he played? I’d have to think one of Rupp (size, physical play, and…not much else value added) or Pandolfo (not having a good season) may see the bench when Shanny gets minutes.

    Assuming Lou doesn’t make a move later. I have to think this could be a set-up for a Gionta trade.

  11. Josh you animal!! The 10:30pm live-cap and the man doesn’t even budge.

    Ballsy, I tell you!!!

  12. I’m truly caaaaa-razy!

    Also, I have no social life to speak of. My ass is numb from sitting in the same spot since about 1 o’clock this afternoon.

  13. lol well you had good reason. wouldn’t be a real January afternoon without Lou making us all scratch our heads 😉