Devils @ Ducks LIVECAP!

10:34 PM: Parise gets credit for the third Devils goal.  Final score 4-3, Devils can’t capitalize on being the only Eastern Conference team in action tonight, and cannot pick up the two points.  Thanks for sticking with me tonight – I doubt I’ll be capping Tuesday, but we’ll get some stuff up this week.  Goodnight everyone.

10:32 PM: Well, so much for that.  Horn sounds, and the game ends 4-3 Ducks.  Still no call as to who scored the third one.  Pronger, the dirty prick, forearms Parise in the face as time’s running down.  He’s up and okay, however.

10:30 PM: By sheer force of will, somehow, someone jams the puck past Giggy, and somehow it’s 4-3!  30 seconds or so left…I dare not get excited about it.  Clemmensen’s back off the ice for the ensuing faceoff.

10:29 PM: They’re actually bothering to pull Clemmensen for the extra attacker, which can only mean this game will look worse on paper than it already is.

10:25 PM: That’s the game – Ducks goal by Chris Kunitz, and it’s 4-2 Ducks with three minutes to go.  Broken sticks and refs in the play and a goal that maybe shouldn’t have been – we can complain about alot, but in the end, they didn’t deserve to win this game anyway.

10:24 PM: I swear, the refs have gotten in the way of the play a half dozen times today…

10:21 PM: A great play along the board by Mike Rupp to protect the puck and get around behind the net, shake the defender – passes it out to Bryce Salvador, sneaking in at the hashmarks – and Sal duffs it.  Badly.  Sigh.

10:20 PM: Bobby Holik’s face-goal was the 200th goal of his career.  ‘grats Bobby.

10:18 PM: Seven minutes left in the game, the Devils are getting some pressure, but not nearly enough.  CMON DEVILS.

10:12 PM: Good PP pressure, Gio hits the pipe.  Dammit.  Thus ends the power play.

10:10 PM: Penalties coming from a scrum result in the Devils on a power play.  MSG+ doesn’t want me to know who got what, though…I think it’s Moen for roughing.  We’re on the PP nonetheless.

10:06 PM: Zajac with a weak clear – gets a second chance and clears it perfectly to Langenbrunner coming off the net for a shorthanded breakaway, and Langs can’t get it over Giggy’s refrigerator door-like pads, and the score remains 3-2.

10:03 PM: And Bobby Holik’s daily ill-timed penalty, right on cue…Devils to the PK again.

10:00 PM: I’d be a bit more pissed if I thought this team played like it deserved for that call.  But if you play like they have tonight, you don’t deserve the breaks – whether they’re legitimate or not.

9:58 PM: Alright, that’s it, I give up.  Somehow it’s a goal despite no video actually showing the puck in the net.  3-2 Ducks.  Whatever.

9:56 PM: Puck gets jammed into Clemmensen but no goal is called – the Ducks start celebrating after ten or fifteen seconds.  No video seems to show any conclusive evidence – I think it’ll be called no goal, but…you know how these go against us.

9:54 PM: Third period’s on in Cali.  The Devils have ten shots so far on the game.  It’s a wonder we’e tied at two, boys and girls.

9:36 PM: Welp, that be two periods now, game still tied at 2.  Be back for the third.

9:31 PM: GOAL!  Rolston with a blast from along the boards, Clarkson drives home the loose puck in the crease, and it’s 2-2.  That’s how the power play should always look – Rolston blasting, Clarkson screening/rebound hunting.

9:26 PM: At least our penalty kill’s been good tonight.  Parise’s out of the box, and how do we celebrate killing THIS penalty?  Actually, we celebrate by drawing a penalty.  ’bout time.

9:24 PM: How do we celebrate killing the penalty?  Taking another penalty!  Parise with a hook.  Clemmensen does make a rather nice glove save to prevent a goal on the delayed call.

9:21 PM: The Devils picked up three shots early in the period, and they remain the only three shots for the Red n’ Black this period.  Zajac gets called for hooking, too, so it’s a Ducks power play coming.  Jebus.

9:16 PM: Oy…dump in by the Ducks bounces off a ref and skitters across the blue paint, scaring the crap out of Scott Clemmensen in the process.  Apparently it would not have counted, as a puck can’t go directly in off an official, but that kind of bounce seems awful typical of the way tonight’s game is going so far, doesn’t it?

9:15 PM: Well, okay, maybe it was off White’s chest.  Sure looked like his face though.

9:14 PM: Shot bounces off of Clemmensen, then off of White’s face, forcing Clemmensen to make another stop.  Off of Colin White’s face.  I hope it bounced off his bad eye at least…

9:11 PM: Clemmer’s making his stops and all, but he looks terribly shaky while doing so.  It’s scaring the living crap outta me.

9:09 PM: Doc just said that Pahlsson has the “goal of margin” but I could have sworn he said he has a bowl of oranges.

9:06 PM: Get your ZubbieCounterContest entries ready – tonight’s game may have started at 8 PM here, but in California…well, it started at 5 PM.  Both of Zubbie’s multi-goal games this season have come in 5 PM start time games.

9:04 PM: The Ducks are so terrified of the Clarkaround that they manage to dislodge the net before Clarkson can attempt his signature move.

9:03 PM: Oooooo, sustained pressure by the Parise/Zajac/Captainbrunner line.  Mottau’s a puck-shooting beast so far this evening.  I think he may account for half of all Devils shots, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a very, very sad thing.

9:01 PM: Ducks with a post shot.  Uh, guys…the game’s in Anaheim tonight.  I know LA’s nice and all, but you gotta show up in the next city, y’see…

9:00 PM: We’re back for the second period, for better or worse.  Hopefully we see more than four shots on goal this period.

8:44 PM: That period sucked.  I’m gonna grab a beer.  See ya in seventeen.

8:41 PM: Ugh.  Pahlsson with a goal over Clemmensen’s shoulder with nine seconds left in the first period and it’s 2-1 Ducks.  WEAK.

8:36 PM: Sweet gorilla of Manila, the Ducks are pressuring Clemmensen something wicked.  The shot totals currently sit at Ducks 10, Devils 2.  How in the living hell is this game tied?

8:34 PM: Crap.  Bobby Ryan with a diving tip of a pass from Brendan Morrison and it’s 1-1.  Pretty looking goal, shame it was against us.

8:33 PM: George Parros is cranky now and is assaulting Mike Rupp and John Madden.  I can’t help but look forward to a Parros/Rupp scrap.

8:29 PM: GOAL!  Mike Mottau with a wrister that looked like it bounced in off Bobby Holik’s face.  Insert Holik’s face joke here, I know will!  1-0 Devils.

8:27 PM: That explains that – Doc tells us the shots are a thrilling 5-1 in favor of the Ducks.  No wonder this game feels so blah.

8:26 PM: Ten minutes gone already in this game and little has occurred.

8:22 PM: We look…not so hot right now.  Weak turnover by the Devils results in a two-on-one that Clemmensen handles pretty easily.  But still.  Not pretty, guys.

8:21 PM: I’d do my usual fashion review of the Ducks jersey, but…well, it’s the Ducks jersey.  They suck.  Review over.

8:19 PM: Not a whole heck of a lot going on so far tonight.  Wake up everyone!

8:17 PM: It always surprises me to learn that George Parros went to Princeton for four years.  I find out about it every time we play Anaheim, and it’s always astonishing.

8:16 PM: The camera’s totally messing with me tonight, I feel so distant from everything going on on ice…

8:14 PM: Sorry, couldn’t pay much attention to that penalty kill, personal stuff here.  Good now.  Rolston’s just out of the box, and it looks like Clemmensen had to make a handful of decent saves, so he seems sharp-ish to start.  I swear I’ll be paying more attention, starting now.

8:11 PM: Welp, that didn’t take long.  Rolston with a trip, and the Devils hit the ice short one person.  Meep.

8:10 PM: The camera feels strangely distant tonight.  Come to think of it, the audio’s kind of quiet too.

8:08 PM: Puck’s on the ice in Anaheim, Giggypuff is in net for the Ducks.  Also back for the Ducks – Corey Perry, returning from suspension.

8:05 PM: George “The ‘Stache” Parros is still in Anaheim…I completely forgot that.  I hope Mike Rupp ate his Wheaties, he hasn’t dropped them with a true heavyweight like Parros in awhile.  Doc is very pleased that they sell Parros mustaches for charity at the Igloo, and bought one for himself.  No, he did not don it on camera.

8:03 PM: In net: Scott Clemmensen.  Dammit.  I have nothing against Clemmer or anything, but we gave him every chance to get hot – it’s Weekes’ turn.

7:43 PM: Yeah, I’m crazy.  But hey, if the players can play a game less than twenty four hours after a late-night awesomefest, then so can I.  I don’t expect tonight to be quite as wicked as last night was, but we’ll find out together, won’t we?  Let me know if you’re out there gang – Devils/Ducks, coming up in 15 minutes.


  1. Yeah horseracing

  2. Props to Chico for calling them ZZ Pops

  3. Anyone else feeling terribly lethargic for this game?

  4. I keep hearing phantom whistles from the TV, it’s disorienting

  5. The Giants sucked the emotion out of me today.

  6. Can we give them some caffeine during the intermission?

  7. That or some Red Bulls & speed.

  8. 2MA does not condone drug use.

    (Unless it gets the job done.)

  9. Pando looks done, this is sad.

  10. Devils are very fortunate to be going into the third tied up. The Devils need to really dig in and start fighting back. They can at least build on the fact that they held on despite being run at over and over with power plays against them over and over.

  11. Fortunate is an understatement. Clearly they can put the puck past Giggypuff, but they’re not trying very hard – four shots in the first period, six in the second.

  12. That’s a goal?

    How? Where the hell was it? Did it just slip over the line? I don’t know whether to be unhappy with the ref, Clemmensen, or the MSG TV crew.

  13. F Toronto

  14. How in the hell did Langenbrunner get all the way there all alone? Would have been nice if he scored, but I’m just impressed he picked that up right there!

  15. I hate sports

  16. In defense of Salvador, his stick broke. He didn’t “duff” it.

    Anyway, score was a lot closer than the game itself was. At least it was won on a legit goal (seriously, where was the puck on Anaheim’s third?)