Devils @ Blue Jackets LIVECAP!

9:31 PM: Final statlines are as boring as the first 50 minutes of the game were – Madden with a goal, Zajac with a goal, Clarkson with an assist.  The only three pointgetters on the night.  Weekes with 26 stops on 27 shots, and methinks we have a mini goaltender controversy brewing.  Who goes tomorrow night?  I’d tend to think Clemmensen, just because it’s the second half of a back-to-back on the road – but that didn’t matter in St. Louis and Dallas last month either, where Clemmensen started both.  So what happens?  Let’s hear your opinion in the comments – as for tonight’s LiveCap, that’s the end of that tonight – Goodnight everyone!

9:29 PM: Still kind of can’t believe they won this one – not a very deserving win, and surprising that the game winning goal wasn’t called back, but hey – two points is two points, yes?

9:26 PM: Patty Elias misses a wide open net, but it’s okay…they manage to hang on and somehow, we’ve won this one, 2-1!  The road trip is now officially a success – or at least, not a failure – as the team now sits at 3-1 for the trip with two games to go.

9:25 PM: One minute left in the period, Mason heading to the bench!

9:24 PM: Ohhhh man Oduya with a helluva play to save his own ass.  Loses the puck and it slides slowly into the slot directly in front of Weekes – Oduya dives for the puck and chips it ahead to Elias.  Pretty play after a bad near-turnover.

9:22 PM: Nice chance for Holik and Pandolfo, Pando with a good shot and Holik just missing out on a rebound.  Threeish minutes left.

9:20 PM: The goal sure has awakened the crowd in Columbus.  Also, some jerk keeps shoving his Devils jacket into the view of the camera.  C’mon now dude, seriously.

9:16 PM: The official ruling is referee’s discretion when the net is dislodged by a defender, whether intentional or accidental.  So not only did we get a favorable call from Toronto, but it was because of a favorable call by Don Koharski.  Will the wonders never cease?

9:14 PM: Maybe I don’t know my rules entirely, but I feel we got away with one there.  If I’m a Blue Jacket fan, I’m pissed right now.

9:12 PM: Holy crap, they counted it!  2-1 Devils.  Net was definitely dislodged on the far side before the puck went in.  Moved by a Blue Jacket, and the post on the side Madden scored on was still on.  They call it for us, and while I’d like to call it retribution for all the times we’ve been screwed by Toronto, I fear karma for this evening…

9:11 PM: Net got knocked off by the butt of a defending player.  Not sure if it’s gonna make a difference, but it should I would hope.

9:08 PM: CLARKAROUND!  ‘Course, it doesn’t actually go, but the rebound gets jammed home by John Madden.  It’s going to be reviewed, and it looks like it might have made it home after the net was dislodged – Koharski very adamantly said it’s a goal but the video suggests otherwise…crap.

9:04 PM: BEAUTIFUL!  Bad giveaway by Umberger to Zajac, who zips in a laser and we’re finally tied at 1!

9:03 PM: Hey hey!  A power play!  See, whining about it worked.  Dorsett trips Zubbie and we’re on the advantage.  It’ll be nice to see some pressure on Mason now.

9:02 PM: Penalty once again killed.

9:00 PM: Tutin cranks one off the pipe – hot damn that was close.  Doc creeps me out with his sudden change of tone whilst discussing the Unseen Hand.  Like a Twilight Zone episode, he sounded.

8:57 PM: Sigh.  Devils penalty – I’ll note here that we haven’t picked up a power play yet, either – and it’s back to the kill.  The only silver lining here is that the Blue Jackets are tied for second worst when it comes to giving up shorties.

8:55 PM: I never thought I’d say this, but Mike Rupp needs to shoot the puck more.  Steve Mason seems to have issues with his shots tonight, and he’s about the only one Mason’s had issues with.

8:53 PM: Gionta and Zubrus get tangled up and Elias pulls the puck out of the mess – he feeds Salvador, who can’t bury it.  Closest thing to a chance we’ve gotten this period.  This is getting depressing.

8:51 PM: Pandolfo/Madden/Clarkson on ice right now.  Sutter’s juggling a bit I presume?

8:50 PM: Solid defensive games do not a good LiveCap make.

8:47 PM: I refuse to believe that Bobby Holik is third all-time on the Devils goals list, and yet only seventh on the all-time Devils penalty minutes list.  Something’s not right there.  Also, third period has just started.

8:30 PM: Welp, that’s the end of two.  Mike Rupp with a hit on a Blue Jacket (Peca, I think?) shortly after the buzzer, but even that doesn’t result in a scrum or anything remotely interesting.  1-0 Blue Jackets, and I’ll be back in 17.

8:27 PM: Ohhh Zachary.  Devils finally get a good chance but Zach misses the net on the short side.  A one-on-one chance for Huselius coming up the other side gets a good stop by Weekes at least.

8:25 PM: Doc & Chico make a good point – it’s debatable that the Devils have taken a single shot near Steve Mason – everything’s from the top of the circles to the points.  Not gonna score much that way, guys.

8:23 PM: Five minutes left in the second period and things aren’t looking quite so hot for us at the moment…

8:17 PM: Dammit.  I’d take boring over getting scored on – Malhotra with a wrister right through Weekes’ legs and it’s 1-0 Blue Jackets.

8:14 PM: Anyone else kinda sorta hoping Sidney Crosby pulls out of the All Star Game because Patrik Elias would be the most logical choice to replace him?

8:12 PM: It IS a terribly boring game tonight.

8:10 PM: A big slapper by Columbus is met with a good stop by Weekes.  Oh yes, Weekes certainly can.  Oh yeah, and the nightly bad Bobby Holik penalty just occurred, so we’re back to the PK.

8:07 PM: It’s goalie night in Columbus tonight – big stops by Mason and then Weekes – Weekes on a point-blank shot in the slot.

8:03 PM: I just noticed that Steve Mason catches with his right hand.  Maybe that’s why we haven’t been able to put anything in on him so far, it’s weird to have a lefty goalie.  It’s also weird to have a six-foor-four goalie, too…

8:00 PM: Penalty, killed.  Jackets held shotless, actually.  This second period is starting to look just like the first so far.  Yahoo.

7:56 PM: Back just a minute late.  Zajac took a rough header into the Columbus goal – seems okay, though – and a two-on-one for the Blue Jackets gets a nice stop Weekes.  Penalty on Johnny Oduya for hooking, and the Devils head to the PK.

7:38 PM: Welp, that’s the end of one.  No score, no penalties.  I’ma go get some pizza.

7:37 PM: The guy in the crowd directly behind Brent Sutter is wearing one awful winter sweater.  It probably would have been a contender in the ugly sweater contest the Devils had earlier this year.  Shudder.

7:33 PM: Doc “It’s not that the goalie’s haven’t been good – we all know they’re always the best players on the ice…” Chico: “Yes.” Doc: “But the defenses have both been pretty good as well.”  Okay, so maybe it doesn’t come across the same in text, but Chico’s “Yes” was hilarious.

7:31 PM: Kevin Weekes is looking sharp tonight – the few chances that the Blue Jackets have had have all come in the last few minutes and each time has ended with a good save by #1.

7:29 PM: Difficult game to LiveCap so far – no goals, no penalties, few stoppages in play, pretty good defense on both sides.

7:25 PM: Lots of white tee-shirts in the crowd – could they be trying a white-out in Columbus this eve?  It’s not working though, ’cause there are quite a few people not in white either…

7:21 PM: I’m beginning to feel like New Jersey is the only place in the world without a Tim Hortons.  ‘least we got Quick Chek…

7:18 PM: Stoppage in play as a referee finds himself flat on the ice – no, not Don Koharski, the other one.  Looks like he pulled something trying to avoid the play – he’s left, and we’re down to one ref and two linesmen.

7:16 PM: Mike Rupp may or may not have family in the audience (he’s from Cleveland), but he’s trying to impress regardless – a good bit of streamrolling and puck protection leads to a deceptively hard shot that Mason blocks away.

7:15 PM: Weekes is playing a game of “whatever you can do, I can do better” with Mason and makes a couple of solid stops of his own.  I like seeing Weekes make good stops, it makes me feel warm inside.  Which I need on a night like tonight.  Seventeen friggin’ degrees…

7:13 PM: This Mason character impresses so far.  Good handful of stops now.  We’re not making it tough – a beautiful bit of passing amongst Zubrus/Elias/Gionta goes perhaps one pass too many, and nothing hits the net from it.

7:12 PM: Audio drops out – that was a little weird.  Doc disappears mid-sentence, and we get to hear an announcement about winning Blue Jackets tickets.  Weee!

7:10 PM: Early game fashion review:  I like the Columbus uniforms.  I’m not sure I know why, because it goes against my anti-vertical-piping stance.  It might be because I just like the team a bit.

7:09 PM: Couple of shots on goal early for the Devils – all stopped by the rookie phenom they call Steve Mason.

7:08 PM: Puck on ice in Columbus.  Oduya/Martin/Parise/Zajac/Capnbrunner to start.

7:05 PM: In the interest of full disclosure, I feel the need to mention that the Blue Jackets are my second-favorite team du jour this season…

7:01 PM: Can Kevin Weekes start tonight’s game?  (You know what’s coming, right?)  Why yes…YES WEEKES CAN!  YES WEEKES CAN!

6:59 PM: Devils waltz into a very very cold Columbus tonight (minus ten degrees?  I almost – ALMOST – feel bad about complaining about 17 degrees.  Then I remember, this is New Jersey, not Nova Scotia, and feel perfectly justified complaining about 17 degrees).

4:40 PM: You know what I love most about winter breaks?  It affords the opportunity to LiveCap wayyy more often than usual.  With plenty of lead time to potentially attract people to come pay attention (or at least, more lead time that usual).  YOU!  You surely will come back at 7PM eastern time to pay attention to my ramblings, yes?  Yes, I know you will.  Because you love me so.  It’s a date, it is.  See you at 7.


  1. I’ll be there, bronchitis and all =D

  2. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Date, eh? Should I bring flowers or do we just skip to the good parts? And by that I mean the hockey.

  3. Chico’s teaching us about life!

  4. Pando’s gonna lose that spot

  5. Freight trained sounds dirty

  6. That’s what she said!


    sorry, had to.

  7. Am I the only one that sings Brick House in My head when Doc Say’s Commodore?

  8. Bwahahaha.

    You’re not going to be the only one now, Shari. Hahaha.

  9. Hey I’ve gotta try to liven things up here, this game is a snoozer so far. Aren’t ya glad I didn’t say the Baby can You dig Your Man song? how contagious is that? sorry now Your going to be singing that for a week damn Steven King.

  10. What number is Shanahan going to wear?

  11. Somebody better protect Zaja. And by somebody I mean Rupp. Also, Yes Weekes Can!

  12. richard – Shanny’s got 18.

    Shari – Oh dear god. Hey, how ’bout Never Gonna Give You Up by Richard Astley? Hah.

  13. Supposedly #18

  14. Oh no Josh, It’s raining Men, ha ha got ya.


  16. Haha, painful Shari

  17. Better finish

  18. So who’s going to be the odd man out with Shanny in?

  19. Pando? Maybe Rupp, but he’s earned the right to stay in til he screws up

  20. Can’t they package Pandolfo or Madden or Gionta with the odd goalie out and a prospect and get a # 1 defenseman?

    Or do I sound like one of the guys on

  21. speaking of, they have a link up saying the Rangers are set to re-acquire Sean Avery…

    Here’s to him destroying another team, F the Rangers!

  22. I’m not sure there’s many places out there to ship Clemmer/Weekes – let alone ones with a great defensemen who’d fit in on the Devils. I don’t even dare guess what Lou’s gonna do anymore, coz really – who could have predicted his last handful of moves – signing Shanahan, trading Janssen for Salvador, etc?

  23. Clarkaround worked!

  24. Yes Weekes Can! Yes Weekes Can!

  25. Chico culinary metaphor, this game just keeps getting better.

  26. Yeay Dog!

  27. I’m liking the Dog Clarkie Rollie line, think they stay together when Shanny gets here?

  28. Chico quote of the night: He’s got to ask for a little bit more thickness on his shaft

  29. Chico does have a thing for hot dogs yes? hmmmmmmm.

  30. Good night all it’s been a slice.

  31. Mouse – That’s what she said!

    …okay, I’m gonna stop that now.

    G’night Shari!

  32. So, I know this game was like…days ago, and Shanahan already made his debut and everything…but I just wanted to say that the Devs sucked in this game. I was amazed they won it. I was even more amazed that a goal call went FOR us! Who knew Toronto had it in them?

    Anyway, I just made a few trade suggestions on my blog. I would appreciate some feedback/ridicule on my thoughts if anyone cares.

    Oh and thanks for the compliments about the Newark Tales #1 Josh. I know it was a while ago, but I appreciated it!

  33. Yessss I apologize for the lack of content. Seems I’m the only one with free time anymore, and that free time is quickly vanishing 🙁

    I’ll try to put together a preview or something for tomorrow’s game – sadly, classes start tomorrow so I won’t actually SEE the game and therefore can’t LiveCap, but I’ll try to get something up.

    And yes, roshacla, the Newark Tales bit was hilarious. I sent it to a friend of mine who nearly died laughing.