Get well Burnsie

Just wanted to say that the entire 2ma staff is hoping for the good health of former Devils bench boss Pat Burns, who unfortunately has been diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

Burns, who of course led the boys in red and black to their third cup in 2003, apparently is dealing with some sort of cancerous activity in his lungs. According to TG over at Fire & Ice he still operates as a special assignment coach for the Devils, helping out where he can. While he has evidently opted not to go with chemo to treat the cancer, he has been receiving some sort of treatment since learning the cancer had returned last spring.

He’s a fighter, as evidenced by him beating cancer twice before, so let’s hope he can put it to bed for the hat trick. Get well Burnsie!


  1. 🙁 Get well soon, Burns.

  2. He’s a fighter.