Thoughts from Section 209… Devils/Penguins.. 1/30/2009

Another Devils game… another AMAZING finish… another add to the awesome winning streak and the better things feel… and it just keeps going… it’s hard to call it routine when it’s still so TOTALLY reeking of Awesomeness, but it keeps on keeping on!!!!

the Good:
— Doc… where to begin? The only announcer I’ve known in my whole life as Devils fan… the skill.. the humor.. the way to make you realize it’s only hockey, but yet it means everything in the same breath… I watch a lot of other games in a lot of other feeds… and no announcer in any sport can come up with a million different ways to say the same thing like Doc can… funny charming and maybe the game’s best, but most underrated ambassador PERIOD… I once had a brief chat with him post-game in the Meadowlands and we were talking about hockey in Florida (I was with Paige and she was still living down there then)… and he was saying one of the things that makes hockey to get attached to in non-hockey areas are some of the tough to pronounce names and if all the good players were named “Smith” or “Roberts” it would make the game easier to follow… hell I think all you need is to give someone a half hour to talk with Doc about the game and they’ll be fans for life!
— Brendan Shanahan… I admit I wasn’t sold on adding another old man to the roster… but man he BRINGS it on the shot, and he’s made the 4th line ridiculous, and that BOMB on the power play… holy hell…he even helped Holik get the Devils on the board… he’s slow and it leads to some bad penalties (but who doesn’t on that 4th line) but we have a useful 4th line that the way Shanny is going is gonna have a double digit goals by season’s end!
— Has any Devil before had a 2 goal night, 3 games in a row? I can’t think of it… not even during Gio’s crazy season
— Zach Parise… even when he’s not scoring (which is rare).. he just finds new and better ways to get the puck to the net!
— speaking of… ditto for Travis Zajac, I know he’s got post-hitter’s disease, but still.. damn, that third period deke!!!
— even though only 2 lines scored tonight it seemed the whole team was buzzing (well except the goalie), and it kinda showed when you look at the stats and hell they even got “the Golden Child” to whine her way into the penalty box, and boy did the fans have a field day with Cindy C. whining her way to the box!

the Bad:
— That second period… man someone put NyQuil in the Water cause everyone was falling asleep there, even the crowd… so much for it being Friday night eh? :p
— Why is the NHL Network on Doc Emrick night using the biased, pitiful and Colorado-level homer-ific level announcers to give the Devils/Penguins replays… last thing I wanna hear is the Penguin Pity Party… gimmie more Doc!!!!
— Scott Clemmensen can NOT NOT NOT start back to back games in a row EVER again.. no no not never! (Clemmy 3:16 says you jsut five-holed my ass??)
— Bobby Holik’s penalty count, while reputation based is getting absurd… thankfully the PK is doing SO WELL now it’s not a big issue but it could be down the road

the Funny!:
— I saw the best thing EVER waiting for warmups… if you’ve gone to enough games and get their early… I’m sure you’ve seen this dude… he’s one of the candy vendors (and seriously this guy deserves a million promotions he’s maybe the best and coolest vendor I’ve like EVER seen, and should be in a better job)… he comes out with this sales pitch to get you to buy his candy…. he walks up to a group of four couples sitting next to each other:
“Ladies…. Gentleman… the CANDYMAN IS HERE… and you know what’s coming guys, Valentine’s Day… no time like now to get started early on it… nothing says love like some CANDY for the ladies… *holds up some reese’s pieces*.. give her one of these and put it in here mouth… and she’ll wanna take you home NOW!!! Or here… give her a Swedish Fish… RIGHT ROM SWEDEN… Valentine’s Day love right here!!” (personally I hate the concept of Valentine’s Day, like I need a day to show how I love my woman just as much the other 364 days of the year… well maybe not last year… hell that’s why she got “best of luck in your future endeavors on like Feb 10!”

all rants aside this candyman dude needs to be selling season tickets…. “CMON.. why buy one game when you can sit here ALL SEASON… the SEASON TICKET MAN is here!!!” you know you’d buy from that!!!
— Parise Girls were back in 208… AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (ok it’s an inside joke.. whatever!)
— Marc-Andre Fleury not only got caught napping by Langenbrunner with 30 seconds to go… but he apparently was dozing during Doc’s ceremony (what else do you expect from an ungrateful whiny Penguin-type)…but he was totally not paying attention and totally missed the start of the national anthem… the first verse goes off and he’s like OH SHIT… jumps off his post… flings his helmet off and turns around to face the flag… hilarity!!
— and I still swear that stick Shanny broke trying to clear the puck in the 3rd period… it looked like it was gonna go 10,000 feet in the air… land in the net area and sock Clemmy in the damn head… it almost did as it rolled and like a few other shots… beat Clemmy right in that 5-hole!


  1. “the way to make you realize it’s only hockey, but yet it means everything in the same breath”

    Very well said.

  2. Amidst last night’s mediocrity, Clemmensen does deserve credit for the great save on Dupuis off the 2-on-1 to end regulation. Without that, it’s no points, no Langenbrunner game-winner, no eight-game win streak.

  3. Honestly I couldn’t tell ya
    I saw Malkin in and I cringed and hid in the fetal position and refused to look up until I heard an OT buzzer :p

    but again he stops the other two he should have that one’s moot too… it goes both ways

    but mediocre goalies can go like that, make a huge save but whiff on the easiest of shots