Thoughts from Section 209…Devils/Caps.. 2/3/2009

Well it was due to happen one of these nights… 8 in a row is pretty good, and you can’t win them ALL right? So as annoyed as you can be about the effort and the game… and the goaltending was… not so good… but we’ll get to that as we get going here….

the non-hockey:
— OK, we know it was dumb and he’s not a hall of fame player, but hey he was a relevant piece of the 1994 debacle…but really.. if you’re a Ranger Fan WHY ARE YOU IN THE ARENA TONIGHT??? WHY WHY WHY?? You should be paying your $1500 a seat, to see Mark Messier speak for 3 hours, Christopher Reeve brought back from the dead (was that offensive?? GOOD!!), the Stanley Cup skated around for the millionth time… and now even the 1994 Cup footage is COLORIZED!! (for you young folk back in the early days of TV, it was broadcast in black and white and this is a way of saying it’s OLD)
… but fear not Ranger Fans… DOUG LIDSTER NIGHT IS COMING!!!
— Speaking of disgraceful acts so as I was sitting there watching warm-ups.. a puck in got caught in the nets on a dump-in…so it sits there for like 5-10 minutes (ok evil Scott was waiting for a body check in warm-ups to drop the puck on the guy’s head)… and all of a sudden this dude runs down the section.. jumps on the seats… practically uses the guy’s son as a stepstool grabs the puck and runs the hell back up the steps… for what?? A WARMUP PUCK?? The dam thing don’t even have a LOGO on it…way to go 45-year old virgin.. more rubber you’ll never use elsewhere!!!!
— I also gotta add the 209 wisecrack of the night too… the guy behind me is the standard “mister makes the bad jokes guy” that you feed off of and re-crack his jokes to save them… and he had a gem last night… the Caps get pp#2 and he decides to yell at the Caps fan in the Redskin jersey… talk about confused…the dude with no shirt and THE GREAT 8 in marker on his back (I mean we like Zubrus and all but CMONNNNNN)… so he yells out
she raises her middle finger and points it at him
she did not move or gesture all game after :p

the Good:
— OK, who else got the feeling when we scored and made it 3-1, that it was “here we go again”….
— Alex Ovechkin was pretty much quiet all game… that’s a good sign and reminder of Devils teams of old… shut down the big name…and alot of this of all people goes to Mike Mottau
— Jamie Langenbrunner… only ONE goal.. TRADE HIM NOW!!!!!!

the Bad:
— this team was DEAD and lifeless in the first period… but again you can’t give 110%, 100% of the time no matter what the NHL Network commercial says :p
— the goaltending… MY GOD… 3 of 4 goals were stoppable and two were BAD… and for God’s sake… can ya play Weekes more then ONCE A MONTH PLEASE??? Shane Falco needed a night off!! I know Feb 26 is coming and the other guy’s gonna come in and as long as he stops 50% of his shots he’ll be in net… but STILL… UNLEASH THE WEEKES!!!!

— there’s not really a whole lot to say here that wasn’t hit up in the damn live-cap aside from game rantings and stuff, and if you can get really really angry about a team winning 8 of it’s last 9… it’s time for therapy… and decaf… yeah lots of decaf!!!!!!


  1. 1) Geez we post a blog piece on how well Clemmensen has played and he comes and has one of his worst games since the Brodeur injury. Perhaps he’s fatiguing a bit?

  2. No doubt he is

    he’s being given a Brodeur load that Brodeur can’t even handle!


  4. You know I thought about not approving that comment… but it’s so bad, cheesy… and frankly so amusing (and obviously his lil web-blog needs the help!)

    I just couldn’t let it go!

  5. For like 3 minutes in that game I thought, ‘we can do it!!’…then the empty netter. Ouch. Even Jamie Langs couldn’t save us last night but I don’t think Clemmers played too, too bad (okay, I do think that…)

    I’m hoping Weekes gets to do something other than sit on the bench and play his PSP while we lose this month.

  6. I’ve been ignoring them (he’s posted a handful of times) because I don’t think even 13 year olds are THAT pathetic…

    My guess is it’s some kind of scam, but I can’t quite figure out what he’s selling…

  7. I dunno I saw some pretty sorry ones when I was working in the schools

    either way it’s amusing and some odd attention grab… I also thought of editing out his site but it’s such the poopy site it would only get one click anyway!

  8. There’s no way that kid is 13…
    He makes teenagers look bad.
    I’m 14 and I actually type in proper grammar on my blog.

  9. Hey I’m 36 and I could give a damn about grammar… spelling as long as it’s not player’s names…. I do care about that

    it was approved more for personal amusement/further discussion 😀

  10. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Clemmer needs a break. He’s been lucky the past week ’cause the forwards are bailing him out and I’m pretty sure we could have saved the effort of an overtime at least one of those games if Weekes was in net. Too many bad goals have been coming through lately (more than the one that we almost expect every game from either goalie). Proud of the 8, but it feels we could have had 9 with someone else in net.

    Re: Fox & Hound. It’s a sweet place to hang out, but watching sports there for the sake of sports is different. Volumes on all tv’s are either off or it’s just too loud night after night.

  11. Hey, I must say that the “mister makes the bad jokes guy”, is funny. I’m sorry but he makes me laugh when he yells out random crap.

  12. Trade Pandawful says:

    bigups to langs

  13. Rico Suave says:

    i’m calling zubs gets his next goal this weekend.

  14. I hope you’re right, Riiiiico…Suaaaa-vay

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  15. …yes, there’s totally a Q in there.

  16. Predictions;
    Jamie Langebrunner goal
    Brendan Shanahan goal
    David Clarkson goal

    I’m probably gonna be super wrong.