Tastes Like Chicken

Feast your eyes on this:

There you have it, folks.  The REAL reason the Devils walked away with the win last night.  Alright, that might be a bit superficial.  The FIFTY shots on goal might’ve had some small part in that, too.

But seriously — how often do you sit down with a plate of chicken fingers and look down to see one that looks EXACTLY like the state you are in??  Am I the only one who smells a major marketing scheme here?!

Well, even if I am, I’m going for it.  Who else thinks we should send a little e-mail to the Devils and try to get the chicken fingers in the joint all cut into the shape of the Garden State?!

Too bad they weren’t fish-sticks. 😉


  1. The picture came out great! I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to really capture the essence of the Jersey Chicken Finger but you did.

    You left out the part about waiting to eat it until we were down 2-1 and it starting the rally.


  2. Ric is not shitting you. True story.

  3. Trade Pandawful says:

    the dollar hot dogs are good, i put down 8 last game

  4. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the free hot dogs from the Family Plan I got last month. They looked like they were caked in dust and then deep-fried. Ugh.

    Jersey-shaped nuggets for Jersey’s Team sounds like marketing gold, however.

  5. makes you wonder what todays “valentines day promotion” is…yea the team calander says thats theres a promo

  6. Trade Pandawful says:

    try the dogs next time, surprisingly good and you don’t need to be hammered to eat-like white castle

  7. Mike – I think it’s just the diamond ring giveaway. Also, they removed the “TBD St Patrick’s Day Promo” from the site as well, so I guess we get nothin’ that night.

    Well, we get nothin’ besides hammered, anyway.

    Trade – It was hard enough to even look at them, I’m not sure I can physically eat ’em. I’m convinced they have a separate barrel of hot dogs for promo nights, because any hot dog I’ve ever had there in a non-promo capacity has actually been pretty tasty, and not terribly gross looking either…