Thoughts from Section 209…. Devils/Islanders, 2/11/2009

Well it wasn’t pretty and the game itself was not so fun… but this is why you sit in Section 209… something ALWAYS happens and it makes even the dullest of Islander stompings into a fun. one-of-a-kind night! So much storytelling to do I just wanna get to it!!!!

the Good:
— It’s ok to go just a LITTLE gay guys…. when it comes to Zach Parise… really… let it go….. one big AAAHHHHHHHHH, HE’S DREAMY… you’ll see!!
— Weekes was good… not special… but damn good to see the brotha get a game in net in his freaking month!! (and no matter how many times I made the joke tonight the girl next to me was NOT getting it… if I made a Jew joke, she’d been on it like white on rice mofo!!)
— how many times do the Devils put up a 50-burger in the shot column and WIN?? Damn!!!!
— Shoot-comment at standard Rangers fans at game when they celebrated the Islanders goal:
“Hey they did in ONE shot and 3 minutes what you couldn’t do in a FULL GAME… stop cheering!!”
— Andy Greene made some nifty-ass plays tonight!
— Paul Martin had a subtle 3-assist game… kinda the way I like my defenders to be.. on the scoresheet and not too noticed!
— MV-PARISE!!!! Get on the damn bandwagon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— and hell they won one that very much had classic letdown on it looking the games played last week and the ones coming this weekend, so I’d call that one helluva win!!!
— I kept telling the Islander fan tonight… “two points closer to Tavares sir!!”

the Bad:
— Good Lord, the Islanders…. but I’ll say this… if Bettman wants this team to stay in Long Island (and you can BET he doesn’t).. when this team bottoms out and has the worst record in the league… if they get Tavares it could be the player to save and turn that franchise around… players will want to come there to play with him…. fans will show up again… this is the ray of hope the Islanders NEED (and I want them to stay) and get them back and maybe even get the arena on track again… you rigged a lottery for Crosby… CMON BETTMAN!!!
— Gionta had one of his “you must be THIS tall to score” nights and we know he’s not tall, but this was a night to get away with it!
— Come to think of it… that whole first period was enough to make you want some coffee!!!
— Come to think more of it.. I’ve never seen what felt like such an uninspired effort get 50 shots (bless you oh top line!)
— Jay Pandolfo… nice to see the hands didn’t soften in your exile!

the funny:
— OK, so anyone who knows me and where I sit and all my stupid quirks and how I’ll let the dumbest thing send me off the handle and on a federal witch-hunt to seek and destroy any random assholes who get in my way… you KNEW this was coming:
on my way up to my seat in 209… you know the SAME one I had since day one, the same one I will have when this place is torn down…. I get asked to show my ticket…..
Problem #1: I sit in the SECOND CHEAPEST SEATS IN THE ARENA.. who’s gonna move up there?? (ok everyone does :p)….and it’s not like you REALLY LOOK… it’s a bullshit gesture that simply annoys me… I have work, life and the US Govt to do that… I don’t need it at games, so I don’t acknowledge it
Problem #2: As ushers… you have two jobs… get people to their seats fast… and MAKE THEM WAIT FOR THE FUCKING WHISTLE… and really you do NEITHER… so until you do the part of the job I ACTUALLY care about… I am not helping you on your bullshit annoyances…..

So you can imagine when the lil lady asked for my ticket and I told her I’ll do it when you make people wait for the dam whistle during play and kept going… THAT went over well (and I have WITNESSES up the wazoo that I did this and this is not some bullshit fan boy fiction!)

So I keep going… and uh-oh.. here comes mister supervisor… I think 5 or 6 people knew where this was GOING!!!
He makes the mistake of asking me what my issue is… I told him and I was not too peachy about it either mister, about my issues with the ushers and how I am sick and tired of clueless dopes standing in the aisle during power plays when the ushers should be making them wait till play stops!!
“they’re people sir”
“no they’re dopes”
“I’ll tell ya what… come on my side of the fence as an attendee… you’ll see… they ARE DOPES!!”
He promises to make them stop people before the whistle and he’s like…. you feel better… want me to let you rant more… at that point I let him off and tell him he could retire sitting there letting me air all my bitches at him!!! (the funniest part was I was trying like hell to not laugh but people thought I was really pissed… it’s kinda like watching me at a Football Sunday (and GOD I MISS THOSE)… it seems angry but damn it’s in fun!)… and I even turned to Xavier and told him damn that felt good!!
— Moral of the story… 6:00 into the period… people randomly walking all over the section *eyeroll*
— Best Sammy Woo line of the night…..
Gimme a … P…..A……R….. I…..S……E!!
Nah that don’t work…. too long….
Gimme a…… Z……A…….K
(everyone) IT’S C!!!
IT’S AN H!!!!!!
…. we tried!!!!

(Good God.. I do it again on Friday… bring the rage!!!)


  1. In our section we started a ‘Last place Islanders’ chant at the end of the game…and the two poor Isles fans there actually helped lead it in good fun!

    I wish you’d rip Holik so he could give you the evil eye again during warmups 🙂

  2. I had too much stuff to tap on to get to the nightly NoGoaliking moment

    maybe Friday ???

    Too many rants to blow out there!!!!

    Esp since a 2ma writer saw my usher dancer!!

  3. Trade Pandawful says:

    Kiesha checks tickets and has a sour attitude. 5′ Af-American girl about 21 years old

  4. It would be funny if that was the one I teed off on…

    to add to this more….

    they check your ticket upon entry
    they check your ticket to the resturant, even though they ALREADY checked you
    they then check it AGAIN when you go to your seat… I mean WTF, just leave me alone and stop bothering me since I know where I am going!

  5. Trade Pandawful says:

    i told her on Monday to be a little more pleasant if she wanted to keep her job

  6. Dick Dastardly says:

    Watching Greene get wrong-footed in the left circle, the puck handler fly by and then Greene reaching out and taking the penalty WHILE the Islanders score, so that they get the score AND the power play… those sure are nifty moves – if Greene is getting paid under the table by Charles Wang, that is. The guy can be sooo good and then sooo bad in the same shift.

  7. Hey if ya wanna nitpick play by play, Greene also had a keep or two at the blue line that I found nifty as well

    I wish I hadn’t been so tired, or I may re-start my old NoGoalik bashing… I just expect so LITTLE from him now

  8. Did Jamie lose a tooth last night?
    He wasn’t bleeding when he got the high-stick to the mouth but when they interview him, he had a gap in that pretty little smile of his.

  9. hey scott, how about after the game (as of late)….they close down the lower section of the stair case making it harder to leave the arena and causes a HUGE fire hazard by the escalators?….i mean i feel you on the ticket usher people..i mean for christ sakes, we wear jersey’s with our section number on it, but i think the fire hazard issue i mentioned is a little more extreme….see you friday lap man

  10. Rico Suave says:

    yep kristyn, jamie lost a tooth in the first. high sticking called, and he was trying to get a 4 minute out of it but the ref just gave 2.

  11. Mike. I’ve noticed the traffic pile up in the steps of late (is that why it happens) I just get off and cut through the suites section and jump out the goal bar… least it’s a bit safer !!!

    You’re right, but when you deal with bullshit in every aspect of your life you run out of tolerance for it in your entertainment decisions… least if I burned to death in an arena fire I’d be dead and not care anymore :p

  12. lol scott….fair do’s…i however want to live forever..infanite genie style…but what they do is NOT safe…infact I unconventionally called out the security team during the aftermath of the ranger game screaminf “this is how devil/ranger fights start”…seriously…crowding a hallwall ful of devils/rangers fans is NOT rather be checked for my ticket 7 times then be stuck in a stair case full of rival fans after the game ends

  13. There are more dopes in the building. The attitude that they give you when you want to buy an incredibly overpriced and not very tasty hot dog can make you feel like you’re asking them to pick up my dog’s poop.

    And the thing with talking to you without looking at you, just to make sure you know they are soooo above selling you food. What IS that.

    I am normally seated in the lower section, and have to say, those ushers are very nice, and not annoying at all.