Wow. Just, Wow.

Alright, so let’s establish the obvious — last night sucked. The game sucked, the line-shuffling sucked, wasting a house full of Devils fans sucked, and the hoards of obnoxious children sitting in front of me sucked. Oh, and the Islanders trapped us like a bunch of fools all night long. That sucked, too. Seriously — how the frosty hell do you get shut-down by you’re own defensive style?! Jeebus.

Moving on, there’s only one thing I think that sucked more than the aforementioned suck-factors: The way the Islanders are getting shafted by the Town of Hempstead.

It truly was a disgusting display of “affection” by the town at last night’s game. Ok, we all know the situation with the Lighthouse Project, right? Well, if not, you’ll have to do your homework before you can understand this. But, let’s begin with the ceremonial puck-drop preceding the game. Town Receiver of Taxes, Donald X. Clavin, Jr., was greeted to a downpouring of boos as he walked out to drop the puck between Jamie Langenbrunner and Bill Guerin. Later on, during a TV-Timeout, a video played to a packed Coliseum from Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray proclaiming “We’re All Islanders!” and “Hempstead Loves The Islanders!” — her promo was even more ill-received than Clavin’s puck-drop. Not to mention the loyal Islander fans are being teased mercilessly as every game they are shown the preview-promo of the Lighthouse Project before the pre-game warmups.

Just seeing the Town slap the team in the face with that kind of blatant “we’re pretending to give a sh!t” PR-attempt was downright nauseating. I mean, c’mon. Ok, yes, I am a Devils fan. But I live on Long Island and have respect for the Islander franchise — as almost all Devils fans do — and, despite the rivalry, I would love to see the Lighthouse Project become a reality. However, if Hempstead is not willing to pony up the cash to get the project rolling, they should keep their promos and fake-love the hell out of the Coliseum and anything else related to the Islanders. The fans aren’t stupid and don’t deserve to see half-hearted, smile-through-your-teeth “apologies” from the town that is pretty much banishing the franchise from the Island altogether. It’s a bush-league way of giving the proverbial “finger” to one of the Island’s greatest assets – the fans that practically empty their wallets to sit in a Mausoleum and watch the NHL’s worst franchise try to stay alive.

I may not feel your pain, Islander fans, but I feel for anyone that has to take it on the chin like that from their elected officials. Hopefully, the overwhelmingly negative reception of those promos will open some eyes and get something rolling.

Oh, and nice job on the shut-out.



  1. Not sure if you guys would really care but you might find it interesting that last night the Lighthouse gave out 200 free tickets to project supporters (they ran a mini contest thing through their facebook profile and their official blog). I won a pair and the face value was 50 a ticket.

  2. Has anyone else noticed how often Cangialosi says the word “now” while calling the game? No joke, at one point he said “now” in five sentences straight. I like the guy all in all, obviously no Doc but at least he’s enthusiastic, but it gets really annoying. Or am I being too nitpicky?

  3. Who’s the guy they booed?

  4. sheeps – Up to now, I had honestly never noticed. But now I’m going to be paying attention every game he calls now, with every “now” grating on my every nerve. Now look what you’ve done, thanks alot! 🙂

  5. Steve is such a jinx! Whenever he does a broadcast he has to point out that whoever is in net for the Devils is closing in on a shutout halfway through the third and they blow it within a minute. Or when the Devils are killing a penalty he has to mention that they’ve killed their last 15 or whatever and then the streak ends. When you’ve got a good thing going, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT!

  6. Cangialosi? Oof. Last year he was getting on my nerves, not so much this year though. I just hated the constant “SHARP ANGLE SHYIAT!” with just about every shot that was taken. No matter where it was from.

  7. Is Sid the Kid a wimp? I wish he didn’t back down from OV in the game.

  8. Now Josh, I don’t understand how you didn’t notice the now’s up until now. Next time you hear a bunch of now’s you’ll say to yourself, “Now I see what Sheeps was talking about, maybe now I should figure out how many times Cangialosi says now as an average per minute, starting now.” … “My god, now I realize how many times Cangialosi says now, I will now mute him.”

  9. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Lol @ “sharp angle shyiat”.