Thoughs from Section 209…. Devils/Avs, 2/26/2009

It’s funny how the more things change… the more they stay the same isn’t it??? For the first time in what feels like forever, the Devils are at 100% full-strength… and kinda just took it out on the Avalanche essentially (and entertainingly) toying with them all game…. it’s 7 years late… but oh well… can’t bitch too much tonight!! And yeah there was an important injury return or two tonight…..

— I had to start with this here because I wasn’t sure where to put it since it’s neither good nor bad nor funny …. so it goes first…. comments on the return of MB30 (and get used to it I will not call him by his name as long as he wears that damn mask which is not only ugly and silly looking but it will drive me INSANE until it’s burned in a fit of roid rage… wait that’s baseball players…. taking off the team logo and putting your own stupid logo is the classic “I am more important then the team thing” (guess the hockey Gods showed him this year :p)…. and it just annoys me… but i’m good at being annoyed)… yeah he looked good and played well… was hardly tested… hell Zach Parise had the best save of the night…. and it was nice to see MB30 get the big pop from the crowd on his return… but geeezeeeee… you’d think this team was the 8-9 seed and fighting for their playoff lives instead of a-top of the conference….

And I guess this leads to part 2 of my whole MB30 time here…. I was kinda worried about this… and in a few ways… kinda sad he’s back… I know… you just spit out your coffee… but here let me explain and no matter how blind an MB30 backer you may be… admit it… the 4 months without him have been FUN and about this ENTIRE TEAM… and not some guy chasing an empty regular season record that NO ONE cares about (well two of them if you count shutouts)…. each night was kinda fun an unpredictable… and it’s why this year has been the most fun I’ve ever sat through as an observing fan… and I guess I’m just bummed out the ride is over… it’s like the teacher is back in the classroom and it’s time to get serious, ya know?

the Good:
— this was the most alive I’ve seen the crowd in the building for a non-Ranger game in a long long long time, and that was kinda good to see people come back to life (and any night you have a 20 minute chant about T-Cells…. it’s fun!!)
— Paul Martin was back too and didn’t seem to skip a beat, hell he even had two assists!
— Zach Parise had a sick game… the goal of the night… the save of the night and kept the play alive in that 2 minute sequence where Zajac FINALLY scored (it looked like an NHL 09 shift where you just keep shooting until there is no surrender!!) MVParise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Elias and Gionta also both looked pretty sharp tonight and it was nice to see Patrik get in the goal column again… if those two top lines are going come tax time, this team is going to be a MAJOR force in the NHL Playoffs
— so now MB30 has a 4 month shutout string eh?? *heh*
— blinking and see 1-0 Rangers, become 2-1 Panthers… I admit I *LOL*-ed a tiny bit!

the Bad:
— Man Colorado is a dreadful team… no life… no effort… less goaltending, some of that was the Devils buzzsawing them
— ummm… it’s kinda hard to find something else out there to bitch about in this one, penalty killing was perfect, power play clicked…. 4 goals, Elias scored… well you can say that the 3rd and 4th lines were kinda
quiet and Holik was not-so-good… but then you’re just pissing on the MB30-party…

the Funny:
— on my way to arena some silly person trying to scam money from people by asking for bus-far since “his brother never came to pick him up”…. I feel the need now to carry a sign “HOCKEY FAN CARRIES NO CASH” just to keep that kinda crap to a minimal level.. and besides… I never DO carry cash (well unless the people I sell my extra tickets to actually pay me that night!)… my poor debit card looks more used and beat up then any level of Sean Avery sloppy seconds… heh an Avery joke in MB30-reunion night….
— as I was walking my laps before the game I saw some fan who looked JUST LIKE Bobby Holik (well just a lot younger and skinnier… poor bastard… well unless it’s his kid… then he’s justa rich, ugly bastard :p)
— I do always get a kick out of some stuck-up hockey mom getting pissy at the over the top and way drunken commentary from our section (and like I said… 209 was ALIVE tonight)… but this silly mom… it’s ok for your 4 year old kid to say that Scott Gomez loves the cock (and he’s in the right place for it… well unless the NHL goes to San Francisco)… but yet you get upset and cover the kids’ ears when they make a silly joke about “T-Cells….. but who’s buying”… CMON HOCKEY-MOM!!!! Parents are weird I tell ya!


  1. Dammit… I forgot to ask… are we still trying to do the live-cap remote from the beloved Sun Tavern on Tuesday?? :p

  2. I’m still in, I hope. I’ll have a better idea Monday night. Where exactly is it? I couldn’t find it when I was driving to class the other day.

  3. Parkway to Exit 137…make a left (either way… north or south)…. see a Welcome to Roselle park sign… look right.. it’s literally right next to the parkway!

  4. only reason this teams looked faster when “mb30” went down was rebounds. clemmer gives up a rebound every shot so the game is more up-tempo. that makes for sloppier play from the opposing d having to constantly regroup. mb30 smothers mostly everything. slows the game down itself. when he went down we showed the system of forchecking like hell and back checking harder shine.

  5. lol, that same guy told me the story about his brother not picking him….as for marty…THANK CHRIST! As good as clemmer has been, lets not get stupid, we will NEED brodeur in the clutch…this year WILL be his playoff turn around

  6. corey, have you watched the AvsMonkeys this year besides last night??

    They’re NOT a good team….they have some feisty players but so do the Islanders….

    and now that he’s playing BOTH games this weekend (nice to see he’s learned his lesson ain’t it??)…. if he plays well in both games… we can call him 100% back

  7. I still think there’s a lot left to the season and not just with Marty – Parise could well vault himself into Hart consideration if he hasn’t already. And who knows what’ll happen by next Wednesday.

    I know you don’t care about seeding and records, for me I wouldn’t mind seeing more home playoff games this year with the new building and better crowd – we didn’t really have ANY home playoff games last year. And while the SO record is a bit of a statistic, the W record is big especially because they’ve all come here.

    I was so honed in on the end of the Devils game I didn’t even know about the Panthers getting two and winning till I got on the bus and irony was the Panthers fan on the bus said that the Rangers lost, I chuckled and said ‘My heart bleeds’.

  8. Has, my eye is on having him honed and READY for the tournament (I don’t know why I’ve been obsessing on calling the playoffs that… maybe it’s all the times I clean out my poor loser friends in hold em ;p)

    It sounds stupid and contradictory… but I worry more about how they are playing come April rather then wins or losses, the playoffs now are more about match-ups and momentum as opposed to seeding

    (and yes I am amused how Tortorella is brought into NY to fix the offense and he’s good for a goal a game!)

  9. my comment had nothing to do with how awful the avs are, even though your right in the fact that they hardly tested him at all. all i was saying is every game without marty the team looked faster. game keeps going when a goalie cant cover the puck. i didnt think the devils played all that great offensivly infront of him thursday but pulled it out because colorado blows. they went like 1-5 after marty was injured because they had to adjust to a goalie who kicks the puck back out into play, therefor having to become a faster team. i think, however, the confidence of this offense was given one hell of a boost when they realized they can score. this is a good thing because even though people are worried about rust, marty WILL be marty and this offense will score a couple. so maybe not this weekend but soon to come i think were in for a lot of 3 or 4-1 games.

  10. As much as I was surprised he played today, I’m not too worried about overplaying Marty when there’s only 20 or so games left, he doesn’t tend to wear out till April and this year April will be more like December for him.

    And the ‘tournament’ thing, you just secretly like Parcells rotflmao. That’s the only person I can think of offhand who refers to the playoffs as the tournament.

  11. I hope Parcells dies in a pool of fat and his own worthless groceries :p

    I think I actually got it from the Hockey Night in Canada guys last year, since I am watching it now…it makes more sense that way then a fat out of date asshole overrated NFL coach!

    I’m annoyed because:
    1. WHEN can you play Weekes then? (march 18?)
    2. the IMPORTANT game is tomorrow

    God we made Florida look BAD today

    2 home games AND the end of the month at once?? ACK!!