So, He’s Back.

Hey, You know what would go really well with Martin Brodeur returning to the Devils lineup? How about Sean Avery bringing his circus act back to Broadway.

Oh wait, HE DID.

Yes, Glen Sather has once again reminded the Ranger faithful why their beloved blueshirts are where they are.

Y’know, don’t worry about the fact the Rangers have only amassed 159 goals — third fewest in the conference — despite names like Gomez, Drury, Naslund, and Zherdev buzzing around every game. Nevermind the fact that Henrik Lundqvist couldn’t stop a 747 from going top-shelf glove-side. No, no — Sean Avery is the answer. Right. Well. Good luck with that. Guess he already forgot who he put behind the bench.

Get the popcorn ready, there is a bomb about to go off on 34th St — and hey, where better to watch the festivities from than just across the Hudson?! 😉


  1. Brian Finkel says:

    LOL that’s such a great story Joe…just too funny.

    I think it’s great how when Marty went down Rangers fans were all over us especially since fans, media, etc are always saying how great he is and we rely on him and now we’re screwed….then we end up doing almost as well without him!

    It’s too funny because they’ve spent so much on that team. Redden’s been going downhill for a few yrs now and Naslund’s points have dropped the last 3yrs. He was great with Morrison and Bert but that line’s long gone.

    I think THE game to look forward to now is March 30th. Last meeting between the two teams and with Avery back it’ll be real interesting to see how welcoming we are 🙂

  2. Rico Suave says:

    regarding avery, i certainly don’t care. i’m much more interested in our cup shot than watching the rangers fall apart even more. will be a nice thing to laugh at over the summer though.

    devils are tied with boston and san jose for most wins in the nhl. let’s say it together, WE WANT THE CUP!!

  3. Best non-Wonka picture in the post Patty age.

  4. Yeah. It’s true Slats is senile based on last summer. In the end, it cost them Dawes and Prucha for Morris which really was about 2 things. The playoffs and clearing necessary cap space for re-signing Dubi and Zherdev.

    It’s true that the big guns have failed but that was also partially due to Renney’s system which stifled any creativity. They have a good skating team and already there’s a noticeable difference under an attacking coach like Tort.

    As for Avery, go and make fun of him but at the end of the day, he can be a pretty effective player. Only time will tell on that.

    Nice job with the deadline. We had our own coverage. Sure was fun.