Here we go!! It’s a day that is always as hectic as it is fun, and we’ll be bringing all the coverage we can, right here — LIVE!

Late breaking reports this morning are that perhaps one of the biggest names being tossed around — Chris Pronger — has been taken off the market. That may put a damper on today’s festivities but hey, stranger things have happened.

Refresh this page often as we will be posting trade updates as they break as well as commentary, comment responses, and other tidbits throughout the day.



3:04PM EST

New York Rangers acquire D Derek Morris.

Phoenix acquires Dmitri Kalinin, Nigel Dawes, Petr Prucha.



2:49PM EST

Toronto acquires 2009 2nd Round Pick & Condition Pick.

New York Rangers acquires Nik Antropov.


2:46PM EST

Phoenix acquires Scottie Upshall, 2009 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Philadelphia acquires Daniel Carcillo.


2:10PM EST

Pittsburgh acquires F Bill Guerin

New York Islanders acquire 2009 5th Round Draft Pick. [The Pick will become a 4th Round Pick should PIT qualify for the Playoffs, and will improve to a 3rd Round Pick should PIT win a Playoff Round.]


1:27PM EST

Boston acquires F Mark Recchi, 2010 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Tampa Bay acquires Matt Lashoff, Martins Karsums.


12:43PM EST

Phoenix acquires Matt Lombardi, Brandon Prust, 2009 1st Round Draft Pick.

Calgary acquires Olli Jokinen, 2009 3rd Round Draft Pick.

Steve Says: I don’t like Jokinen, he looks like an angry baby. Nonetheless, I’m glad we won’t have to worry about Calgary til the Stanley Cup, ‘cosร‚ย any team that gets the Flames in a playoff series ain’t getting out without a pile of bruises with the likes of Phaneuf, Bertuzzi and now Olli on their squad.


12:41PM EST

Boston acquires D Steve Montador

Anaheim acquires F Petteri Nokelainen


12:26PM EST

    ::: WAIVER ROUND-UP :::

Toronto claims G Martin Gerber, Eric Reitz off Waivers.

Dallas Claims C Brendan Morrison off Waivers.

Pittsburgh claims Craig Adams off Waivers. Miroslav Satan clears Waivers.

Aaron Voros has cleared Waivers.


12:14PM EST

Buffalo acquires G Mikael Tellqvist

Phoenix acquires 2010 4th Round Draft Pick


11:51AM EST

Pittsburgh acquires D Andy Wozniewski

St. Louis acquires D Danny Richmond


11:44AM EST:

Colorado acquire Lawrence Nycholat, D Ryan Wilson, 2009 2nd Round Draft Pick

Calgary acquires Jordan Leopold


10:48AM EST:

Buffalo has re-signed C Tim Connolly to a two-year extension worth $4.5 million per season.

10:17AM EST:

Ottawa has re-signed D Filip Kuba to a 3-year contract worth $3.7 million per season.

9:59AM EST:

Ottawa Senators acquire G Pascal Leclaire.

Columbus acquires Antoine Vermette, 2009 2nd Round Draft Pick.


9:22AM EST:

LA Kings have signed D Sean O’Donnell to a contract extension. Terms were not disclosed.


  1. I kinda figured Ottawa was making a move for LeClaire, I thought it was a good idea a couple months ago, and then they let Gerber go.

  2. The Leclaire trade should make Devils fans happy. Clemmensen’s market value should increase with this trade and get Lou at least 2 2nd round picks, maybe an extra player or prospect, or – dare I say – a first rounder.

  3. Brian Finkel says:

    Watching live to see the trades too?

    It’s such a good station I wish they made a American version like the nhl network….I mean, they started at 8am!

    It’s like what ESPN does for the nfl combine or mlb draft.

    Reading the ESPN chat yesterday I liked this comment.

    “Dan (Jersey): Any thought on the Havelid deal?

    SportsNation Pierre LeBrun: Really nice pickup. Underrated player. Really sneaky pickup by Lou. As a Devils fan you should be really happy. Good two-way player with good hockey smarts ”

    Versus was talking about it as well after the Avs-Isles game and said he was 4th in the league in blocked shots not to mention what Josh said about his +4 on a bad team.

    We were never gonna get JayBo and Neidermayer’s staying with the team so this is a good deal. Florida might end up keeping him being in 6th and I don’t blame them taking it as far as they can go. I just don’t get why he wouldn’t want to stay now. They’ve been horrible for so long but they’re players are so much better this yr.

  4. I agree with your sentiments on the Leclaire trade, Aaron. Hopefully something can get done for Scott’s sake.

  5. If we get a first rounder for Clemmensen I will get in line tonight to kiss Lou’s feet at the next home game.

  6. Joe-

    Lou’s not just a business guy. He’s always shown his players loyalty, which is why so many return. I would say that he has two reasons to trade Clemmer:
    1) A 25-game winner is a hot commodity and Lou stands to get something good for him.
    2) It gives Clemmer a chance to start with a team that’s looking for a solid goalie.

    Do I know which one is the stronger? No. But I know Lou tends to think this way.

  7. I’m with you Aaron. TG reported that Lou pretty much promised Clemmer he’d try to trade him, I assume to give Clemmer a chance to play in the NHL for the rest of the year. I think it makes sense for both sides, really.

  8. At least Toronto has a decent goalie now.

  9. Hey Kristyn! Thought you weren’t skipping school for trade deadline day? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Gerber’s a tough read. When he’s the backup, he’s a solid goalie. When he’s the starter, he caves. Look at him in Carolina and Ottawa. Cam Ward and Ray Emery took the job from him and now he’s in the minors. IMO this is just what the Leafs don’t need after getting Clemmensen, Raycroft, Toskala, CuJo, and now him.

  11. As for Montador – a solid D-man with playoff experience could help a faceless D in Boston. They need to do something if they’ve won 3 out of their last 11.

  12. Hi Josh,
    I’m not skipping…just very lucky to be in a class with a computer and a back corner seat! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Haha, nice.

  14. Brian Finkel says:

    I would’ve liked to see Clemmer get a chance with a good team but I can’t blame them keeping him.

    Panger said it was just lip service, no way they’d trade him with how good he played just in case something happens.

    I wouldn’t either to be honest any more because who would’ve expected Marty to be hurt.

    I was kinda surprised they didn’t trade Weekes though, Clemmer should be the backup.

    Anyone watching Tsn’s streaming feed?

  15. Can someone explain to me how the Rangers keep finding cap room to pay these overpriced “stars”?

    Morris is making $3.95M
    Antropov is making $2.15M

    They got rid of
    Dimitry Kalinin ($2.1M)
    Nigel Dawes ($587k)
    Petr Prucha ($1.6M) – WTF?!?! Someone’s paying that much money for a guy to be a consistent healthy scratch?!?!

    How do the Rangers have an extra $2.35M in cap room with Zherdev, Drury, Gomez, Naslund, and Lundqvist on their roster?

  16. Aaron – Rangers can afford it because there are less than 20 games to go… so those #’s you list are for the entire season

  17. The SRG says:

    @ Joe Bechtel and Josh Burnett…

    Guys, I’ve tried contacting you through the “contact” link at the top of the screen, but each time my email gets returned, saying your’s is an unknown address???

    How do we email you guys, because [email protected] doesn’t work.

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ The SRG

  18. The SRG – add us on facebook, that’s probably the best method of contact for the moment. Search for TwoMan Advantage, or go back a couple of posts and click the link in Patty’s goodbye post. I don’t have the link on me right now as I’m not home.

    On an unrelated note, we’re getting some talented spammers lately. One posted with the name Jay Bouwmeester, on trade deadline day, but linked to a money making website. Points for creativity, spamman. Points for creativity.

  19. ::: THE SRG :::

    You can e-mail me personally if you’d like: joebechtel at gmail dot com


  20. What Darren said Aaron. Plus remember, they freed up space by sending Voros and Bell down who each cleared. Once the Antropov deal was made, it pretty much spelled the end for Prucha and Dawes due to the roster with Avery coming. I wish both luck and hope they do well.

    Joe, I felt kinda bad for Clemmensen. He sure was tremendous for you guys. Maybe they’re keeping him as insurance just in case.