Thoughts from Section 209…. Devils vs Mickey Mouse Club, 3/12/09!

Well that was a fun little beat down last night wasn’t it?? kinda what the doctor ordered!! And anytime we can shit on Wayne Gretzky for 2+ hours and be RIGHT… it’s all good!!!

the Good:
— Zach Parise in 14 seconds… and it’s over?? Holy Shit even Todd lasted longer :p
— all 4 lines scored, nice to see this team flex it’s depth!!
— mb30 had to WORK some in the 3rd period (it was like Gretzky had bet the over and had to work to get the 6.5 over/under!)… but again the last game goal was annoying (Clemmy scared the shit out of me but his only reward this year seems the Jennings Trophy and as much as I HATE regular-season awards I wanna see mb30 go up there and have to thank Clemmy for being the reason we got this!)
— Bryce Salvador… great all around game (seems to be liking like with Havelid) and he was ROBBED of the 3rd star last night!
— oh the fights were 5-stars tonight… a LOUD and clear message… DO NOT FUCK WITH THE TIME HONORED TRADITION OF FIGHTING IN THE NHL!!!!!!!!!!!

the Bad:
— Brett Russo and our National Anthem… it’s like almost as bad as letting Wayne Gretzky be a hockey coach!!! (that team should be WAY better then 14th, admit it!)
— not too much… taking it easy after scoring 2 goals on 3 shots and letting the Mouseketters get back in the game off a power play goal… mere annoyance!
— umm… feel bad for the girl who brought the WE BELIEVE IN WEEKES sign… poor kid… never again :p
— my laps have sped up to the point around the arena that the bored to death vendors think I am somehow cheating because I can walk a quarter mile in 3 minute 30??

the Funny:
— and was there!!! Changing the chant from PHOENIX SUCKS… to GRETZKY SUCKS (my little moment of fun and boy was it amusing!!!)
— as per 209 tradition… Pete gets nice and sauced before each game and likes to heckle the other team’s goalie…. but he’s sauced so tough names like… AULD… becaome hard for him… so it’s usually… hey Scott… who’s the goalie??? he asks me tonight… and I’m like… fuck…. ummm… I don’t know!!!!!
So he pauses for a second (this has never happened in my 2 seasons of going….)


(you knew it was a matter of time before I jumped into other things besides wanting to see $2000 a night shirt tossing douche boy die painfully!!!)

I think called him Torchbag once too???
— and of course… the old 99 heckling…. all osrts of goodness came out…
mouse ears…..”Mickey Mouse song fests with angry Gretzky comments”
… and of course the 3rd period serenade of “It’s a small world after all”… that was nice!!

man I hope that arrogant prick really hates coming to our building!!!! 🙂
— and what’s scarier is with the NJDevs Bar Crawl and St. Patty’s day… oh … my… god is Tuesday gonna be a cluster fuck!!!!! (can’t wait!!)


  1. Shit! I hate when I do this!!

    I forgot to add all the beautiful synergy with the South Park/Mickey Mouse goodness attached!!!!

    CMON BRAIN!!!! :p

  2. I love the Devils, but Gretzky is my favorite player of all time, so I cannot join in on the razzing of the Great One. In one way or another, he’s the reason each of us are here.

  3. You might want to rethink your statement…

    I’m not a fan because of 99….
    I’m not a fan because of 66….
    I’m not a fan because the game was on a certain “sports” TV network…..
    I’m CERTAINLY not a fan because of 87 or even #8 (no matter how much unlike the others I LIKE Ovechkin)

    I’m a Devils fan because the girl I was dating in 1993, got me in front of a TV and a Sega Genesis and I got hooked on the game and then Valeri Zelepukin stuffed a shot past Mike Ricther with 7 seconds left and I was a fan for LIFE

    and plus he deserves shit for life for being asshole enough to trash an organization that was struggling at the time… much like the team that should be firing his ass at coach is now… karma is a mean bitch and I am enjoying her wrath on gamblin’ gretzky!

  4. Hey… how about all those “Hey Clutch” bellows …. I’m not sure where to place that… maybe between the good and bad 🙂

  5. My all-time favorite HEY CLUTCH moment was when you had the little fan section… that was pure comedy… dancing girls and everything… get them the hell back!!!!

    Though you no-selling it more often then not only motivates him!

  6. One of my friends (who’s from Arizona) is a Coyotes fan. I came up behind him 2nd period and just yelled ‘MICKEY MOUSE CLUB!’

    I mean, c’mon, I love Gretzky just for the fact that he’s a hockey God and I’m a hockey fan but I’ve always respected him a little less after hearing the story of the Mickey-Mouse-Comment.

  7. I actually do respect Gretzky and as I wrote on another blog, can’t really hold a 25-year old comment said in frustration against him, but I do enjoy it to no end when the crowd unites to razz someone mercilessly!

  8. I had a little fan section?? when was that and where was I? lol

    Egging Pete on it just part of the “bit” gotta keep it fresh… next game, how many songs must I “dance” too to make him happy lol

  9. It was like about two months ago… damned if I remember it anymore!!!

    Hey anyone’s dancing that keeps us away from the $2,000 a night retard, I Wholly approve of! he rushes all his chants anyway… feels like he’s missing something if he doesn’t:
    1. Let’s Go Devils
    2. Hey goalie you suck
    3. SANTA

    with in the first five minutes… boy needs to learn to pace himself!!!