Open Letter to the NJ Devils:

(Yes I am still fighting this shakedown and I will until it’s resolved :p)

I sent this email to [email protected] in response to the “Frozen Price” shakedown… feel free to pass it on to the 209ers and do the same!! And I want as many of us in the $25 seats to make a shit about this so we get done right!!!

I’ve been a loyal season ticket holder with this club since 2003, I’ve been buying tickets to Devils games since 1993. I’m very distressed with the new season ticket plans you’ve offered me for the 2009-2010 season

I feel I am being done very wrong by this new plan.
As a man on a budget and planning a wedding in the next year or so… I’ve been very careful to allocate my money so I can keep my Devils tickets going… as I had planned when I first bought my seats in Section 209, I had bought them with the plans of being the only person to ever see a hockey game in those seats and I intend to keep doing it as so….

However, I have a major objection to the current payment plans for the season tickets.

I had planned out all year to make my 3 payments in June, July and August as had been done every year before. I am also self-employed and I take a major hit paying my taxes each and every April.

With this in mind, and knowing a second playoff invoice is on the way I find this new Season ticket “pay by April 17 to keep my prices plan” to be completely unfair and unacceptable… how am I supposed to pay in full when I don’t know what the full price will be (there will be playoff credits… there always are). I was even planning on expanding to a third ticket as my future wife will also be settled in the area and using my season tickets was my plan to get her hooked on Devils hockey as well.

But after an almost 50% raise in my ticket prices since the opening of the Prudential Center (and I have researched around the league, NO TEAM charges you $29 a seat to sit in the second to last row of the arena)… I am very distressed and feel I am being priced out of the arena unfairly and I am not the only one who thinks and feels like this in my section. Our little group in Section 209 has become a family
and quite honestly ourselves and Section 233 are the only reason that arena is not a silent morgue most nights of the year.

Pricing us out like this under the guise of “well if you pay it now you keep your price” is completely unacceptable…. all we ask for is that you reward our loyalty and be fair to us like I would to any of my customers and let mus make out payments in June, July and August like we have done so loyally year after year.

I’m very upset at this change in policy and I find it unfair that you are doing this to the true hardcore fans and families that choose the NJ Devils as their lone entertainment source for the year.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. Dick Dastardly says:

    I’m sorry Scott. But business is business. It is in the Devils’ best interest to separate you from your money as quickly as possible for a number of reasons.

    Most substantially, the Devils don’t know how the economic downturn will affect ticket sales next year. This is a franchise that has a historic problem selling tickets. In 2003, the first sellout of the season was the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s pathetic.

    With a deep recession and an expectation of more unemployment in the area, it makes sense for the Devils to entice you pay up early. Then if you lose your job, they still get your money.

    They can’t tell you what the ticket prices will be next year because of a number of variables – how deep do they go in the playoffs this year? How bad does the recession hit their season ticket sales? What will the salary cap bring?

    I’m in a bad place too. I don’t know if my company will lay off in 6 weeks or 6 months and if they do, will I still be here? My daughter is going to college in the fall and she goes to the majority of games with me. If she goes out of state, what is my motivation to keep buying season tickets? I probably won’t. There isn’t enough up-side for me to assume the risk.

    But you can’t blame the Devils for trying.

  2. So you squeeze your loyal fans who have shown they have committed year after year??


    you want to do this for NEW people wanting to commit to STH, that’s fine and dandy, but like you said… raising the prices 50% in the biggest economic downturn since the Jimmy Carter years?? That’s pretty shitty!

    (not to mention remember how they bragged AFFORDABLE SEATS ALL OVER when the arena opened?? That lasted long didn’t it??)

    All you’re going to do is make people walk away from their tickets and not come back… you ain’t replacing those people with new people in this financial state of the world

    and you think if I was idiot enough to pay in full now… how fast would I get my playoff credit refund… try two months… you know… it’s being milked in some interest bearing account then…. fuck that!

    This is a sham and dammit I’m calling them out on it!!!

    Either be right to your loyal fans (like I said I’ll deal with sitting in 208)… or my ass is only going to road games from here on out… I have 12 more cities to hit anyway :p

  3. Dick Dastardly says:

    Scott, I think you are looking at this the wrong way. I don’t see this as the Devils sqeezing their fan base. I see this as the Devils offering an incentive to commit early.

    You’d have to be on crack to not expect at least a little price bump in ticket sales year over year. The offer of a price freeze is a motivator for the season ticket holder who will absolutely be buying next year’s tickets and wants to avoid exposure to a seasonal price increase.

    I respect the fact that you are upset that others will get the benefit of this program and you will not, but it isn’t like the Devils won’t take your money in June, when you want to give it to them. It’s just that they won’t offer you the same sweet deal they are offering people in order to get them to pay early.

    And if you think the Devils are squeezing their fan base unfairly, talk to the Yankees, Mets, Jets and Giants fans who are paying DEARLY just for the right to buy their tickets in their new stadiums.

    I’m not unsympathetic, but complaining about a program the Devils are using as an incentive for their fans to pay early by calling it something else just sounds like sour grapes that you won’t be able to enjoy the incentive yourself.

  4. Yay Scott!
    Fight the power!
    I’d be pissed too if I were in your shoes.

  5. the concept is great… NOT the execution…

    you want to motivate me to pay early… do what they did with the playoff tickets… that was brilliant… do what they are doing with the prizes and the giveaways… are they rewarding you for paying early… yes

    but now they are also PUNISHING you if you don’t pay early

    incentives and punishments in the same sentence is a blatant contradiction inside the same sentence….

    baseball and the NFL have a million times the fan base to be able to do this

    the Rangers can do it because they have been here forever… the Devils have a generation and a half of fans and are JUST NOW coming into terms of respectable attendance numbers

    imagine the Islanders or Nets trying this insanity??

  6. Now you think the playoff thing was genius? You were killing that at the time too.

    I do wonder at what point during the 2008-09 playoffs will they start hitting us up for ’09-10 playoff deposits since every bill’s coming earlier and earlier.

  7. Dick Dastardly says:

    With all due respect, the only person putting incentive and punishment in the same sentence is you.

    The Devils may well have a price increase. They might have a steep price increase, though I’d say that would be foolish. This is part of the cost of doing business. Players contracts will be more expensive. Their amortization of the new facility you are enjoying will be more expensive. Every organization with a long term plan has investments that they look to for additional revenue. Vanderbeek’s investments took a beating this year, I’m sure. This is not the Devils punishing the fans. It is a price increase. It happens.

    What we have here is an incentive program. If you pay early, they will freeze your price at today’s level. They can afford to do this if you pay early because they’ll get the benefit of the additional interest revenue, but I’d still say they’re taking a hit of the deal. They real reason is most likely the desire to get people to commit to the season while they still have jobs, given this economy.

    The difference between the raffle program they ran for the playoffs and this one is with the playoff raffle, you earned a chance at a reward. With the price freeze, everyone who pays early is guaranteed a reward – the difference between today’s prices and next season’s. The guarantee is better.

    Again, no offense, but it sounds like you’re just pissed because you can’t take advantage of it.

  8. Has, I liked the playoff idea (again I thought it was a little early… but I paid it in FULL without pitching a bitch!)

    and see THAT’S my point

    so 2 months after the 09-10 rape is in… ACT NOW AND SAVE ON 2010-11 SEASON TICKETS!!!

    Cart before the horse!!

    the salary cap is NOT going up next year

    no I’m pissed because it’s NOT A REWARD!!!!

    and you’re pulling the same bullshit the Devils will when they never get back to me on it…. pay now… or get PUNISHED and have to pay more

    it’s a shakedown on a NJ Govt-Type level!!!

  9. I just looked at the full season ticket page on the Devs site (in my sad attempt to beg my family to make an investment in full season tickets…) and looked at the “super prizes” and regular prizes.

    Have those always been there or is that new this season?

  10. I have to agree with what was said above. The Devils are probably worried about selling tickets in this economic time. Yes, it might suck but at the end of the day, its a business they need to run and maybe the way they do it loses a few fans but honestly, season tickets for $1200 a year isn’t bad at all..

  11. So you’re THAT worried that you’re going to raise the price on the most affordable seat in the arena over 30%??

    And people tell ME I’m spiting myself on this one??

  12. Dick Dastardly says:

    I agree with Jon Stewart… “Cheap populism is oddly arousing…”

    You make it sound like Vanderbeek is just soaking us all for a king’s ransom and happily skipping off to the bank every year. The Devils have to go deep in the playoffs every year to make an appreciable profit. When they have an early exit, or heavan forbid miss the playoffs, they barely break even.

    So, what is it that you expect the Devils to do? They dropped prices on entire sections of seats in the arena and it didn’t have an appreciable affect on attendance. If anything, it cost the team money, since people who were coming anyway took advantage of the cheaper seats.

    If Vanderbeek wasn’t a local guy who was willing to take a revenue hit in order to keep the Devils in Jersey, if he thought with his checkbook and not with his heart, he could move the team to a region that desparately wants an NHL franchise and would pack the stadium every night regardless of the amount of outreach he does. Like maybe Winnepeg.

    But he doesn’t do that because he does care about you Scott. A true fan would recognize the financial realities of rooting for a team that plays to half-full arenas every night, realize that ticket prices will have to increase to make up for the empty seats and stop bitching about it.

    You want a Brodeur and a Parise and an Elias on your team. You just don’t want to have to pay for it. Vanderbeek built a really nice arena. Lou has built a hell of a team. It all costs money. That money has to come largely from ticket sales.

    The organization has done a lot of really inventive things to try to increase ticket sales to avoid price increases. They’ve largely fallen short. If I were you, I’d be more pissed at the “fan” who never shows up for a game than I am at the organization, because it’s that guy who’s costing you money.

  13. Remember two years ago when all the radio commercials bragged the “affordable seats” ($20 and $25 up high)

    ever heard the term…”the first hit is free??”… well that’s what they did… they soaked us all in… got us to fall in love with our seats… and BAM, now we gotcha… pay up (and don’t think they’re not gonna stick this money in some fund somewhere and make the $7 “discount” back on it)

    I think we’ve beaten this point to death by now… and ask anyone who’s known me (either as Scott or simply that lunatic who did recaps :p)… you’re NOT going to convince me I’m wrong when I KNOW I’m not…

    I have Ranger fans agree with me
    my sports-retarded family agrees with me
    non-sports fan people I know agree with me

    but to Devil fans I’m whiny and spoiled…. seriously WTF guys… so I should let them shaft me and keep raising my prices EVERY year and sit and take it???

    The words FUCK THAT come to mind real fast!!

    Like I said… I’ll be either in 208 or road tripping next year.. I’ve drawn my line in the sand

    (and BTW.. it’s been 36 hours and NO response to my email from the Devils… customer service at it’s finest!)

  14. DD, I’m not sure that is true anymore about the Devils needing to go deep into the playoffs to make profit. They get a ton more revenue from this building than they ever did from the CAA, even with having to pay for the arena.

    And they didn’t really drop that many seats this year from last year, just the $49 lower ones and maybe a couple others – if anything next year’s prices by and large represent a much bigger drop than this year’s, the seating chart finally has some sense of reality with no more $100 mezz seats (except in the first row) and a lot more $49 season seats in the lower bowl.

  15. My mom’s in a wheelchair, and (at least last year) it was fricking difficult to get cheap wheelchair seats. I sent a complaint e-mail about this, and it got moved around the office for weeks before I got anything back, and all they said was call us so we can talk about it. The person I was supposed to call wasn’t there a couple times, and I didn’t have the time/energy to keep trying. I can’t tell if their customer service is evil, or just crap, but they certainly suck. Good luck with the seats, I was thinking about season tickets, but I’m less likely to buy in now, especially since it was gonna take a fight to pay for them. I’ll probably go to a couple cheap games, and actually go to the baseball games I was gonna give up for Devils tix, I don’t want to get priced out of my seats after a year or 2.

  16. unfortunately in this world, there is a cost to running everything and sometimes those costs go up on you and in the end, you have to bit the true fan in the ass a little bit and raise their tickets prices 30%. I tend to be a little understanding of this and if it were me, yea I might be a little upset about them raising the price but I’d go into any season ticket understanding that. It’s not like were talking about the what the Giants have done with PSL’ this is about the fact the Devils feel the need to raise prices a little bit. Yes, they bragged about having the most affordable seats but even then I said to people there will come a time and day when they have to raise those prices a bit. It’s a beautiful arena…maybe if they shared it with the Nets they could get prices back down a bit…who knows.

  17. Mouse – The handicap seats can be a pain (I’ve got a friend who has kidney disease and really shouldn’t be walking up stairs)…but usually if you buy a regular priced ticket and call the Devils, they’ll get you accessible seating passes that you pick up at the box office.

    Of course, the only time I’ve actually used this was for my partial plan season tickets, which are all in the 200s, so I’m not sure if that’s how it works for tickets bought on ticketmaster or whatever. Save for one difficult experience, they’ve been pretty good about helping us out, though.

  18. Mouse my first ex had cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair… I can vouch for having to pay for the expensive seats there too, I never got that either… talk about being totally unfair… $75 back then to sit in a folding chair *grrr*

  19. Well they wrote back…. (no shock here)

    Dear Scott,

    Thank you for your recent e-mail. We understand and appreciate your perspective and frustration with the ticket increase. However, the changes were unfortunately necessary. We have simplified the buying process, to a large degree, throughout the entire building. It was because of the significant impact on ticket holders in these sections that we considered to grandfather existing ticket holders and allow them to pay at last season’s levels.

    We appreciate your interest, comments, and mostly your support of the New Jersey Devils.

    Best regards,


    Christopher Modrzynski

    (nicely way of saying… suck a dick and take it like a man :p)

    I wrote back too…

    Thank you for your time… I am glad you answered me…

    However, truly “grandfathering” the previous season ticket holders would be letting them make the payments at their normally scheduled time. Not to mention like I said we won’t know the full proper amount until the playoffs are done.

    Can’t we make some kinda of semi-significant deposit (like $500 or something) to show we plan to re-up, but yet not totally kill us during tax season and with a second playoff invoice on the way?

    Like I said most of the people I sit with are on strict budgets and can not break their budgets, especially in these difficult economic times, to make such a rushed payment…. like I said before I’m just asking for a fair shake… or at least the opportunity to move over to 208 and sit in the $15 seats… I don’t want to give up my tickets… like I said I want a 3rd one, but my budget can not and will not be able to bend to this price hike and making any kind of payments knowing there’s an invoice and an income tax bill coming is an impossibility

    I do plan to support this team as best as I can on and off the ice… I would hope something reasonable can be worked out here, I really don’t want to give up the seats I planned to sit in for as long as this arena stands.

    …. resume debate 😛

  20. I guess you better open that piggy bank now! I kid, I kid…it is a bit heavy-handed. I thought you’d at least have more time after the 4/17 deadline without the prizes.

  21. theking72 says:

    I don’t like all this negativity during the stretch run. We need to focus on happy thoughts and support our team.

  22. I AM supporting my team
    my team should SUPPORT ME TOO though

    and not kick the fans in the nuts right before the playoffs start!!!!

    That goes BOTH WAYS!!!

    (you think I spent almost 15 years doing online recaps if I didn’t support my team? Really?)

  23. mrsheeps says:

    I don’t see how Scott is being unreasonable in wanting to pay when he is used to paying. People get used to scheduling certain payments at certain times of the year. When I worked in sales I knew I would be doing very well in the summer but very poorly in the winter, and had to adjust my finances around it. I know personally from my relatives that own a pool store, first off they barely get any business in the winter for obvious reasons, and second being business owners they are nailed with taxes in the spring. Hypothetically if they were to want Devils season tickets too they’d be almost identical with Scott, being able to pay easily in the summer but not in the spring.

    Where I am disappointed is the Devils not offering some sort of flexibility. You have shown you’re a loyal customer. You’ve offered to pay a substantial down-payment to guarantee your seats. If I’m a business owner, why wouldn’t I want to accept your offer? Here’s somebody that’s paid us in the past and wants to pay us in the future… OK let’s work with him! What’s the worst that could happen? He ends up not fulfilling his payments and you sell the seats to somebody else for a higher price? What, are they expecting they’ll sell out of season tickets or something? They want your money, time for them to work with you to get it.

  24. Especially in this economy, demand is down. Aside from being dickish, it’s stupid to do anything to annoy the people who actually WANT tickets.

  25. Dick Dastardly says:

    mrsheeps – Scott is not being unreasonable in wanting to pay when he is used to paying. He’s being unreasonable in expecting the same discount being offered to people who pay substantially earlier.

    If he wants to pay in stages starting in May or June, the Devils will be more than happy to accommodate him. But the discount being offered is an incentive to get people to pay early.

    I am not unmoved by the expected price increase. It will affect me too. And I’m certain that if the Devils could figure out a way to make the same revenue by charging less – if they could predict selling more tickets at a lower price, for example – they would do it in a heart beat.

    But that hasn’t been the historic pattern. The Devils moved to the new facility and made a concerted effort to draw more spectators by substantially lowering the price for the cheapest seats. The problem is, it didn’t have an appreciable affect on the attendance rate. In fact, a good case can be made that the move cost the Devils significant revenue, since those fans who were coming anyway simply took advantage of the cheaper tickets.

    This move may well drive away additional spectators, but so far no one on this board has proposed a workable alternative solution. They need to make more money per occupied seat, or they need to get more seats occupied. Cutting prices didn’t do it.

    Who’s got a better plan? C’mon kids. Stop bitching and start thinking.

  26. See again you misread the plan

    the INCENTIVE is the prizes and the giveaways and all that stuff

    the REWARD is being “grandfathered” (which isn’t a reward OR a grandfathering, because any schmuck off the street can plunk down in full and get the “reward”)

    the PUNISHMENT is when you pay when you EXPECT to pay as you have year after year, you take it right in the bootie :p

    I’ve given yow two better plans in my email back to the team…

    let me make a deposit, that you stuff in some interest bearing account which is what you are doing ANYWAY with my money.

    Or let the EXISTING loyal STH get the REWARD of their current prices as a THANK YOU for your LOYALTY

    and if you want to talk history with STH my prices stayed the same in the dump for the last 7 seasons there if not longer

  27. See the incentive should be for prizes, the existing STH’s should get to reup at their current prices at least for this year as a nod to the economy and loyalty (or at least get more of an extension after the prize deadline) and new STH’s should get the $29 price.

    It’s so obvious the Devils need cash up front, otherwise they wouldn’t have discounted playoff tickets for the sth’s in keeping them with regular season prices, not to mention they came out with that at the All-Star break and an early price deadline for next year’s season tickets after basically one or two playoff games this year.

    Of course the people that either are paying more than Scott for season tickets, or ones that can’t afford (or physically go to) as many games can’t understand how he can complain about getting season tickets for under $30 a game. Nor do they understand half of his outrage isn’t on pricing him out of his section but pricing other people in it out as well.

  28. Dick Dastardly says:

    You’re boring me, I’m bored now…

    Did it occur to any of you that there might be multiple incentives for paying early? The expensive raffle kind and the guaranteed, but more moderate, financial discount?

    Scott, you’ve already let the Devils know that you don’t approve of their marketing strategy. It doesn’t look like they’re planning on changing it based on your complaints. I’m not going to go ’round and ’round about the merits of their strategy. You think it is a bad idea. I disagree. But you also seem to think it is somehow evil; a betrayal, if you will.

    You’re aware the team is called ‘the Devils’, right?

    Listen, I think you have some options here.

    You can float a short term loan and pay the Devils early to take advantage of the savings.
    You can pay on your preferred timeframe and be subject to whatever increase the Devils charge for next year.
    You can buy season tickets to the Trenton Devils, the AC Bullies, or any number of other good minor league hockey teams in the area.
    You can pound salt, which sounds like what the Devils recommended you do.

    We are currently in the worst recession the country has seen in 80 years. Some people are predicting the recession will worsen over the summer, some are predicting it will turn around. But almost everyone expects unemployment to get worse into the 4th quarter of this year.

    When people hit hard times, the first economy they choose is typically their entertainment budget. The Devils, and the NHL in general, are in the entertainment industry. They recognize that the increase in unemployment will impact their ticket sales, especially next season.

    They have therefore made the choice to attempt to get as many people as possible to commit to season tickets right now, before they potentially lose their jobs and the Devils lose them as customers. They are using the excitement generated by the expectation that the Devils have the opportunity to go deep into these playoffs to get people to commit to next year. They are aware that selling season tickets will become more difficult as the employment situation gets more dire.

    That’s why your plan of providing a down payment to secure the tickets is a non-starter. Sure, they could keep your down payment if you lose your job and decide not to purchase the tickets, and the tickets could then go back on the market. But now they’ve lost the opportunity to get people in those seats at the most opportune time – when unemployment is relatively low (at least relative to what it will be).

    As a ‘fan’ of the team, you’ve now screwed them out of an opportunity to sell those seats at all.

    If you can’t understand that logic, I’d suggest it is because you choose not to, not becuase it isn’t a logical position.

  29. So now I’m not a good fan because I won’t go into debt for this team… seriously???

    Remember the part when I said I’m self-employed and working in a recesssion-friendly market?? Computer service and repair is NOT going anywhere… trust me there!

    I understand your logic… but your logic is fucked, seriously

    I guess we’ll see what the rest think when I start sending emails to the Record and Ledger tomorrow… I should send one to the post too… let Everson get something new to piss and moan about 🙂

  30. Dick Dastardly says:

    So now I’m not a good fan because I won’t go into debt for this team… seriously???
    Really??? ~ Scott Mackie

    Wow, you really are limited, huh? No, that’s not what I wrote. Please read it again.

    What I wrote is, if you cared about the health of the franchise, its ability to attract and retain top talent and its success in the future, you would recognize that the Devils committment to filling seats is more important than making Scott Mackie feel loved.

    That means they should use any means at their disposal to increase, or at least maintain their revenue stream. Your plan of decreasing prices didn’t net them a substantial amount of new customers, so that didn’t work. Your plan of allowing you to reserve your seats with a small down payment so that you can get the benefit of the early-purchaser price freeze fails to acknowledge the purpose of the incentive – and it is an incentive – of getting the seats sold before the economy gets any worse.

    Your response to my post belies your true motivation. You selfishly think this is all about you. It isn’t about satisfying one individual ticket holder. It is about setting a policy for everyone that produces the largest amount of revenue for the Devils.

    There is an argument to be made that a large price increase will drive away potential buyers and I think that is logical argument. I think a large price increase, especially in this climate, would be a disasterous mistake for them. But note, it isn’t about me or what I want.

    With fans like you, who needs Rangers fans?

  31. I care about this team being successful and staying in New Jersey… yes

    do I care MORE about it then paying my rent, or my car bills, or keeping my job or keeping money around for when my future wife is situated in New Jersey (yeah I can see that… sorry honey stay in Argentina.. the Devils raised ticket prices and I can’t pay the lawyers :p)

    yeah…. really fucking selfish 🙂

    I know 2 people already BESIDES ME that are priced out of the section and 10 others NOT talking about renewing…

    and one objector who just called me a Ranger fan because I live on my budget…

    ok… terrific!!!

  32. Scott, the Devils have cut prices significantly elsewhere, namely in the sections that aren’t filled. In fact, the corners are the only areas that are seeing increases and 209, 215, 226, and 232 are the only sections where the increase is over $5 (for a single OR on a season plan).

    Moreover, the Devils are offering to grandfather the price in for a limited time when they didn’t have to. Either take them up on it or not. I’m sorry that it’s unfair to how you do it; but there’s no way the Devils can please everyone.

    I don’t think the Devils are looking to specifically screw you (we are talking about an increase of $7/game on a season plan, right? Only $7.) or anyone else over and given what they’ve done elsewhere and considering that other teams are just freezing prices, I don’t see how you can call foul on their overall season ticket policy.

  33. Why are you still posting his responses? He’s either a troll or an idiot.

  34. John, cutting the price elsewhere doesn’t magcally make the increase in those 4 sections any more palatable does it not?

    I feel I’ve been done wrong… I tried to take my issues to the team and got brushed aside…so I am doing what our country is based on… bitch, complain and make noise to get my way (which is all I want is a fair deal)

    I’m not saying the Devils are fucking Scott Mackie… I’m saying the Devils are fucking the people in those sections… I just happen to have a forum… and a mouth big enough to take up the cause for me AND my 209-mates! (hell I even mentioned the Crazies too in the first email)

    1. I LOVE a good debate… I’m a sucker for them
    2. I don’t believe in tossing away comments because they disagree with me (I’ve been the one to approve every one of his responses)
    3. the more he speaks the better I look 🙂

  35. Dick Dastardly says:

    Mouse, I’m sorry. I don’t have the words for how dumb that post was. The fact that you are encouraging censorship because you don’t like what is being written tells me all I need to know about you. You’re dismissed now.

    John, very good point. I’ve been trying to find a way to get through to Scott that this isn’t personal. It’s business. Scott insists on making it personal. When I point out the reason the Devils have tried to incentivize early sales, his response is that he personally is in a recession resistant industry. I’m guessing that this means that the payment rules the Devils create for everyone else shouldn’t apply to him??? I’m not sure.

    Or maybe the Devils are supposed to invest in a team of risk analysts to determine on a case-by-case basis who is a good risk and who is a bad risk in an economic downturn, and only the good risks, like presumably Scott here, should get the sweetheart deals.

    You know, because risk analysis is such a science that it’s kept Wall Street from going under water…

    Scott, you’ve got the cheapest tickets in the building. If a $7 per ticket rate hike is going to break you, you shouldn’t be throwing your money away on hockey tickets. Seriously dude. Pay your rent. Bring in your girlfriend from Argentina. Make babies and feed them. And maybe go to half the games. They sell those packages too.

    Geez Scott. Is the 30 cent bump on the Parkway toll going to keep you from paying your rent too? Man, I hope gas doesn’t go back up to $3/gallon. You might not be able to feed yourself.

  36. I write off my tolls
    I welcome that toll hike… I get that back in April 🙂

    and no I have the cheapest tickets they ALLOW us to buy season tickets for

    there’s still a chance they open up 208, and the corners for the STH… and then it’s all moot anyway

    but yeah… lay on the excessive drama it’s just making you look sillier 🙂

  37. Dick Dastardly says:

    Way to not address the issue in any way Scott.

    My work here is done.

  38. Funny… I thought addressing nonsensical sarcasm with the same was addressing the issue…..

    c’est la vie, hein?

  39. Well it’s entertaining debate to be sure…but it is hard for me to imagine anything changing when we’re only talking about 4-8 sections that get increased at all (and after the deadline), and I’m sure there are a number of people in those that can either take advantage of the early payment or will just relocate towards center ice in the mezz since those prices dropped to the same amount as the corners, or even relocate elsewhere since the mezz seats got a lot cheaper and there are more $49 seats below.

    It is too bad if 208-9 and the other corners loses its personality though, it’s one of the main selling points for me to invite people over there and personally makes otherwise mundane winter tilts at least a tad more interesting.

    And no he doesn’t have the cheapest seats in the arena…there are a few hundred ‘special’ people that got season tickets in the $10-15 section lol.

  40. Dick Dastardly says:

    To sum up:

    The Devils have offered to keep prices at this years’ rate for Season Ticket Holders who renew before April 17. They’ve also incuded a bunch of bonus gifts and prizes to increase the inducement to lock in your purchase early. This program is in direct response to the current economy and the forecast of continued job losses in the area. The Devils surmise, likely correctly, that they should try to get people to buy their seats now, less they lose their jobs in the off season and the Devils lose them as customers.

    Further, the Devils have been on quite a run and look to be well-placed in this season’s playoff race. The Devils likely feel the excitement of the playoffs and the expectation of the Devils chances will add to the incentives they have already offered to boost season ticket sales at this moment in time.

    From a marketing standpoint, this is a sound strategy.

    Scott doesn’t like this plan. He really doesn’t like it. It offends him terribly as a season ticket holder. He wants to be able to take advantage of this offer on his timetable, not on the Devils timetable.

    In other words, Scott wants this incentive to be a “Budget-Minded Season Ticket Holder Retention Program”, not an Early Payment Incentive Program, as the Devils designed it. In effect, Scott would like to take over the Devils Marketing Operation and do things his way.

    When it is pointed out that this isn’t the purpose of program that the Devils are running, Scott resorts to expletives and calls it a “punishment directed at loyal fans”. Um, no. It is simply a marketing campaign that isn’t directed the way you’d like it to be. It is an incentive to pay early, not a retention bonus. For that, you need to go to AIG.

    When the reasons for this campaign are spelled out for Scott, because, you know, he needs these things spelled out for him, he advises that he is personally unaffected by the recession, though he can’t afford to pay for his tickets a minute early, because he needs to pay his rent and bring in his girlfriend from Argentina, and whatever else.

    Well, that really can’t be effectively processed by a corporate payment policy. “Policy-Schmolicy” seems to be Scott’s retort. He is apparently above such considerations. Since he personally can state that he is not affected by the recession, the marketing campaign the Devils are running doesn’t apply to him and the Devils must compensate by applying their early payment program directly to him, even though he doesn’t plan on paying early, he can’t validate in any way that he will still be in business in six months and he obviously doesn’t have a huge bankroll behind his operation – hence the reason he can’t pay for his tickets a minute early.

    Oh, and a $7 rate increase will bankrupt him, so, yeah. This early payment program should apply to him just because it should, damn it.

    Yes Scott. You certainly have applied flawless logic to this position. I am amazed that the Devils didn’t see the clarity of your position and immediately name you Director of Marketing.

  41. (see why I keep approving his posts?)

    the amount of over-bearing sarcasm and need to bash someone else’s legit concerns over what said person feels is an unfair situation, and instead of saying fuck them and fuck the team and never spending a dime in the arena again, I’m trying to reason with them (which is usually a waste of time anyway) and get some loyalty back for years and years of loyalty (hell I let them keep my deposit during the lockout, because I got 5% on it)

    but i’m the evil, whiny asshole to the person hiding behind a fake name, so ok terrific… don’t worry he’s done with the thread for a FOURTH TIME now 🙂

  42. Dick Dastardly says:

    Oh… Sorry Scott. I didn’t know the purpose of this site was to support your populist rage at the Evil Hockey Overlords and their unfair expectation that they should be able to set their own prices for the tickets they sell.

    I mean, don’t they know how much you sacrifice to support this team? The least they can do is to let you pay whatever you want, whenever you want to pay it. Who wouldn’t agree to that plan? Selfish, Evil Hockey Overlords, that’s who!!

    Right! Eff ’em!! Take to the streets, Devils fans!!! We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take a $7 price increase…

    Wait… $7.00??? Our panties are all in a twist over seven friggin’ dollars?

    I’m sorry. What were we talking about?

    Here’s an idea for you Scott. You have an outlet here… Setup a paypal link on your website, and we can all contribute $7 a piece to your Season Ticket Retention fund. If it’ll get you to stop whining about a price increase that amounts to about half of my one-way commute to work, I’ll be the first one to donate.

  43. Alright, let’s all get along now boys and girls.

  44. Dick Dastardly says:

    Ok, ok… I’ll stop.

    It was fun though.

    Thanks Scott!

  45. Here’s an idea for you Scott. You have an outlet here… Setup a paypal link on your website, and we can all contribute $7 a piece to your Season Ticket Retention fund. If it’ll get you to stop whining about a price increase that amounts to about half of my one-way commute to work, I’ll be the first one to donate.

    I actually like this idea to be honest about it 🙂

    (knowing me though I’d pool the money get a 4th ticket and share it with everyone :p)

  46. Scott should not be forced to pay by April to shore up his price when he never had to in the past. The team is not rewarding its current season ticket holders, if anyone came come in and swipe up his seats for the same price. There is no loyalty.

    The Devils are taking his money and making interest on that for longer than they should. The Jets and Giants are doing that with having fans pay for their PSL’s well before that stadium is even completed.

    Yes, the team can do whatever it pleases, but it will be stuck with a base of 12,000 fans, instead of packed houses and not worrying financially about going deep into the playoffs to be profitable.

    The Devils still cannot market themselves out of a paper bag. It’s a beautiful rink, but you can’t draw more fans and keep the ones you have, if you do make the fan bend over, instead of the team just bending a little.

    An increase in ticket prices will drive more fans away. With new baseball and football stadiums built with even higher prices, the number of games the average fan can attend will drop significantly. It is not Scott’s fault that Gary “Mayor Quimby” Bettman cannot negotiate a TV deal, and the league is on Public Access, which would bring teams a lot more money and would not be so reliant on the diehard fan base.

    The Super Prizes are nice, but if the team really cared about an increase in season ticket holders in a down economy, the Devils would provide more of an incentive financially. How about $5/game or free parking for the season? Or a 10% discount from last year if he pays for his tickets early. To sit in Scott seats’ a family of four would spend $120, ($140 with parking), and they haven’t even ate yet. With unemployment over 8% in New Jersey and rising, it will not matter if the team wins Stanley Cup after Stanley Cup, the wallet is always first on any fan’s list.