Captain-brunner out at least two games

Contrary to reports, the sky is not falling.

It is true, however, that Jamie Langenbrunner will miss at least the next two games with what the team is calling a “lower body injury.”

Ah, in Lou speak, that means Captain-brunner has suffered the unthinkable — decapitation.

Sorry Jamie.

Well now, this kind of sucks a little bit. The boys really need to get ahead in this series and it’s going to be quite difficult without the immediate services of Mr. Langenbrunner. With the series tied at one-all, Black ‘n Red heads to the land of NASCAR and, uh…crap, I got nothin’. I asked my roommate what she thought of when I said “Carolina” and she said “ocean.”

She fails.

Alas, that’s neither here nor there.

Game Three on Sunday in Raleigh. Expect a Motivation Club post before then. If not, then, well…doesn’t that suck?

…go Devils?


  1. NOOO!

  2. The Devils have learned a valuable lesson here, which is…


    Don’t put all your Langenbrunner heads in one basket?

  3. I think decapitation is for an upper-body injury. We must assume that with the lower-body injury, Jamie had an amputation and will be back by Round 3 (if we get there) with a prosthetic leg.

    Nevertheless, John Madden was right last night when he told Matt and Sherry that if the Devils can’t overcome his absence, the team is flawed and doesn’t deserve to advance.

  4. Mindy – thats what they WANT you to think. Lower Body Injury almost always means decapitation. Or gangrene. Of the elbow.

  5. EJGRgunner says:

    I know people (sportswriters at least) are talking about Rolston or Elias playing next to Travis and Zach, but why not put Clarkson up there? He’s played RW most of the season, and what Parise really needs right now is protection, not a scoring threat. The Hurricanes, as well as every team that beat the Devs during the “slump,” have taken liberties with Zach with no retaliation. That needs to stop… when the other team can’t run Zack they have to play off him. And that’s what the top line Parise and Zajac need most these days: space to operate.

  6. Josh the only time Mindy doesn’t call it a lower body injury is when I high sticked her in the face last year :p

    I said in my comments last night I’d rather a Langenbrunner like replacement and the one guy we gots who is that is Clarkson… I’d not mind Gio though cause he will do the dirty work too….

    least we ain’t Caps or Flames fans eh?

  7. My sister and I, as a joke, made a ‘Jamie Langenbrunner, Marry Me’ print out (it was too small to be considered a sign) which I took out right before Jamie went MIA. My dad said I scared him away with my sign. 🙁

  8. Jeez, does that mean the return of Robert Holik?