Thoughts From Section 209… Devils 2008-09 Season

OK…. so it took me some time to accept what happened almost exactly seven days ago…. I admit it… I was totally in love with this team… I fell into the whole “OMG look what we did without the egomaniac douche in net… imagine what we can do with just a shell of an mb30″…. and look we found out… seems to be like most.. ok… all the things I fall in love with (exceptions being my nieces)… the more deeply you fall in love with something… the harder it fucks you over in the end… and be honest… it hurt you too…. it kinda stunned me to put the Devils jerseys back into the closet until September… the apartment is clean from all the crap I just throw around because “Shit I gotta get to the arena”… well now I have time to clean up…. time to see movies… yeah.. all that crap too…

Don’t worry I’m almost over it… I am watching and enjoying round 2 of the playoffs (I CAN NOT watch Boston and Carolina… Boston annoys me much and I can’t say yay Carolina yet)… I’m still out there being the incredible scoring goalie (the backhand pass to Rob in goalie gear after spinning out of a body check was a thing of beauty)… but I’m still not over the fact that this amazing season is GONE……

Alright… so the Crosby-impression aside …. I do need to get some things out there… this was probably the most awesome year I’ve ever had following a team and making a bunch of brand-new friends and the whole in-arena experience (and even getting it to spill over into the Tavern of the Sun FINALLY)… and the fact I somehow sold 38 of 41 extra tickets and had a LINE of people wanting my playoff seats…. I need to thank a bunch of people…

So I need to thank EVERYONE who bought and shared in tickets with me and made the Section 209 experience truly the best place in the NHL to be this year and hopefully for decades through out… the regulars in the section, Brian his wife with the awesome bumper stickers Maggie and lil Nicky… Pete and his random goalie stuff…. Clutch for ignoring us most of the year…. the new people like Jamie and Andrew, the long-running friends… Mindy, Dee, Dave (dare I put your names together and start another shitstorm ;p), Paige and WHITE POWER Jane making their trips to 209..other NJDevs people like Bill (look out for South park induced beers!).. and even the people on the crazies side (yes you Mike Jeckel!)… and even the zeppoli-beer loving Gina… thank all of you guy, this season was the best and I owe ALL you guys, Section is more then just a place I sit now.. it’s a third home behind Sun Tavern in Roselle Park 🙂

Anyway… we know what happened… I ain’t rehashing it… but I wanted to comment some on this team as a whole now… and I figured a good way to do it…a simple pass or fail.. pass I think you should be back next year… fail… get the fuck outta town!!! And in the process I get to throw in what I thought of them in the playoffs:

#9: Zach Pairse
Umm.. fucking.. DUH… top 5 player in the NHL right now.. hockey smarts are off the chart, plays hard AND in his own end… you build franchises around this kinda guy
PASS, you’re fucking retarded if you think otherwise!

#19: Travis Zajac
Emerged as the top center I told you all he was and gave us the Cangelosi mis-cue of the playoffs… SHANAHAN IN OVERTIME… 19, Steve… ZAJAC… SCWWWAAARRREEEE!! I still laugh at this, and this kid is gonna be good for a long time!

#15: Jamie Langenbrunner
The Captain, played well once healthy, sadly his season ended like it began.. banged up… not his fault

#26: Patirk Elias
Went cold in the playoffs… but was essential in getting Gionta time and space which he took full advantage of

#8: Danius Zubrus
Not as a #2 center but he has value on this team…. does everything but put up numbers, and he’s the effing mascot and icon of 2MA!

#14: Brian Gionta
The lil bastard showed me a LOT this year… if he can sign under 3.5 mil a year.. we gotta keep him… him and Elias need a center and were not the problem
PASS (but can NOT overpay)

#20: Jay Pandolfo
Had a nice playoffs… but really his skill and his role at his salary… umm.. NO… Lowell express for him, unless we can con a team into trading for him

#11: John Madden
Saw WAY too much time on the ice in game 7… it killed us too.. he buries ONE of those breakaways and I am not writing this now… some of that is on the coaches… would love to see him all year with Rolston and Clarkson and at about 2 mil a season… if not… it’s future endeavors time here…
PASS (conditionally)

#18: Brendan Shanahan
He was solid, but overplayed (the Rangers fell into this trap too.. I know he’s smart and all but he’s slow as shit and it killed us defensively at times)… I don’t mind him as a depth/part time guy, but NO MORE PENALTY KILLING… and his busted lip quote earned him coming back as a mid-season addition again…..but he can NOT be a major piece of the puzzle..
PASS (conditionally)

#12: Brian Rolston
He gets some slack for the ankle injury and first year back issues, but a LOT is expected of him last year and that pp LASER he fired in game 7… better see more of that shit… his contract is unmovable anyway

#17: Mike Rupp
Does what he does and he’s cheap, improved greatly this year

#23: David Clarkson
Needs a serious chance to be shown what he can do… should be getting those minutes given to Madden and Shanny, gets his shit dirty, plays hard, scores goals and all the true Randy McKay grinder shit!! He needs to be part of the CORE not an outside piece

#7: Paul Martin
Steady, strong… complete defender… maybe the most underrated defender in the NHL now

#29: Johnny Oduya
He might not come cheap now, but he is coming into his own…can not be on the top pair defense next year, but he’s maybe the best defender on the market now and MUST be retained…

#5: Colin White
Bounced back to be the true one-eyed wonder… a bit slow, but that can be compensated for by giving him a PARTNER WITH MOBILITY, his problem was idiot coaching and not him, and he’s unmovable too :p

#27: Mike Mottau
Again his limits were exposed by the coaches asking him to do too much and putting that Madden/Pando/Shanny unit on the ice with Mottau and White… he’s a good defender but as 3rd pair and not in the top 4
PASS (and he’s cheap)

#28: Nick Havelid
So Lou goes out and gets a shot blocking defenseman with a douchebag goalie who whines when you block shots.. GENIUS… the guy is ok, but he didn’t mix with Salvador and they kept forcing in on them instead of trying one with White or Oduya, I don’t blame the player here I blame the fit..
FAIL… he’ll go somewhere he can be used right

#24: Bryce Salvador
Solid, and steady, but still kinda trade-able and we have young kids who need a shot (and yes I mean Corrente), I’d not cry if he stayed, but he’s movable and someone’s gotta go
FAIL (but again not through his fault)

#6: Andy Greene
I love this kid, you guys know that… again he stepped up in the playoffs and he gives a non-Martin/Oduya guy who can move the puck which is badly needed… again it’s up to the coaches to maximize him (try HIM with White for fuck’s sake!), and 209 shall chant ANDY GREENE for many years to come!

#25: PL^3
Eh, he’s a lesser Rupp, but he’s cheap and he plays hard at least

#16: Bobby Holik
Useless on the ice, took dumb penalties to the point of warranting castration, dumb comments and pissing at the coaches about getting hurt… and not to mention 38, slow as cement, and massively overpaid
… get the fuck off my team (least last time we purged him we won a Cup!)
FAIL… epically!

#2: Jay Leach
Nice solid guy, but could be let go for youth movment
PASS, but not emphatically

#10: Rod Pelley
Could be the 4th line center next year if Rupp/Madden go.. kills penalties… won’t score for crap but could be part of an energy line and God Forbid we let young legs play and develop!

#18: Nick Bergfors
If the God-effing coach LETS HIM PLAY he could be Gionta 2.0, or even a low end guy who can score on the 3rd or 4th line (cause you know like good teams allow that and stuff)… I’d like to see him (Vrana too) get a REAL chance and not 2 minutes a night!

#30: mb30
God I fucking hate him for blowing our season and not caring… I hate him for coming back and killing the fun but scary ride Scott Clemmensen
treated us too most of this season, his holier then thou bullshit and that fucking mask… you put up with the crap when they win.. he’s no longer doing that… best of all time?? HA… best in the league?? HA… he’s not even the best goalie FOR THIS TEAM NOW…. God I’d love to but I know better
FAIL (yes I don’t give a monkey’s shit about game 5 cause he didn’t in game 7)

#1: Kevin Weekes
The dude is a trooper’s trooper… always smiling… quality guy to have around… and a guy who’s willing to sit and be the douchebag’s bitch all year, that’s important too!! Perfect way for this guy to finish off his career it seems
PASS (cheap and willing to let the other guy be the guy)

#35: Scott Clemmensen
Like I said before and often.. damn he scared me… but damn it was fun!! Shame that Shane Falco didn’t get a chance to prove his weight in the playoffs… but that’s not anyone’s fault … well until it was too late to do something about it.. I’d love to keep him but he’s starting SOMEWHERE soon
FAIL (for his own good)

Head Coach: Brent Sutter
I’m torn… the regular season coach was awesome… no line matching, high tempo… forecheck…. pressure… playing modern NHL hockey…. the playoff Sutter, coached in a shell… afraid of his own shadow, overused his veterans (but yet 14 minutes for Elias WTF)… as much to blame for the fail as the douchebag in net.. it’s amazing how a guy who came from Canadian Juniors is so horrified to play young players… I guess some of this goes back to playing how the goalie wants *eyeroll*… but again no player above the team, WHAT? I could take him either way but I am sick of new coaches
PASS (barely)

GM/President: Lou Lamoriello
It seems like father time and the modern NHL may be catching up to him.. the scouting is eh… there’s very little forward depth in Lowell (the D and goaltending is ok though), and it still seems like Lou is doing too much… just focus on the damn team and let real experts figure out the rest already would ya?? It’s time to loosen up a little here… and this is the first time I openly wonder about the General Manager of this team.. this season ended in DISASTER and it must be fixed!
PASS (again you’re on double-un-secret-probation mister!)

Well that’s it… goodbye and goodnight 2008-2009… I’ll be around like always on and Facebook as always… as for adding anything to 2MA… not sure for now… I’m really all about recaps and previews… maybe once the shock fully goes away I can preview the remaining games or cheap-shot Crosby… not to mention it’s effing Summer!! it’s time to get out there and play some hockey myself and get back into Summer Movie mode!! Thanks as always for reading this stuff again, I NEVER thought I’d get back into full-time writing again, but it’s been worth it because I always meet the most awesome people this way!!! Thank you all… and see ya in Short Hills for some floor/roller hockey!!!!


  1. DumpZubrus says:

    Anybody who gives Zubrus a “Pass” is either fucking retarded or hasn’t watched a single game during the latter half of the season/playoffs. You’re seriously willing to pay him $3.4 million for doing absolutely nothing other than turn the puck over? The guy can’t even use his 6′ 5″ frame to hit people for crying out loud! He sucks on offense, and he blows on defense. How could anybody want him on our team at this point is beyond me.

  2. I passed him because:
    1. he has value to this team (read that part where I said not as a scorer?)
    2. his contract is UNMOVABLE in a salary-capped NHL… so get the shit out of your ears and stop trying to build a REAL NHL team by moving players on your little X-Box!!!
    3. ANY free agent you sign off the market.. ANY… WILL BE OVERPAID!!! THAT’S HOW YOU SIGN FREE AGENTS!!!!!!! Get used to it… you’d be the FIRST ONE whining “how come Lou never gets anyone” as well!!!

    you don’t like him WE GET IT
    he’s not going ANYWHERE


    But I’m the retard?

  3. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    What will happen to the counter!? Will someone PLEASE think of the counter!?

  4. Zubrus does what he’s supposed to do – I don’t think Lou signed him thinking he was going to replace Scott Gomez and have the same production he had when he was with Ovechkin, but there was no one else to put in that position, so expectations of him were out of whack from day one (salary having something to do with that as well, obviously).

    I really think that without the crazy expectations, Zubrus is a prototypical Devil. Also, I have a feeling he’s going to have a good year next year, particularly if the Devils manage to fill the holes that shouldn’t be plugged with Zubbie (first/second line center) and let him fill the third-line center roll all season.

    Finally, Zubbie has a free pass for at least a year from the date of the ZubbieCounter Meltdown game, just ’cause.

  5. Your pass/fails make no sense to me. Pass to Madden!? Come on, he’s old, and his style of play doesn’t work in the new NHL. These days, all the good scorers HAVE to be good defensively too, like Parise or Elias, so having a guy who ONLY plays defense is useless! Like you said, if he could have scored on any of his huge chances in game 7 (and I could say this about lots of games throughout the year where he failed to be threatening in the slightest in the offensive end), we’d be in round 2 right now. But he didn’t even come CLOSE! His shot is weak and inaccurate, his skating is not impressive like it used to be back in the day (when he would SCORE short-handed goals), and his decent defensive abilities aren’t enough anymore. Plus, when he’s on the team, and Pando’s on the team, they’ll be playing together. And if they’re playing together, that means more line matching and more slow checking lines that just eat up 15 minutes of ice time and give THE OTHER TEAM energy since they’re always playing “stellar defense” IN OUR END!

    Also, while I agree he’s not going anywhere, I think you guys are way too easy on Zubrus. He’s gutless. He never uses his body, ever. I can’t remember one really good hit out of him all year, and he’s 6’5″ 225lbs? Hell, Parise goes out there and though he doesn’t have the size of most of the others our there, he goes in hard and steps up and throws the body into people when the time comes (I can remember several big hits where he caught people off guard this year… much more than I can say for Zubrus). Zubrus doesn’t hit, he doesn’t have the strong legs to protect the puck along the boards, and he doesn’t quite have good enough hands to make much happen in the way of getting the puck into the net (except for really randomly he’ll do something awesome but it’s rare). I know not everyone can be a Parise, but I’d like to see Zubrus show some guts and throw his body around once in a while… it would at least give the opponent something to fear about him, because right now all he is is a big guy who goes down easily and can’t hang on to the puck for very long.

    White? White looks terrible out there. I hate to say it, but he’s just not the same since the eye injury. He doesn’t read plays well anymore, gets very out of position, gets deked too easily, and panicks with the puck. Him, Mottau, and Havelid looked like a pack of AHLers in our end throughout the playoffs, losing the puck and not communicating well just because of the slightest forecheck from fucking Bayda or any one of the Cane assholes. Again, I know White probably isn’t going anywhere, but to pass him and call him the “one-eyed wonder”? Honestly, White could be a seriously problem in our D if he doesn’t get around this one-eye thing.

    Finally, Brodeur. Brodeur did NOT blow the season, and if you seriously think that, then you must know nothing about hockey. Of course, we ALL thought Marty blew it when it happened. But if you still think that, then I think you need to watch the tape again. It was none other than the “wonderful” Colin White who stepped out of position in the neutral zone to hit some guy, allowing Staal to fly right into the zone uninterrupted. Could Marty have stopped it? I don’t know. One could put some of the blame on him for not finding a way to stop it, but one can’t realistically put all the blame on him. We had plenty of chances (again, Madden) to put the Canes to bed and we didn’t. We let them linger, and then we decided to play the old man line the last 10 minutes of the game and look what happened? They started generating offense and energy and the game is over like that.

    One last thing… you complain that this team fails and fails year in and year out in the playoffs, yet you say keep just about everyone… What makes you think that Madden/Zubrus/Rupp/Rolston will be better next year? And if Marty is such a Failure, then what do you want to do about it? He’s not going anywhere. It seems to me that you’re taking the shortcomings of the whole team and just blaming it all on Brodeur just because he got a new mask.

  6. Madden has value as a pk guy (remember how good the pk was in the playoffs… 20 minutes a night TOTALLY NOT… but 4th line, spot guy who can win a big faceoff… yeah he’s usable, you did see I had some conditional passes right… he wants more then $2 mil a year he’s gone).. putting madden on the ice one-third of the game is the fail and THAT fail is the coach’s… not the players….

    I never understood why just because a guy is big he doesn’t “use his size” is not control of the puck along the boards using his size? He is what he is and he’s ok at that, he’s just not a star player.. and every team is gonna have a guy like him on their team

    White’s fine… White with Mottau?? not so good (go look at the Devils W-L record minus White… it’s not so good).. again this is coaching….

    How many years have YOU played goalie?? How many times have you whipped on a shot you had awful position on? How many times have you done it in the most important game of the season for your team? How long do you keep failing and failing and being “above the team” and patting yourself on the back when you’re not even in the top 5 anymore (and slipping)

    and again piss poor line selection is COACHING (now whether this bad coaching that we didn’t do all season was being pushed on the coach from above, or maybe the goaltender again… this is possible… we know he gets to demand his schedule too after all)

    I want this team to realize the pre-lockout defensive style is a DEAD form of hockey and DOES NOT WORK in the modern NHL, and until they do… they will have the same result

    where was Patrik Elias all game?

    the problem is when you commit to a long-term core you get STUCK with them… and we are stuck with Zubrus/Elias/White/Parise/Martin and mb30 for better or worse

    this team is REALLY close to being a good special team… the window may close on that with a year of age, and when mb30 pisses and demands to play 78 games again

    and hey, you wanna be the “superstar”… you wanna be the man… well the man takes the blame when the man BLOWS IT in the big spot

    look at Carolina’s star… oh yeah.. Eric Staal… now he looked like A STAR in game 7! But what does he care what I say now.. he’s on a golf course probably not even thinking about it while some of us still get sick each time we see a bulls-eye jersey still playing!!!

  7. White’s one eye had nothing to do with his struggles in the playoffs. Being paired with Mottau and acting like a douche going way out of position for big hits in key times (at least two of the key goals) is why.

    While I’ve often fought the Brodeur ego nonsense, this year is different. The team clearly did change a winning system once Brodeur got back, you can blame the philosophy (line matching, third period prevent) on Sutter but I do think the defense became more passive to accomodate Marty. And yes he did blow chunks on TWO goals in Game 7.

    The Zubrus fanclub here and on NJDevs has always been the biggest unsolved mystery of the internet but whatever.

  8. Zubrus has no redeemable value.

  9. RICO SUAVE says:

    today’s discussion is zubs…the man started this season as part of the 700 Club which happened to be the fourth line. such a shame they had to break that line up as it created so much excitement and sparked the entire team. then he gets moved up to what was supposed to be our first line…remember guys and girls, zzpops was not supposed to be our number one line. he started off great with elias and gionta, but things just died off completely. i agree that he should use his size more often, but disagree with a previous poster in that he performs well on the boards while protecting the puck. if he had more confidence he could perform so much better. the guy has a pretty nice shot on him, but the problem is he never uses it (once again, a confidence issue). while playing on the second line, he only managed 108 shots for the entire season!! out of all devil forwards, he managed to only beat out holik on shots (who played much less ice time and played 20 less games) and big mike rupp (also much less ice time and 10 less games). i don’t have individual game shot totals, but i would bet money that he had his highest shot total when he scored 4 goals against the lightning. that game he scored from all over the ice, as opposed to the up close goals, dirty goals. who could forget his game winning goal against the canes on the final day of the season? i just read his linemates elias had 247 shots and gio had 248. it goes without saying that zubs is not a playmaking center…so why is there such a discrepency regarding their shot totals?! both linemates placed more than double his shots on goal!! look at clarkie, he gets less ice time than zubs and is shuffled between the bottom lines, yet the kid gets 158 shots on goal and gets 17 goals. zubs needs to take a lesson from clarkie and shoot the puck more. a man of his size and power will create rebounds off his shot. gio and elias are great up front, so they can easily bury those rebounds.

    due to the salary cap, it will be difficult for us to make many changes (not saying we need to do that either). what i’m getting at is this. lou’s offseason should consist of:

    1. signing a big nasty dmen to scare the opposition (most important by far)
    2. zubs enrolls in a self confidence group and is trained to shoot the puck
    3. clarkson learns one more stick move (season one was the wrap around, season two was toe drag).
    4. clarkson takes some more skating lessons.
    5. elias learns to take faceoffs so he can become a center. elias between rolston and gio would be great. 3 great shots, and two great passers. elias would create vast amounts of space for plays, and has the best hockey sense out of the three. i think a zubs, clarkie, shanny line could be great…so now onto the lineups:

    elis gio rolston
    zubs clarkie shanny
    rupp pl3, pando.

    our entire team is defensively responsible, so madden is not a necessity any longer. i agree with 2man, i would love him on the team if he take a nice paycut.

    anyways, long story short….ZUBS MUST TAKE MORE SHOTS!!! i don’t care if he’s on the first or fourth line, the more shots on net the better the chance for a goal. like it or not, he is on the team for years to come. and that is why coaching needs to focus on him. we can’t change his salary, but we can increase his skill and confidence. remember how we wrote off zajac last year? look what happened to the kid in a single offseason…just imagine if zubs blossems during this offseason. nothing would satisfy me more than seeing another zubbie counter meltdown…in fact, i would make his 4 goal day a holiday on 2manadvantage!

  10. DumpZubrus says:

    I’m absolutely sick and tired of people pulling the lamest excuses out of their asses to defend Zubrus. “He’s BIG! He’ll put up a point every now and then! He’s does what he’s SUPPOSED to do!” Big fucking whoop.

    Bottom line is that he’s being paid $3.4 million to turn the puck over in the offensive zone every single time Elias or Gio gets a good cycle going. He’s being paid $3.4 to make soft, stupid blind cross-ice passes that are easily intercepted. He’s being paid $3.4 to lose faceoffs to players half his size. He’s being paid $3.4 to turn over the puck every time someone pinches him against the boards. He’s being paid $3.4 to lose the puck every time he skates it in across the blueline.

    I would have no problem paying Zubrus that kind of money if he could contribute. By contributing I don’t mean putting up high offensive numbers. If he could become a solid checking forward/penalty killing forward on the same level as Madden, he would be worth every penny. But he doesn’t. He’s not only invisible in the offensive zone, he’s invisible in our end as well. He’s too big of a fucking wuss to use his body to hit forwards and potentially cause them to turn the puck over. So you guys are telling me that you don’t have a problem paying him $3.4 million per season to make mistakes and become invisible towards the end of the season and playoffs when it counts?

    Yes, 99.9% of FAs in today’s league are overpaid. Common sense. I wouldn’t have a problem with Zubrus being slightly overpaid if he could actually contribute instead of making mistakes. He hasn’t even played well enough to be worth $2 million. Lou hoped for Gomez’s replacement to turn out to be something, but you know what? He didn’t.

    And his contract is immovable? Lou can’t buy him out? Waivers? Re-entry waivers? Whatever. That $3.4 million contract could be used to overpay someone else that could actually CONTRIBUTE. But keep telling yourselves it isn’t weighing this team down. I hope and pray to God that he doesn’t play another day in a Devils uniform.

  11. Dana B says:

    Ok Scott, I can understand how you can want to blame Marty for the “blowing” game seven, but can you honestly fail him? I’m a goalie as well, but I’m not gonna compare myself to a professional, future HOF, all time win record holding, 3 times stanley cup champion. Maybe you or I or some other goalies could’ve saved that on OUR level, but in the NHL? You couldn’t possibly imagine.
    Yes, I agree he’s egotistical and a bit annoying (I hate the new mask, and think its completely stupid for a TEAM oriented player, and team, to have a personal mask about how awesome he is) but you have to admit, he’s saved the devs asses over and over and over. Yes, maybe he’s lost us a few games, but how many has he been the only reason they’ve won? More than he’s lost thats for sure. How many times have you chanted his name after some ridiculous save?
    You honestly think Scott Clemmensen could’ve finished out the season, get into the playoffs and make this as competitive a series as Marty did? Let me remind that he’s never played a full NHL season as a starting goalie. He’s be pooped by game two and this series would have been short and even more depressing. So I get how you can be upset with Marty, yeah yeah he lost the game for us (which was not totally his fault, no goal ever is, so d-man didn’t do his job) but you can’t fail him. How many amazing moments has he given us this season? I have a feeling you’re going to say the he failed when it counted, and that may be true, but the whole fucking team failed when it counted, this is a team sport, and there’s no way you can blame it on an individual. Especially one of the best goalies in the NHL. And yes, I do believe he’s one of the best.

  12. Dana, I’ve always been hard on our “star” goalie.. this year was the breaking point on him…not only on on-ice results (and he blew it when it matters most, and he shrugs it off after…where was that game 4 to game 5 FIRE?? The hunger is gone on this guy unless he’s compiling some bullshit regular season stat)… and you look at it this year…

    SCOTT CLEMMENSEN saved our season (he had help but this team played LIKE A TEAM in front of him and was at it’s best)…. mb30 comes back and we revert to the same losing bullshit??

    Homework assignment for you guys…. go rent “the Replacements” (Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman)… watch it and see the smiliarites to our season…we just got the Martel finish and not Shane Falco saving the day

    How about JUST ONCE he comes out and takes accountability for a shot I’d get mad at whiffing on in WARMUPS forget about a game 7!

    And also…I’ve not chanted nor stood up or given him an ounce of INDIVIDUAL credit all season… yeah I stayed St. Patty’s day… but I was still sobering up :p… I won’t even use his name until he loses the fucking mask and comes back to being a TEAM player again!

    And I don’t think he’s one of the best goalies in the league today, but that’s for another debate…..

  13. DumpZubrus says:

    Rico Suave, Zubrus’s problem isn’t that he doesn’t take shots very often. His problem is that he sucks and is a major obstacle that’s preventing Lou from making a hugh splash in the FA market.

    #8:Dainius Zubrus
    Can’t win faceoffs against forwards half his size, hinders Elias and Gio from getting good scoring chances by constantly turning the puck over, weakest passer on this team, has a lousy shot, loses the puck every time he’s pinched against the boards.
    FAIL, get rid of this guy.

  14. One thing that hurts the Devils is the success. The last time the Devils picked in the top 10 was 1996, when got Lance Ward at #10. Because of the success the Devils have never had a chance to draft a player like Ovechkin, Malkin, Staal, Crosby, Toews, Phaneuf, etc. But, you could use that excuse for the Red Wings as well, and they have done far better in the past few Entry Drafts despite low picks. Many of the drafts have not been successful. Lou and the Devils scouting have not done a great job in the past few years. This has hurt the team more than the poor free agent signings. We were extremely lucky that Parise fell to us at 17 in 2003 Entry Draft. No one knows how the stupid Islanders didn’t draft him. But, thank God they didn’t. The Rags had a great pick, Hugh Jessiman, the only player from the 2003 Entry Draft not to play in the NHL!

    As for mb30; I echo Scott’s sentiments. I can’t say Fail, but I can’t say he passed with flying colors. We have both been waiting for mb30 to have that stand on his head type series, not just game, but for at least a series, if not the entire playoffs. Has Marty ever truly done this? Roy did this multiple times, Richter did it to us a couple of times, Cam Ward is doing it, and a number of others. He had that game, in game 5, but in game 7, that feeling of invincibility he gave us in game 5 vanished. To have been beat once by a shot in between the blocker and body was bad on the Ruutu goal, to have it done twice in the same game is inexcusable. If Marty was a butterfly goalie he saves both those shots. But, that’s a debate for another time. One thing that hurts Marty is the trapezoid rule. The best aspect of his game is puck handling. He’s handcuffed by that, but it is not an excuse, he has to play it just like everyone else.

    I know the mb30 shit bothers everyone. I just wish it went on the back of his helmet, not the front. I always liked the J, it made the Utica Devils still relevant. French-Candian players rarely take responsibility for losing. Heck, look at Jacques Lemaire’s press conferences after the losses in the Ottawa and Pittsburgh series in 98 and 99. It is just how they are raised. Heck, even in Marty’s autobiography, the jersey he is wearing is Team Canada’s and not the Devils sweater that he has worn for 16 seasons. Marty is the greatest Devil to have started and probably finish his career with the team. But, to me, Scott Niedermayer was the greatest home grown Devil, and Scott Stevens is the greatest player this franchise was ever blessed to wear its sweater.

    As for Zubs, 1 point and 5 penalties in the playoffs, most of them stupid, is not worth a Pass. But, Scott’s points are kind of valid, especially the contract. We are stuck with him, and we can only hope he can pull his head out his ass. Currently, we pay $85,000 per point to Mr. Zubrus.

  15. and I’m just wondering if any of you guys who are screaming for a free-agent salvation? (probably the same guys who loved Rolston 8 months ago too, who now want him dead)… have you looked at the UFA list this year?? It’s ugly folks… help is NOT coming that way

    and the only guy I see us having as tradable is really Salvador

    we’ve done a decent job in the draft (Elias, Parise, Martin, White, Greene, Zajac) and in getting some gems too (Madden, Oduya, Rafalski), we’re gonna need one more big home-run out of Lou to make that jump to the next level still

    the only place you can say Lou has been so-so to bad is with UFA’s

    you can’t just look at players and blindly go “HE SUCKS TRADE HIS ASS”… every team has 2-3 abyss contracts on their team (hell go look at Edmonton’s salaries).. the only thing you can hope for is to trade an abyss for an abyss and hope the change of scenery does something….

    the only thing I saw with a quick look would be let Madden go and sign Paulsson from Chicago… but i need to take this list I was looking at while working and ship it home to me…. not to mention 29 other NHL GMs will be looking for the same steals on an even playing field…. Good luck gentlemen!


    have fun kids!!

  17. I want to see Scott’s list on goalies better than Brodeur, this should be interesting to say the least.

    Ward you have to put above him at this point but just about anyone else’s resume you could poke holes in more than Marty’s.

  18. Agreed. Brodeur is not absolved of blame for the playoff loss — he deserves as much as anyone else. But other than Game 4 and arguably that final shot by Staal in Game 7, it’s hard to pinpoint where he really sucked (I give him a pass for Game 6 because nobody else showed up and he basically held them in that game for as long as he could).

    Bottom line, he will be moving on in a few more years, probably into retirement, and I’m not interested in pushing him out the door any sooner than he’s going to go. The issue with this team is not the goalie. I loved Clemmer’s run but honestly, if we’re talking a Clemmer-Ward matchup, I don’t see how the Devils even make a Game 7. Soon enough this team will have a new, permanent No. 1 goalie, and that guy is going to have some major shoes to fill. But if it makes people happy just because his name is not Martin Brodeur, well, more power to them.

    And I never got the mask thing. You’re not the only one who hates it, but I still don’t get it. It’s a mask. People need to get over it. There’s never been anything out of the locker room to suggest any of his teammates think Marty is not a team guy.

  19. RICO SUAVE says:

    once again, we really can’t get rid of zubrus and that’s why we are stuck with him…hence coach his ass into something more, that’s not saying much either.

  20. I’m selling stock on Brodeur.

    As I mentioned before, Patrick Roy doesn’t give up a goal with .02 seconds left in the third period of a playoff game.

    Roy might give up a soft goal a minute into a Game 7, but he certainly doesn’t do it again, in nearly the same spot and manner, with less than a minute to go in a tied deciding game.

    And Roy doesn’t habitually come up on the short end of the stick in series when he is up 3 game to 2.

    Seriously, how many times have the Devils done that with Brodeur in net? Off the top of my head I can remember PIT in 99, COL in 01, this year with CAR. Maybe those were the only three, but I don’t think that’s drawing enough ire, that they needed one out of two and got zero, again.

    He has lost his luster, thats for sure.

    Getting back to Zubrus. Scott, you said he does everything but put up numbers.

    Uhhh, what exactly is that? He certainly doesn’t use his size, certainly not to create room or space.

    I mean, he’s big and all, but how many hands do you need to count the number of times he was absolutely LAID OUT in the Carolina series alone? There were times when he got plastered ASS over TEACUPS more than once on the same shift!

    Additionally, as several have mentioned above me, he never shoots. I honestly have no recollection of him taking and actual wristshot, slapshot, or backhand.

    I can’t even picture him in a wind up. That goes double for springing someone with a pass. Or making a defensive play. Or much of anything. Basically, he’s Mike Rupp with more ice time.

    So, unless he’s a locker room leader that we don’t know about, or he’s telling jokes and keeping guys loose, I really don’t see his contribution.

  21. richard, that’s my point… he fancies himself as this super goalie, but yet comes up average in the big spot more then any “elite” player I can think fo (don’t forget Carolina in 06 also, and his complete meltdown against the Rangers last year)

    the difference is with Clemmensen in net, the bar is WAY lower, so maybe you don’t put a microscope on the bad goals as much

    Zubrus is decent at keeping the puck and look at Elias and Gio’s surge in points with him as the center… is this coincidence?

    Has I really need to sit and think about this list, and are we basing this on playoff success in this set time, or just an overall thing??

  22. I’d say a combination but clearly he’s the most consistent regular season goalie based on Vezinas and consistentcy. As far as playoffs, his record is certainly checkered post-lockout, but then again there are only five active Cup-winning goalies and I don’t think even you would put Osgood, Khabibulin or Giguere in front of Marty.

  23. Vezina Trophies are a reputation joke, Nabby was robbed of it last year as mb30 was in his early days too :p

    It’s also a bit harder to judge goalie greatness because the position is not as important as it was pre-lockout, and I can’t see a goalie out there not named Cam Ward who I’d have full confidence in elevating their play in the post-season

    If Khabby wins this year he goes ahead

    If Luongo wins this year he goes to at least equal if not ahead

    Cam Ward… definitely ahead

    Tim Thomas has been equally as consistent too, and if he beats Ward

    Yes Marty Turco kinda blew up this year (but that team was an injury mess)… he was in the Conf Finals last year and had 3 shutouts in 7 games against Vancouver 2 years ago… that’s certinaly not HIS fault

    If you want to talk wins and consistency *ulp* Osgood’s better

    You threw JiggyPout there just to spite me!! He’s the only goalie in the league I’ll jump into the mb’s better chant just because I hate and wish death on him like no other human being on the planet (maybe a bad day for that crack after the AO investigation)

  24. Kristyn (Still pissed!) says:

    Alright, I’ve been watching this debate via comments for a while and I’ve got a few things to add (also, I’m in class right now and my teacher’s standing like eight feet from me, so I gotta hussle.)

    OKAY. It’s TECHNICALLY not fair to say MB30 ‘destroyed our season’ but I’m gonna EPICALLY FAIL him, too. Sure, he’s always been the Devils go-to guy. He’s the one who made the headlines, broke the records and was the talk of the NHL. But he WAS injured for like 80% of the season. Then he starts bombing. He dissapointed all of us! How the hell do you let up two goals in 80 seconds of a Game 7? If Marty is the best goalie in the entire world, how come he cracked under the pressure? Not to mention that he barely seemed broken up about the season being over! You cannot blame Colin White for stepping out of the way, especially when we’re supposed to have the GREATEST GOALIE OF ALL TIME behind him!

    As for the Zubrus debate, I dunno, I like the guy. I think he’s a good player, he means a lot to the team and he works well with Gio and Patrik. He needs to improve but, hey, everyone could get a little better for the sake of the team.

    I don’t know why you failed Baby Goalie (S.C.) but I’m sure you have a reason based on the ‘for his own good’ suffix. Bryce Salvy shouldn’t have gotten failed but that’s whatever. Pierre Luc-Le-blahblah probably didn’t deserve a pass but he did fight in that one game so I like the kid’s heart.

    All in all, I’m still pissed at MB30 for his crappy attitude in the playoffs and the CONSTANT dissapointment (if you ask me, I think his level of play went significantly down RIGHT AFTER he cracked 552…it’s like he was asking himself ‘why bother?’)

    My MVP for this season is Jamie Langs, (not because I’m in love with him…) and not Zachy Boy Parise…sorry, guys. Cap’n Langs did a lot this season.

    Stanley Cup Finals:
    West Coast: Chicago.
    East Coast: Boston.

    Now, I gotta go. Bell’s gonna ring, damn it.
    I’ll be back later. Let the debating continue!

  25. I understand everyone frustration but Marty nor Zubrus were the reason we are not watching Devils vs Washington.
    PP – that’s the main and only reason why Devils are out.Remember 4 min PP at end of 2 and start of 3rd? Every game we scored PP goal we won.If they fix PP even with same team we will go far next season you can bet on it.

  26. South Park induced beers are the best beers. This season was a blast, buddy … they can’t drop the puck on 2009-10 soon enough.

  27. Bill I can’t actually thank you enough for bringing what really was the point of me writing that whole thing… that was really the best time I’ve ever had as a sports fan… from about November till April whenever-it-was… every night was an event, be it St. Patty’s Bar crawl… zeppoli in the beer night… Beer bottle plinko… lil Nicky being lil Nicky… holy shit there were so many good times last year that I still find myself CRAVING MORE of it….

    Shit I know we can still play one of our own hockey games, or even do like a minor league baseball game over the summer… but fuck it… last year was DAMN special, and that more then anything is why I get so effing pissed at those who screwed it up for us!

    Hell I’m even chomping for some pre-season hockey as long as people show up for it (just never never ever on the football Sunday!)

    (PS, AK… the main reason we lost was we got out-coached and reverted to 1995 style chicken shit hockey which does not work in the NHL anymore :p)

  28. Marty let 2 simple shots from the circle, OVER HIS SHOULDER and barely made an attempted save …. Lou, draft a goalie who’s ready in the next +-3 years .. if Marty’s supposed to be the best… then that wasn’t MB30 in goal in game 7 … AAAAND we need to learn how to clear a effn puck MAYBE once or twice … we’d be battling Sid the Pampers Kid right now ….

    …. and 1/2 the ignores were because someone doesn’t know how to do a bit correctly…. you overdo it.. you suck 🙂

  29. HEY CLUTCH!!!!
    (well we’d be playing Washington, but hey why kill a story with the facts??)

    and yeah like I said before… 2 shots I get mad about missing in warmups :p

    And Pete makes up for accuracy with pure decibels… my favorite was to the Flames backup goalie…. “HEY GOALIE YOU SUCK SO BAD EVEN SCOTT DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!” (doubly sad with all the Flames games I watch)

    Drafty Party anyone??

  30. That was actually the Coyotes game when they started the nameless rookie (Tjordman?)…the Flames did start Kiprusoff against us, but he got pulled in the third by Keenan.

  31. I wouldn’t rank Marty outside the top 5. Sure. His ego has become a problem much like Messier’s became one here. But more often than not, Brodeur gives you a chance.

    I think you’re not placing enough blame on the D. The Devils need to get a real top defenseman. Jay Bouwmeester? They also need to ditch the whole checking line nonsense. You’re correct for blaming Sutter. Hasan stated similarly.

  32. Has anyone noticed that Sheldon Brookbank is still playing in the NHL Playoffs? Who would have guessed that!?

  33. Brookbank is an awful 6th guy on a team with an absurd top 5 in front of him

    and he’s done his damnedest to help get the PondScum out of the playoffs now :p

    Derek I think our D is fine if PLAYED CORRECTLY… that means Oduya and Martin separate and White and Mottau for SURE….

    the thing is for the Devils to get J-Bo, they’re gonna have to let Gionta walk for sure… I don’t know if the top 6 forwards can take that hit (I don’t doubt Berfgors.. I doubt the coach LETTING HIM PLAY)

  34. Kristyn says:

    Brookbank has playoff stubble.

  35. If they’re gonna get to the next level, and I think they’re 2 years away, they need to get Bergfors, Corrente of Fraser, and Halischuk or Pelley some ice time.

  36. mouse I agree… young cheap and good is how you win in the NHL now

    but even with half the forwards hurt this year none of the rookies got any REAL ice time

    even Clarkson should have been getting more then 10 minutes a night… this MUST change and soon to re-gain success

  37. Yeah Scott, this season was a blast. It’s offseasons like this that make me miss RHI and the Rockin Rollers. It wasn’t the same, but at least it was hockey.

    Here’s lookin forward to next season already…

  38. Can’t disagree there Bill…. least we have our own games (and I swear I need SOMEWHERE to play goalie on these freaking weekends with the weather of dare I say… awesome… that are on the horizon!!)

    a 2MA hockey league… why the hell not kids??

  39. If you need a bad winger, count me in, I’m off work for the summer (perks of being a teacher).

  40. Mouse don’t sell yourself short… you ain’t seen the Motley’s Crew we play with now!

    I should move this idea to the facebook page! 🙂

  41. Im down! not very good at all, but like to mess around a bit! hahahaha A friend of mine and I go fuck around at the outdoor deck in Branchburg right off of 22 everynow and then.

  42. We play Tuesday, Thursday and some random weekends as well

    the rink is easy to get to since you live in rt 22 area

    go up route 24… take the Hobart Gap Road exit (9B) make the first right… go like 2 miles… it’s behind the firehouse and tennis courts… the more the better!!

    Maybe you end up there the next time I call the cops on some shit-brick young kids on my rink!

  43. Horror Biz says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of “Marty’s overrated” talk. You sure you aren’t secretly a Rangers fan pal? You sound just like one. Or just a really ignorant Devils fan?
    And oh yeah, the Replacements sucked a horse’s anus.

  44. Proof is in the pudding sir… look at the post-2003 years…

    2004: First round loss to Phily.. gives up stoppable goal in elimination game…. unscreened slapshot from defenseman….

    2006: Second round loss to Carolina.. multiple late game breakdowns, damn I wish i was recapping then and could go reference the game… I know he had a big gaffe in there too…there was a lot of pain in that series too, but Carolina was a better team

    2007: STEAMROLLED by Ottawa… again superior team (maybe not in net) but again hard to blame, but you’d like to think “the best goalie on the planet” might steal a game or two

    2008: Total Ranger meltdown.. by no other then the goaltender (hell he got so mentally beat by that series he goes out and hires Hanz and Franz to “pump him up” because Avery calls him fatso… yeah that’s composed!)

    2009: Steals ONE game, then decides… ok I made my point… who cares about game 7?

    Though as much as I am sick of mb30 and the non-mystique of an aging above-average goalie, I thank the stars each day we don’t have Luongo or Nabokov, who choke FAR bigger