Oh yeah.

I kinda forgot I have to keep writing even when my heart’s been ripped from it’s cage un-anesthetically.  Whoopsie.

Well, actually, that’s not true.  I didn’t forget, it’s just that losing in the first round of the playoffs usually coincides with the end of the college semester, and this one was a doozy.

So please accept my apologies for disappearing since Game 6.  I did not commit suicide, nor am I lost adrift on a raft in the ocean, talking to a hockey puck painted in my blood to look like Johnny Oduya.

There hasn’t been much on the news front as far as Devil-land is concerned.  After a first round defeat like that, I guess everyone’s entitled to sick back and lick their wounds awhile.

I have finally had the strength to put on second round playoff hockey games occasionally.  I have not, however, found the strength to get emotionally involved in them.  I guess I’d like to see Chicago and Washington advance, which means I probably just cursed them both.  I’d least like to see a Ducks/Hurricanes matchup, which means – yep, book it.

Anyhoo, I’m wrapping up this hastily-put-together-and-not-at-all-thought-out-post with promises of awesomeness to come:  We still need to get ZubbieCounterContest voting underway (let’s say late May/early June), Draft Day preparations (I’m going to actually try to research some of the young’uns the Devils might consider drafting this year, if time allows!), and of course – Free Agency Signing Happy Fun Time & Box Social.  God help us this year.


  1. I recently just starting getting back into the other playoff games… and holy shit there have been some awesome games! right now the Canucks and Blackhawks are in a knock down drag out, trading goals in the 3rd. The Ducks/Wings series has been epic, and I might get shunned for this, but I’m pullling for the ‘Canes to take it all, because I won’t feel so bad if they beat everyone else and win the cup.

  2. Miss your posts. They always give me a chuckle.
    Let’s hope things are way better next year.

  3. Thanks, EG. I’ll try to get something up in the next day or two. I’m enjoying not having any work for a week before summer classes start up again, lol.

  4. for those of you that only get local games and are unable to watch the playoffs here is a website where you can watch live games for free: http://www.hockeywebcasts.com/