See Ya, Niclas.

Niclas Havelid, we hardly knew ya.  This may not be a bad thing.

As reported by Mr. Gulitti over on Fire & Ice, Havelid has signed on to play with Linkoping of the Swedish Elite League.  So basically, we traded away Anssi Salmela for a couple of weeks of a meh defenseman and a low-level goon who may never make it out of Trenton.

And so, Niclas Havelid joins the esteemed ranks of the Ken Klees and Deron Quints of Devils lore.  Fare thee well, Niclas.  I guess.  Whatever.


  1. Zubbie Counter Fan says:



  2. well he did blow…but i saw hints of what he could have been with a different partner. oh well though. kinda blame the coaching for this one.

  3. RICO SUAVE says:

    agreed with the coaching problem; however, adding a new dman is difficult to do so late in the season. there’s no way sutter was breaking up motts/whitey and martin/oduya. adding a dman is great to add depth, but i do not like picking them up at trade deadline for this very reason. dmen need time to develop a chemistry together, that’s why we need to get one this summer.

  4. Kristyn says:

    Uhh…gee…what a loss.

  5. i think they should of just left greene in their. hes got some good potential

  6. Kevin B. says:

    you forgot to mention Doug Bodger and Jan Hrdina as useless Deadline Devils

  7. Dago Red says:

    In retrospect, Havelid had a lot of unfair expectations on his shoulders. Anyone notice how the hockey pundits get their kneepads out every time Lou makes a move? For the most part they are in awe of him, and when he made the Havelid deal there was the typical praise about how this may have been the year’s best tradeline move by a GM, etc. etc.

    I played hockey for 30something years, at least a decade as a defenseman. And years after the lockout and obstruction rules I still don’t have a good read on what it takes to excel on the blueline. People keep saying we need a big, scary, D-man (like Wayne Redden? hah!) – but I think they don’t realize that the game of defense (more than any other position in hockey, including goaltender) has changed drastically. Before, interference and positioning your body to protect the net were important skills and the main reason why big, immobile guys like Ken Daneyko and Brad Marsh and dozens and dozens of others were able to thrive and have long careers. These days they’d be lucky playing in the minors – without being able to hold and obstruct other players they’d be like orange cones on a highway median, with traffic blowing by left and right.

  8. Havelid was a waste of time and money and I feel bad for Anssi Salmela. He was considered the next Brian Rafalski. Now he has to play for the Atlanta Thrashers which we all see will never make the playoffs. I think we just ruined a future NHLer’s career…….